Sesshomaru is the father of your baby! you are a full cat demon and 21 years old. this is how you met, ect.

~How You Met~......................................... "Jaken!" you screamed running after the little toad demon. "You can't have your sword back Lord Sesshomaru wants it, Finki (fin-key)" you slashed at his kimono with your sharp claws. he tripped on the torn cloth and tumbled into a tree. you now stood over him licking your lips "Now give me my sword back or i'll kill you and feed your meat to my pack!" you held your hand out, towards him, he was sweating and really scarred "what's it gonna be toad?" "L-lord Sesshomaru wants the sword and i can to get it for him so i'm not giving it" you put your hand around his neck lifting him in the air. "Lord sesshomaru who is this Lord Sesshomaru you work for?" you tightened your grip on his neck. "I am" your shoulder started to burn, as if acid had been pourd all over it. you cried out in pain, your ears twiching and your tail wagging fircly. "drop Jakin or you'll be in more pain girl" you dropped him and turned to see a man with long silver hair, armor, a long white kimono, a white pelt over his shoulder, scratches on his face and a moon on his forehead. "your Sesshomaru you couldn't be a lord that's for sure you look too weak" you hissed ignoring the pain in your shoulder. your ears twitched as he moved in a flash behind you. "Your a cat demon am i right?" you hissed low in your throat. "maybe i am" you turned to face him "and maybe i'm not" your tail flowed gently in the wind. you sniffed his scent "are you a demon because you sure don't look like one" "yes i'm a demon a dog demon to be exact" he pulled your long black tail making you hiss and run your claws over his face, leaving two slashes a little bit of blood flowing from both. "Never pull my tail again" you moved away from him turning your attention back to Jaken "my sword and i'll be on my way" he held your sword out to him and you placed it on the strap of your short black pelt. "goodbye Sesshomaru, Jaken" you ran threw the trees, until the sun started to set. you started a fire and sat by it. your eyes narrowed at the bushes farthest from you "i know your there come out" Sesshomaru walked into the clearing. "Finki i want you to join me" you looked at him as he sat next to you on the ground "i like your power and i think it would be good to work with a cat, me being a dog and all" you smiled and turned your head to him "Sure i'll join you what could happen?" you both stood up and went back to meet up with Rin and Jaken........................... ~How It Happened~.................................... "Sesshomaru!" you and Sesshomaru turned (Jaken and Rin were some where else they didn't travel with you both very often) to see a boy with dog ears on his head and long silver white hair wearing a red Kimono. "Sesshomaru! you son of a B*tch i'm going to kill you this time!" the more you looked at this boy (man) the more he started to look like Sesshomaru. you stepped up on your tip-toes so your mouth could reach his ear "Who is he Sesshomaru?" "my half brother InuYasha he's a half breed. his mother was a mortal and we share the same father" you nodded seeing a girl with long black hair on his back. "and she is?" "his mortal wench i guess him and our father had the same tastes" "but she doesn't wear the normal type of Kimono" InuYasha put the girl on the groud "Stay here Kagome i'll deal with my a*s of a brother" he walked closer to you both. "so Sesshomaru you now travel with a woman?" he looked you up and down "and a demon woman for that matter, what type is she?" "ask her yourself InuYasha" Sesshomaru's voice was cold just like always. "okay fine who are you" you growled "Finki a cat demon and if you don't step away i'll slit your throat" you raised your hand showing him your claws. he laughed moving close enough that he pulled your tail. you hissed jumping over him to his companion. you held your claws to her throat pressing them against her flesh. "Now she's gonna die doggy" he took out a huge sword and ran at you, you jumped back with the girl still in your fire grip. "Tsk tsk InuYasha" Sesshomaru laughed, moving swiftly behind his brother. "don't go after my girl like that or i'll just have to kill you as well." you pushed Kagome off the cliff that you had jumped to. she was screaming, as you ran back over to Sesshomaru's side. "let's go Sesshomaru" you both ran to a medow and stopped when nighttime fell. you smiled laying on your back next to Sesshomaru. "so Finki did you hear what i said to my brother earlier?" he seemed nervous, you sat up and laid your head on the pelt on his shoulder "yeah i did Sesshomaru i love you" he turned his face to yours "I love you too Finki" you smiled placing your lips to his gently. he kissed back with passhion, and lust. you started to purr as he pushed you down onto your back climbing on top of you. he grinded into your waist making you purr louder. he smirked moving his kisses to your neck. his hands went under your shirt, you lifted your arms so he could pull it off. his claws made a tingling sensation as they ran over your breasts. they stopped at your pelt. you untied his armor and pulled the top of his Kimono off. your yellow eyes traced his every mustle. you purred louder, making him grind into your hips harder. he pulled your pelt off quickly and your pulled off the rest of his clothes. he entered your body swiftly and gently. he bit your neck roughly, his eyes turning red. your eyes were shut tightly enjoying every inch of him. ..................... hours later he pulled his clothes back on and you did the same, running your hands threw your long dark purple hair. you laid your head on his chest, wrapping your legs around his, falling asleep. ........................................... ~BABY TIME~........................................ "lady Finki Lady Finki!" you turned to see rin and Jaken running to you. smiles on their faces "We finally found you Lady Finki Lord Sesshomaru has been wanted to see you for a long time now!" (you and Sesshomaru had separated for a few months now and you didn't want him to know that he had inpregnated you) "come on Finki" Rin pulled your wrist leading you to the man you were in love with and were now carring his child, Sesshomaru. "Finki" he pulled you into a hug kissing your lips fircly. you couldn't help but fall into it because he was a very good kisser. his hands traveled up your pelt and you knew his plans so you pushed away. "no Sesshomaru there's a reaon i left!" you hissed he raised an eyebrow "care to share?" you held your stomech "i'm having your child" you looked down to your feet waiting for a slap or punch or death something bad to happen but it didn't. you looked up to see him smiling "I love you Finki" you started to purr "I love you too Sesshomaru"