Leiana [flower] Amoria [nickname Leia]


Looks 15..Could be older..


Espada. [was once a soul reaper but was brain washed by Gin]


Long flowing purple hair, Yellow/Golden eyes, Short [5'3"], slim. A bit busty. Her hallow mask is formed like a head band in her hair, it seems to be a bit cracked as well.


Quiet, sexy, alluring, can be very hostile but most of the time just listens to what people have to say. Is a little leery about listening to Aizen because somewhere in the very back of her mind, she knows she was a soul reaper at one time.


is in the form of a bracelet on her left arm. When released she can control metallic things.

Espada Number/Number placement: :


On her right breast, covered by her clothing of corse.

Hole placement:

On her lower right side, a few inches to the right of her belly button and a few inches up ward.


White halter top, cut off just above her mid section, with a cropped jacket to cover her shoulder and her cleavage. White short-shorts with black shoes. She has been forced by Aizen to wear skull earrings that help him brain wash her and keep her under his control [she doesn’t know that].


She was a Soul reaper, and lieutenant for Captain Gin Ichimaru before he, Aizen and Tosen betrayed the Soul Society. He brought her with him, so Aizen could make her into the first Arancar. It worked perfectly until he realized that if she were to realize what he had done, that she would have enough power to kill him. So he put the mind control and brain washing plan into effect. He also made it known that Ulquiorra was the one that always needed to watch her. After all the Arancar were created, Aizen made sure to hide Leia away, so that none of the others knew of her or her power. Everyone except himself, Tosen, Ichimaru..and Ulquiorra.


Another day in her dark room, in Wakomundo. Ulquiorra had stopped visiting her a long time ago, saying that ‘he had more important things to do now’ which had made Leiana upset. She couldn’t fathom his reasoning because all the time the two had spent with one another, he seemed to enjoy spending time with her. Maybe that was just a lie though. She never really could figure him out, he was always so quite and barely ever smiled. Though a few times she did get him to laugh, most of those times were when he kissed her. She could still remember the texture of his cool lips, so soft and smooth. Strange for someone who was always so cruel to people. When he had kissed her the first time, the two had been arguing non-stop. He hadn’t like when she questioned Lord Aizen’s plans, but her being such a strong willed girl continued to banter on and on about how he seemed weak, she had been in the middle of saying something, when he crashed his lips onto hers. Not like she didn’t want him to, but it had come as such a surprise to her! Though the next time [the only other time] she had made the first move, making sure to run her fingers over his arm as they drank their daily tea. It had been hot and intense so much more intense than she had ever thought it could have been. But of course, that was the last time Ulquiorra had visited her. Almost four months ago. She knew she had done something wrong, or maybe Aizen had found out and wanted to keep them away from one another. Though, without being able to leave the room she had been put in, she could not say for certain. Anyways!

Sitting in her dark room, it came to her attention that she could hear someone approaching the room. Closing her eyes she silently hoped it was Ulquiorra. When the door opened, all that came in was a voice. "Come. Aizen needs you, Leia" The voice belonged to none other than Gin Ichimaru. Her eyes shot open as she ran to him, too excited for words she just smiled widely. "Good to see your smiling face again." he noted as they both walked down the long corridors leading to Aizen’s main meeting room.

Opening the doors to the large room, Leia noticed that there were already people inside. "Ah, Leia. It’s been a long time." Aizen announced her entrance with a sly smirk on his lips, as she stared at him. Immediately she put on her alluring charm and walked forward. " You’re the one who locked me in that room, ‘Lord’ Aizen. It is your own fault it has been so long." she returned his sly smirk, with a very alluring one of her own. He chuckled lightly, when she noticed the people in the room staring at her. "Anyway. Back to business. You are all going to the Kadakura town. And this" -he motioned towards Leia- "is your leader. You will listen to her." Aizen concluded, as one of the men [the blue haired one] started to growl. "WHAT? This little girl? We have to listen to her?" he shouted, as Leia turned to him, her golden eyes getting deeper and bigger. "Excuse me?" she asked in a sweet voice, holding back her anger. "You couldn’t even bend my knee you little shrimp!" he growled his fists clenched tightly at his sides. "That is not wise. Grimmjow."Aizen commented. "Why not?! She is a weakling and we have to listen to her?!" Grimmjow growled, getting more angry by the second. "Hm. What number are you?" she asked in a soft voice, trying to hold herself back. "6." Grimmjow replied his anger boiling. "Hm..want to know my number?" she asked, her voice become a bit more cold. "What number could you possibly be?!" she began to undo her jacket before hands were placed upon her own. "Don’t." a cool voice came from behind her, a voice she knew all too well. "Well?! What number are you?" Grimmjow shouted as she held up one finger. "I am number 1." she growled, stepping away from the man behind her, and walking to the doors. "When do we leave?" She shouted without turning to Aizen. "Now." he replied, as the gate between Wakomundo and Kadakura town opened. "Numbers 10 [Yami], 6 [Grimmjow], 5 [Urium/the blonde retarded one] and 4 [Ulquiorra] are going with you." he explained as she and the others stepped threw the gate, and walked onwards to Kadakura town.

While walking, it was Yami and Urium who walked beside her, as Ulquiorra and Grimmjow walked behind her.

When the gates into the skies of Kadakura town opened they all noticed the four soul reapers down below them. One with Snow white hair, one bald, one with feathers in his eyebrow and the other a female with large breasts. "I’m going to kill that boy who cut me before." Grimmjow grumbled and took off as Yami and Urium stepped out of the gates. Leaving Leia and Ulquiorra still standing in the gate. "Be careful, Leia. I want you to be in one piece after this." there was an edge to his voice that she couldn’t understand but she nodded and stepped out of the gates as he turned. "I’m going to capture Oriheme." he muttered and left.

Leia watched Yami and Urium with no interest until someone smacked her in the back with a stick sword. "Hey arancar are you going to fight or what?" she turned to meet eyes with the bald man. "If you hit me with that stick again I might have to hurt you." she said in a dull voice, her boredom seeping threw. He hit her in the forehead with his sword, making her eyes widen as one of her earrings fell from her ear. "Ow.." she mumbled rubbing her bruised forehead, as a sudden blurry memory entered her mind. She remembered this bald man from somewhere before, she knew she had fought him. As the memory entered her mind, her head band began to crack further. With a strained voice she begged the bald man "hit me again.." the man looked confused and hit her again, knocking her other earring out of her ear.

With a gasp every locked away memory that Aizen had washed away came flooding back to her as her hollow head band cracked completely, shattering to the ground down below. "Ikkaku!" she gasped, looking at the man before her. She remembered everything. Everything that had happened to her. Everything that Aizen had done, she finally could see it clearly. "How do you know me?" he asked in a hesitant voice, knowing that he had not introduced himself to her. "I used...I used to be a soul reaper..Squad 3..Lieutenant for Gin Ichimaru..I..I am..Leiana Amoria.." she gasped, her golden eyes widening. Ikkaku looked at her with equally wide eyes. "Why did you leave? You traitor!" he shouted angrily, aiming to hit her again as she put up her hands. "Aizen..took me against my will..but.." she dropped to her knees. "I am a traitor..Ikkaku! Kill me!" she shouted, gaining the attention of Yami for the first time since they had arrived. His eyes widened as Ikkaku raised his stick for a final blow, before slamming it down to crush Leia’s skull in. A hand shot out and stopped him. "No killing anyone of us today." Ulquiorra’s cold voice growled, as he picked Leia up and vanished with her along with all the other Arancars.

"Let me go. I am a traitor! I need to be killed!!" Leia screamed, pounding her fists into Ulquiorra’s chest. "Shut up!" he growled, putting his hands on her ears, forming new mind control earrings, which made her head band reform slowly. "No Ulquiorra stop it..stop.." her voice softened [they were in her room] as her will began to fade. "I said shut up." he growled in a much soft tone than before. "Traitor.." she said in almost a whisper, as she clutched his jacket. "Shut up" he said one last time before Leia’s eyes shut completely, allowing Ulquiorra to finish putting her earrings on, making her hollow head band to reform without any cracks in it. "Was that so hard?" he asked when he was sure she was back under Aizen’s control. "Why did you stop visiting me? The real reason..not the fake one.." she murmured into his chest, listening for his faint heart beat. When she heard it, she exhaled a sigh of satisfaction. "I stopped visiting you. For exactly the reason I told you. I have more important things to do. And now that Oriheme is here. I have to watch her." her fists clenched. "But..I thought we were friends." she said in a question like voice. "Friends. No. We are not friends. And we should have never kissed. I don’t even like you. Aizen told me it was my job to visit you. And it isn’t anymore. So with that said. Unless we have missions together. I don’t want to see you." he said harshly, before pushing her away and walking out of the dark room.

Leia stared at the door for a while before realizing he hadn’t been lying. He truly didn’t like her. She had fooled herself into believing something that she knew would never happen. She had fooled herself into believing that he could feel emotions, only now she felt an emotion and that emotion was sorrow. The man she had grown close to, didn’t even like her. Her heart felt crushed. She felt the urge to rip it out and run away. Only she knew she couldn’t do that, she knew she couldn’t even leave this dark room. And no one would come to visit her nor would Aizen send her to the world of living ever again because of what had happened. So, she pulled herself to her feet, and went to sit on her bed. Curling up into a small ball, she let herself drift off.

Ulquiorra walked down the hallway, away from Leiana’s room, fighting his urge to run back and hold her small figure in his arms. Why had he been so cruel to her? The only woman to ever touch his heart the way she did. To make him actually believe he had a heart! He had just thrown her onto the floor like she meant nothing..he couldn’t believe it himself. Upon entering his own room, he punched a hole straight threw the wall. He knew it was the right thing to do, for it wouldn’t be right if he pronounced his love for her. Because in doing so, he would have pronounced that he did indeed have a weakness. His weakness, of course, was Leiana. Which would make him care more for her than his missions. More than his jobs! EVEN more so than Lord Aizen! He couldn’t let that happen. He knew it was the right thing. Even if it hurt him, even if it hurt Leia.

About 2 months of completely solitude with no visitors, Leiana finally let herself wake up. Stretching her long arms she realized her hair had grown longer, and her eyes deeper. "That war is coming up, in less than 5 months now." she said to herself, surprised that she could now, [even with the earrings in] remember everything that had occurred prior to her being taken from the Soul Society. Not that she would tell anyone she knew. She knew she didn’t want to fight her old friends and she knew they would kill her if ever they had the chance. She grew excited at that knowledge. For, if Ulquiorra did not even like her, she was sure no one else did. When the war starts, she knew, she was going to let them kill her.

"They will kill me. And that is just fine with me" she said with a soft smile, shocked to hear someone respond. "And if it is not fine with me?" with wide eyes she turned to see Ulquiorra standing there, his arms crossed. "You don’t even like me. Why would you even care? Oh wait I know" -she threw her arms up in frustration- "It would displease ‘Lord’ Aizen!" her arms fell to her sides as she glowered at him. He remained unfazed by her look. "Yes. That’s one of the reasons." he flash stepped, so that he was behind her.

"But another is. I lied to you before." he locked his arms around her waist, making her bite her bottom lip nervously. "A-about?" his lips pressed against her neck, sending a tingling sensation through-out her entire nerve system. "Everything." his voice was like silk as he unbuttoned her jacket, and threw it onto the floor, before kissing her shoulder, then moving his lips back to her neck. An involuntary shiver ran down her spine as he brushed her hair back so he could bite down on her weak spot. She leaned on him slightly, when a soft moan escaped her lips. He licked at the spot where he had just bit, making her moan again, as his hands worked to undo her halter top. Within a few seconds he had it undone, and threw that to the floor as well. Allowing her breasts to fall free, so that he could rub her nipples with his sensitive finger tips, from behind. She closed her eyes tightly, leaning on him more as her breaths came out in soft gasps. "Ulquiorra..stop.." she begged turning to him, so that she could press her breasts against his chest. He looked at her with strained eyes, seeing her number 1 tattoo for the very first time. "Why" he asked, his voice unusually husky. "My turn.." she cooed, a sly smirk on her lips, as she undid his jacket and top, throwing them to the floor beside hers. She smirked, putting her finger onto his smooth and sculpted chest she pushed him until his back hit the wall. Before he could speak she pressed her lips to his, in a lustful and loving kiss. While kissing, he twisted her around so that her back was against the wall. Running his hand down her stomach he slowly pulled off her shorts, lifting her up in the process of doing so. Wrapping her legs around his waist, he removed his pants and his boxers [yes espada wear them] rubbing her clit with his hardened appendage. Her lips parted from his as she let out a soft moan. "Leiana..I have to tell you.." he groaned as he pulled off her panties. "Tell me anything.." she whispered, kissing his neck. "I love you." she smiled and kissed his lips. "I hoped you did. Because..I love you too!" she kissed his neck again. "And I want you to take me.." she cooed in his ear, as he rammed himself inside of her, making her yelp with satisfaction. He groaned into her ear, as he began ramming himself deeper and harder into her. His appendage growing larger with each thrust. She clung to him, moaning into his ear hoping to keep him satisfied. She could feel herself close to release and she knew he was too, as he quickened his pace, swiftly moving so that they both were on the floor, her legs still wrapped around him, as he thrust twice more before they both released their climaxes. His groaned her name as she moaned his.

With her arms still around his shoulders she pulled him close and kissed his lips, before her exited her body, and grabbed a blanket to cover their spent and tired bodies. She put her head on his pale white chest, as they both drifted off.

It wasn’t even five months later that the war began between the Espada and the Soul reapers. Leiana did not fight against her former friends. Nor did she fight her fellow Espada. She watched as her fellows fell to the ground defeated. It wasn’t until the final battle between Ichigo and Ulquiorra did she actually pay much attention. Ichigo had finally given Ulquiorra a fatal Wound, when she raced to his side. Holding up her hand she forced Ichigo’s sword to fly away from him, as she gave Ulquiorra a soft kiss. He smiled at her, and said he was sorry he couldn’t live through the war. She had tears brimming in her eyes as she told him her secret that she had been keeping for three months. She told him, she was carrying his child. He smiled again and told her he was sorry, before he went limp, his eyes still open. When Ichigo returned with his sword he pointed it at her, as she put her hand over Ulquiorra’s eyes closing them.

"You wouldn’t kill a pregnant woman would you, Ichigo?" she asked in a faint voice, not allowing the fact the man she loved was lying dead by her side. Ichigo stared at her with wide eyes. "No. He wouldn’t. But you will have to come back with us." she turned to see three Captain’s behind her. Captain Yamamoto, Captain Hitsugaya, and Captain Unahona. "I can do that." she responded following them to the Soul Society.

After her child was born, Leiana was allowed to stay alive until the child turned 10. When her Son’s tenth birthday arrived she knew what the next day would bring. She kissed and hugged her son, that looked identical to his father [except the hollow mask] and walked to Captain Yamamoto’s office. Yamamoto raised his sword and brought it down just until it hit her hollow headband, shattering it. He then smiled at her and gave her back her original Zanpakto. Saying that she was indeed worthy of becoming a Soul Reaper again. He then gave her the position of Captain of Squad 3, with her son Uimk as her lieutenant. The Mother and Son worked together for years until a man that looked identical to Uimk’s long dead father, Ulquiorra, sought out Leiana and killed her. Saying that it had been a long time and someone wished to see her again.

It is still unknown to everyone who the man was and why he killed the squad 3 captain. Because after that day, the man, also disappeared. People say that Leiana went nuts and finally killed herself but others say that it was the spirit of her long dead lover finally coming back for his one and only love.

So now as the years go by, Uimk leads Squad 3 just as his mother had done before him. Knowing that she is watching over him, just like he knew his father had been doing.

Every now and then though, Uimk wakes up in the middle of the night, to the sound of his mother’s voice singing to him and sometimes even laughing with another voice, of a man he believes to be his father. So he knows, deep in his heart, that his parents found one another in the after life. And still to this day, love each other and their son, with every ounce of their hearts.

"Ulquiorra, sing me a lullaby.."

a soft voice whispers as the candle beside Uimk’s bed goes out.

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