Deidara Lemon

Walking into the Kitchen of the large dark Akatsuki base, She only wore an Akatsuki print small black bra. She had known all the members were out on a mission for the day at least she thought that until she heard someone's breathing behind her. Turning she drew her sword, just in case it was an enemy who had somehow found the Base. There stood Deidara, the blonde haired boy who had brought her to the Akatsuki. "Deidara you scared me!" she growled putting her sword away. To her suprise he said nothing just stared blankly into her pale Olive green eyes. She looking into the eye that was visible seeing nothing but lifelessness. Usually his blue eyes were deep and sparkling showing visions of explosions but this was different. She took a  look at his body noticing his arms were missing, and where they had been nothing but blood. This fightened Altena, very much but yet drew her closer to him. "Deidara-san, wh-what happened?" He remained silent his eyes flickering a little. She was shocked at his attitude he was never like this even if Sasori got mad at him for something. "Sasori-Danna" he muttered as tobi walked in holding Deidara's missing limbs. "Here you go sempai! Tobi brought Deidara his arms because Tobi is a good boy!" Altena smiled slightly hoping Deidara would react to Tobi's attitude, but sadly he didn't. "Altena! Tobi wonders if she can sew Sempai's arms back on?!" She nodded "Sure Tobi-chan," looking up at Tobi and Deidara it made her feel so short even though she was normal height for the age of 19. Deidara still stayed lifeless muttering something she could not hear. "Come on Deidara" She smiled grabbing his arms from Tobi and walking to her room. Up the stairs down three long candle-lit hallways, later she opened her door. Deidara followed entering her room still silent and lifeless. She made him sit down as she removed his cloak seeing how both arms looked to have been blown off. "Deidara weren't you on a mission today?" he nodded softly wincing as she stuck the needle into his skin, reataching his left arm first. "So what happened?" His eyes became more dull, as he finally spoke. "Sasori-Danna, un" she didn't understand "What about him?" she asked finishing the final stich on his right arm. "He won't return to the base, un"Now she was confused "You mean he left the Akatsuki?!" she gasped sitting next to him on her bed. "No, un! He's dead, Yeah!" With out saying thank you or good-bye he walked out of her room leaving her to think. 'Sasori-san is dead? but he is or was so strong!'                                            ~a few hours later~                                                                 Altena had had enough of her room, she walked through the three long darkened hallways down the stairs and out the exit. She wondered around looking at the beautiful trees, Sasori and Deidara still keeping her mind occupied. As she walked her feet grew tired wanting to rest. so she did sitting under a big Sakura, tree. closing her eyes she heard a soft voice from above her. "Hey, un" looking up she saw him.

She looked up to see the blonde boy plaing with a small puppet's strings. "Deidara, are you alright?" she asked jumping onto the tree branch next to him. He shook his head laying it on her shoulder. "M-my Danna is gone, un" she stroked his hair trying to comfort him. "It's alright Deidara. Everything is alright" He smiled looking up at her, "Are you sure, un?" She nodded untieing his hair from the ponytail it was held in. He looked so handsome with it down she was suprised she had never noticed. Considering how many times she had to take care of him after a mission. "Deidara you know your really handsome right?" He smiled at her without noticing they were both leaning closer to one another. A small blush spred over her cheeks as his lips conected with hers. "Deidara?" She asked putting her forehead against his, "Yeah, un?" she smiled kissing him again. "Your lips taste like sugar" she giggled twirling a peice of his long hair around her finger. He smiled kissing her lips again, "So do yours" She blushed feeling a cold wind whip against her face making her shiver. "Your cold, un. And no wonder your out her wearing only a tank top, Yeah!" He comented wrapping his arms around her. She nodding shivering still. "You should head back in, Yeah. Come on, un." He stated jumping down from the tree holding his arms out to catch her. She blushed once more jumping down as well. With that they both entered the base.                                                                    Altena, walked into her room falling asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.                                                                                                       

~Deidara's Point of veiw~

I tried so hard no to take Altena to bed with me last night, tried very hard. Her soft hands over me god i could feel her