Name: Maria Higurashi


Your twin sister’s name is Kagome, and you live in the modern day Tokyo with her.. Until the day she found the mystical well that travels back to the Feudal Era. You follow her into it, after she is pulled in by the demon woman. Once there you both began to make friends and even had to go with Inuyasha, a half dog half man, to find the sacred jewel shards! On your travels your traveling group was added onto, with a small fox demon named Shippo, a demon slayer Sango, and a Buddhist monk named Miroku. During the traveling you noticed that Kagome was falling in love with Inuyasha though she wouldn’t admit it to you. You also noticed that everyone else had some sort of special ability to use during battle, while you were always left unprotected and forced someone else to save you. Oddly enough, the person who always did end up saving you was Miroku. Tonight everyone was sitting around by the fire, as you had your hands around your knees hugging them to your chest.


You have long black hair, just like your sister only you like to keep it up in a high ponytail all the time. Your eyes are the color of deep milky chocolate, and your lips are a tinge of pink. You wear the same uniform as Kagome, only your skirt has a few rips in it, from how many times you have been attacked for being the weakest link in your group. Other than that, your looks are almost identical to Kagome.

~Story start!!~

Everyone was too busy talking with everyone else to notice you having a mental breakdown by the campfire. With your arms wrapped around your legs you laid your chin on your knees, your eyes focused on the flickering flames of the orange and red fire. Around you, Kagome was talking to Inuyasha about the jewel shards, while Sango and Kirara slept Miroku and Shippo were arguing. This left you alone. No one ever wanted to talk to you any more it seemed. Not since Kagome had been kidnaped by Naraku. Everyone seemed to ignore you, even Shippo who had once always loved to sit on your shoulder so he could see better. No now he was too frightened that he would be attacked by a demon if he did so. You never could understand why the demons went after you so much. From what Kagome said you had no spiritual ora, you couldn’t even lift a demon’s sword [not that Inuyasha would let you try to touch his]. ‘Why do they always come after me?’ you whispered in your mind, hoping somehow you could come up with an answer. You knew you couldn’t though. When a tear slid down your cheek you sighed, and stood up. You hated being the ‘tag-along’ so much so you couldn’t stand to hang around the group anymore. Besides, you new, Kagome wouldn’t mind you being gone anyway. She never really did like you even though she was your sister. Grabbing your backpack, no one even looked up, you started walking away from the camp. Into the dark and demon infested forest.

After a few hours of walking you began to grow tired and cold. Your legs were sore from walking as you settled into a less woodsy spot in the forest. Putting your backpack down as a pillow you closed your eyes and fell asleep, unaware of the two demons making their way to where you slept.

A loud crash woke you around dawn the next day. Your eyes sprang open as you met eyes with one of the largest demons you had ever seen. The demon approached you, his arm outstretched as if to ask for something. "What do you want from me?!" you screeched, jumping to your feet, with your fists clenched. The demon let out a groan of agony as you screamed at it. "I want your power!" the demon bellowed, quickening his pace to get to you. "I don’t have any power! Just go away!!" you screamed, putting your hands to your ears you saw a bright light emitting from your body. The demon groaned again in agony as bright lights seemed to pierce threw him, just like one of Kagome’s arrows would. Only you knew Kagome was no where in sight. "Go AWAY!!" you screamed at the demon again, only to have more light beams stab threw it. It seemed to beg you to stop screaming until it exploded into bright white dust. Your eyes widened with shock as someone wrapped their arms around your shoulders. "We’ve been searching for hours trying to find you Maria." Miroku’s voice came from behind you as you heard the footsteps of everyone else coming to a halt. "I smelt a demon. Where is it?" Inuyasha seemed confused, as you turned to face them, shaking Miroku off. "It exploded." you stated simply, with a slight smile pulling at your lips. "How?!" he questioned, "I screamed at it, and it exploded." you grinned at his dumbfounded expression. "You killed a demon?" Kagome seemed jealous. "Yes. I did. It woke me, asking for my power or something and I screamed for it to leave me alone and Poof. It exploded." you explained, enjoying the look of disbelief on their faces. Shippo was the first to break the silence after a few minutes. "Yay, Maria! Now I can ride on your shoulder again! Like Kagome said I couldn’t!" Shippo hopped off Kagome’s back and up onto your shoulder, giggling like a small child. You turned your eyes to Kagome, glaring at her with such intensity Shippo and Inuyasha flinched. "You told him not to?" you asked, drawing out each word slowly, causing the two demons and Kirara to flinch harder. "It was for his protection, since you get attacked the most and Miroku has to always save you." your glare intensified as she said the last word. "Did he save me today?"you asked simply. She didn’t respond. "Well? DID HE?" your voice almost came in a growl. Her eyes widened as she shook her head no. "then don’t say always. Besides Kagome, don’t get involved in things that concern me, alright? I get attacked, fine I get attacked whatever. But you know something?"-she didn’t say anything-"if you were the one getting attacked all the time, I wouldn’t be telling Inuyasha to stay away from you would I?"-she didn’t answer-"so just lay off." you concluded turning around to pick up your backpack. It was then that you felt something on you’re a**. You gasped and slapped it away. "No touchy Miroku!" you laughed, straightening yourself up, happy that everything was seeming to return to normal. He sighed from behind you as you all started walking towards the next destination.


Everything returned to normal as it had been like when you and Kagome had first arrived in the feudal era. Only you and Kagome rarely spoke to one another. Also you became a very helpful fighter in the battle against demons. Something strange also started to happen. Miroku started, as you noticed, to watch you with worried eyes. He would always be the first one in front of you, if ever a demon came near, ready with his wind tunnel to protect you. You would start to watch him as well. Always checking if he was smiling or happy. You loved to see him happy, as you realized you were falling in love with him! Tonight was the night after one of the biggest demon battles your traveling companions and yourself had ever faced. Everyone else, besides yourself and Miroku, had gone back to Kaede’s village to get more supplies. This left you and him alone for the first time since you had realized you loved him.



Miroku laid by the fire as you watched his eyes droop. He seemed so tired from trying to protect you all day. Your heart wept for him as you got up and sat beside him, resting your hand on his cheek. "Are you alright Maria?" he asked in a soft voice, as he looked to you. You smiled at him, "I’m fine, but are you?" he chuckled in a low husky tone as he sat up. "Well, I’m not exactly fine per-say. But yeah.." he moved closer to you with an odd smirk on his face. "Miroku. What are you thinking about right now?" you couldn’t resist the urge to smirk back at him. His hand laid on your right leg as it crept up to the hem of your short skirt you didn’t stop him like he had thought you would. Instead you moved yourself closer to him, putting your hands on his chest. "I’m thinking..I’d like you to bear my children." he chuckled as you pushed him onto his back, glad that he had been facing the fire instead of having his back to it. "is that really what you want Miroku?" you asked, running your hands over his monk robe. He smirked and nodded, rolling you over onto your back. "I’ll do it." you giggled softly feeling his hands slide up your legs and under your skirt. He grinned eagerly, pressing his fingers into your thighs, massaging them intimately. You held in your soft moan, as his index finger slowly slid along your pantie covered clit. He looked into your eyes as he do so, just to enjoy the look you made trying to hold in. "Let it out, Maria. No one is going to hear us out here. The others wont be back until tomorrow anyway." you shook your head at him as he slowly and tauntingly rubbed your soft spot, making your knees raise slowly, trying to block him out. He took this as a challenge, as he pushed your knees back down, holding them you took your opportunity to pull at his robe trying to get it off. "Hm.? Oh you want this off, do you?" he grinned and slipped off his robe tossing it away, your eyes widened as you ran your fingers over his perfectly sculpted abs. "Miroku..your so.." you didn’t finish as he lifted your shirt over your head, kissing your stomach as he slid your skirt off. Tossing both articles of clothing over by his robe. He grinned looking at you in only a green bra and your green panties. Your cheeks flushed a deep red as you raised your knees. "Miroku. I want you!" you whispered as he ripped off your panties throwing them away from your body he rubbed your clit fiercely, taking no time he plunged 3 of his fingers into you, pumping them in and out you moaned loudly, begging him to go faster. He grinned as your walls tightened around as he pulled them out, biting and licking up your stomach to your left breast. He bit down on it while massaging the other with his hand. After some time, he switched to your right breast but continued pleasuring the other with his hand. After a few minutes to moaned again. "Want more?" he asked in his husky tone, that instantly turned you on. So you nodded quickly, surprised that he was removing his boxers [yes they had boxers back then lmao]. Your eyes widened even more as you looked upon his member. ‘He is so..how is that going to?!’ your mind wondered as he spread your legs apart, then pushed himself inside you, causing you to gasp at the sudden intense pain. He looked into your eyes and softly kissed away the tears that were brimming at the corners of your eyes. He didn’t move his hips yet, waiting for you to be comfortable with him inside. You waited a few moments, moving a little underneath him trying to get used to the feel of him. After a few seconds you bucked your hips softly, telling him he could move. So he did, he slid upwards then back down slowly in a rhythmic motion, until you moaned. Wanting him to go faster as the pain receded, replaced by pure pleasure. You moaned louder as he excited you then slammed back in, faster and quicker than before. His low groans in your ear turned you on so much more that you moved with him, wrapping your long legs around his waist, he pumped in and out quickly. You both moaned and groaned in unison as he released inside of you, and you reached your peak. "Miroku.." you whispered, pushing his bangs out of his eyes, as you kissed him. He kissed back, putting his hand on your cheek. "I love you Maria." "I love you too Miroku!" You giggled into the kiss as he pulled himself out of you and slid his clothes back on, you did the same as he did. Then you laid your head on his shoulder, as you both sat by the fire. A few minutes after you both had gotten dressed and got your hair all combed, Inuyasha and the rest of the gangs ran into the clearing, their weapons drawn, looking for something. "Hey Guys." you waved at them, sitting up straight. "Maria, where is the demons?! We heard you two screaming, so we came back right away." Kagome said frantically. You looked to Miroku as he stood up, "All vanquished my friends, the demons were small but weird looking, we were screaming at them because they were small beings." he answered simply. To you none of that made sense but the rest of the gang bought it. "so there is no danger?" Sango asked as Kirara reverted back to her normal cat form. "Nope." you giggled, your eyes locked onto Miroku’s back. "That’s weird." Inuyasha said suddenly. "What is?" Miroku and you asked in unison. "Your hair is down. I’ve never seen it like that before." Inuyasha walked over to you and ran his hand over your hair. Then he laughed "your hair is silkier than Kagome’s is Maria." you sweat dropped as Kagome fumed. "Sit boy!" Inuyasha fell to the ground as the spell that made him sit, made him do so. "What it’s true!" he defended himself and he and Kagome started to squabble. You laughed and tied your hair up into it’s normal pony-tail. It was Shippo who hopped onto your shoulder that made you tense. "You and Miroku smell." he said indefinatly. "Wh-why would you say that Shippo?" you questioned, "You both smell like each other and sweat. It’s really gross." You looked up to Miroku, then Sango cleared her throat. "You two are so gross!" she squealed, so that Inuyasha and Kagome would hear. They both shut up as Kagome examined you. "You two did something didn’t you?" she said more in a ‘matter-of-fact’ tone than a question. "Um..w-what makes you s-say that?" Miroku asked. Inuyasha was the next on to speak. "You two finally screwed each other didn’t you?" you both froze. "Um..kinda?" you said then sweat-dropped as everyone else besides Miroku began to laugh.

So then on thens forth you and Miroku were each others lover. You both helped defeat Naraku even though you were 3 months pregnant at that time. Miroku almost had a heart attack as he saw you fighting Naraku. But once Naraku was dead Miroku’s wind tunnel dissipated and you two got married. Living in Kaede’s village so you could still go back home to see your mother, brother and grandfather. They too were shocked to see you were pregnant but overly happy to meet Miroku and learn he was a Buddhist monk. You had a baby boy, and you both named him Ruko. He grew up to be a great monk and he loved you and Miroku. You both lived to be 45 until a huge demon finally killed you, then killed Miroku. Ruko lived with Inuyasha after that, because Kagome had long since died. [lmao]


*hope ya’ll Liked it*