You’re not that short, how do I know? Because you’re taller than me!!

(Edward Elric/Full Metal alchemist Story)

Name: Memory Oria

Age: 15-17

Homeland: Unknown to the story {hehe}

State Alchemist name: The Light Alchemist

Alchemist Strength: Using Light and transmutation circles to create things.

Hair: Long, red –tied up in a bun with two metal chop sticks in it.

Eyes: Red, like burning lights.

Clothes: Medium length sleeved, collared white shirt with a half untied red tie around her neck. She also wears black shorts that come just above her knee caps, with black sneakers. Her Alchemist pocket watch stays in her right front pocket with the chain clipped to her front belt loop. She also wears black bands on both of her wrists with her family symbol on each sewn in red sew. She wears fingerless, palm less, red gloves.

Attitude: Calm, intelligent, hard working, a bit scatter brained, resourceful, confident, a bit childish, independent.

Family: The Oria family, she had a father who abused her while she was young considering he blamed her for the death of her mother –who had died giving birth to Memory. Her father died when she was six, leaving her alone.

Height: 5 foot 3 inches.

Other: She became an Alchemist at age 13 after Roy Mustang came to her town to recruit her into the State Alchemist Military. She has permission from Lieutenant Colonel Mustang to travel alone, because she has issues with authority so long as she checks in with him every so often. She also has a tattoo of her transmutation circle so she doesn’t have to draw one every time she wants to use her alchemy.

At the start: Memory is awaiting the train to arrive in the town of Torium town, heading to Central City.

“I pray that this town will hold more answers to who has been spreading the rumors of being able to bring people back from the dead.” Memory muttered to herself, checking her watch to see what the time was. Tapping her foot impatiently on the cement ground, her shoe made a soft sound each time it tapped. “It should have been here fifteen minutes ago!” she hated to wait mostly because she always wanted to keep going and moving, never to stop, never to have to have a spare minute for ‘fun’ or leisure time. Even though she was only fifteen years old, with her, it was always all work and no play.

With a subtle sigh, Memory pushed her bangs out of her eyes right as the train pulled into the station. Putting her watch back within her pocket, she grabbed her backpack slinging it over her shoulder she headed to get into line to board the train. The line was long, and unluckily she was indeed the very last person in that long line.

After an endless amount of waiting she finally boarded the train, and again she had no luck in the world. All of the rooms were filled with people, until she came to the very last room. Only two people were within, a boy with blond hair and another person in complete body armor. Slowly she opened the door and poked her head in, “Excuse me, May I join the two of you?” she asked, the blond boy turned his head. “Sure.” His voice wasn’t high pitched, but it wasn’t deep and manly like Armstrong’s. With a light and respectable smile she opened the door completely and stepped inside –shutting it behind her of course, going to the seat that was unoccupied, across from the boy and the armored person, beside the window. She pulled her backpack off, so that it wouldn’t make her uncomfortable while sitting, setting it down between her legs on the floor.

Memory had never been one to be rude or one to stare, but this two were quite a pair. She couldn’t stop herself from observing them. The one in the armor was huge! Sadly it was impossible to tell whether the person was male or female just by looking. He did look strong though, maybe they were the body guard of the blond boy. Trying to remain conspicuous she crossed her long legs and turned her head to take a look at the blond.

He was different from the metallic armor wearing person; For starters his hair was done differently than any male’s hair she had ever seen. His bangs were almost longer than hers and the rest of his was in a braid that hung down to his back. His clothes weren’t all that strange, a black outfit beneath a red long sleeved cloak-like jacket. White gloves covered both of his hands, and he wore black sneakers on his feet. His expression was passive, she noticed his golden eyes were directed towards the window and she assumed he was watching the sights outside.

“Why are you staring at me?” The boy didn’t even look away from the window when he spoke. Memory felt her cheeks become hotter –informing her in an embarrassing way that she was blushing, as she pretended not to know what he was talking about. “Um... What?” she asked in a very unbelievable questioning way. “You’ve been staring at me and my brother, all I want to know is why.” The blond reworded his previous question. If possible, her cheeks flushed a darker red. “I didn’t... mean to… honest…” she put her hands up with her palms facing towards the two an apologetic look on her face. “I’m sorry.” She apologized “Don’t worry ab-” The boy stopped himself mid word when he turned his head to look at her. “Ed isn’t that a transmutation circle on her palm?” the metal man asked the blond. “It is.” Ed –the blond boy- replied as the two brothers began to have a hushed conversation.


Memory quickly closed her fingers into her palms, letting her hands drop back down to rest on her legs. “You’re an alchemist.” The full metal man said after a while. “Yes. I am.” “So are we.” The man said again, gesturing to himself and his brother. “State alchemists?” she asked curiously. Ed nodded before crossing his arms over his chest. “What was the name assigned to you?” she couldn’t stop herself from asking that rude question. “The Full metal Alchemist,” Ed stated proudly a large grin on his face. Her eyes widened to a point where they were probably going to pop out of her head if they got any wider. “You’re THE Edward Elric! Holy crap! I never thought I would get to meet you! It is such an honor!” she stood up so fast, her balance gave way and she fell forward with her head landing in Edward’s lap. “Whoa!” the metal man, whose voice was very child-like in fact, shouted as Edward and Memory freaked out. Memory shot up and quickly sat back in her seat pretending to be busy with her bag. Edward quickly crossed his legs and returned his eyes to the window, attempting the hide the blush that had sneaked onto his pale cheeks. “I’m assuming that the man beside you is the younger Elric brother, Alphonse?” She made sure to put her sentence in question form just in case she had the man mistaken. “Yes,” Alphonse, the metal boy apparently, answered. “It is truly nice to meet you both.” She lifted her eyes to both boys and smiled a little. “Wait. Who are you?” Alphonse asked. “Memory Oria, or… the Light Alchemist.” She introduced herself adjusting her red tie a bit on edge. “I’ve heard about you… You’re the girl, Lieutenant Colonel Mustang said to find on our travels.” Edward had his arms crossed once again, but he was looking at her straight on now. “He… said to find me?” she asked skeptically. “Yeah, we’re supposed to bring you along with us, so you can’t get into any more trouble or something like that.” He shook his head left & right a few times causing his braided hair to move too. “What?! Oh hot hell, no wonder he told me to take the train to Central City!” she couldn’t help but throw her hands in the air with frustration and childishness. “I didn’t suggest it, he ordered it.” Edward rolled his golden eyes, his brother stayed quiet. “Crap.” She muttered still frustrated putting her elbow on the aim rest nearest to the window then laid her head on her hand. “It’s not so bad, we’re not mean.” Alphonse spoke up as she lifted her bored eyes over to him. “I’m sure you are not Alphonse, but it’s been a long time since I’ve worked alongside others… Let alone males” she sighed once again, keeping her eyes on his eye holes. “Oh.” He mused, and then added, “By the way, you can call me Al.” “Al.” she repeated, turning to the window letting the room return to silence.

Memory was asleep right as the sun set, her head resting on the back of the seat, dreaming of a life where she had a wonderful family. A future she would hope to achieve some day; marry a man who loved her, get out of the military, and have beautiful children that she could give a wonderful life to. Even if she worked so hard, she still dreamt of having a family. No matter how silly a dream it was.

Of course her dream wouldn’t stay peaceful for long, because soon it shifted to her own childhood. To her own father and mother… she’d never met her mother, but she’d seen many pictures of her. Memory had inherited her mother’s dark, luscious red hair and scorching red eyes along with the petite body type. She hadn’t seemed to inherit any physical attributes from her father; then again her father hadn’t been the most attractive man in the world. Tall and chubby with thick fingers and huge feet, accompanied by greasy black hair and beady black eyes, though he had only looked like that after the death of his wife {her mother}. Her father had always blamed her for the loss of his wife, the countless beatings both verbally and physically proved that. His hand curled into a fist; that same fist connecting with the side of her face, her lower stomach. His steel-toed boot going backwards then coming forward to connect with her stomach while she lay on the ground defenseless. Blood gushing from her mouth and nose as he would light one of his cigarettes and put it out on her arms, her stomach, her upper thighs, even her face on some occasions. When he would drag her around the house by her hair, or even after he would push her down the stairs that led to the basement. Even when he…


Memory snapped her head up, waking herself from the nightmare. ‘Damn it.’ She thought, silently covering her face with her hands as she leaned over letting tears fall from her eyes. It was dark in the train car, due to the fact it was most likely past midnight {she didn’t want to check her watch}, but she could feel eyes on her while she cried quietly. “Hey, Memory, are you alright?” Al whispered in the darkness. She raised her head quickly scrubbing her tears away with the back of her glove, looking in the direction of Al. “yeah…” she said using the same tone he had. “But, you’re crying.” He observed “I’m alright; it was just a bad dream…” she informed him. “Okay.” And silence followed, Memory no longer wished to talk so she did not say anything in return. Watching out the dark window, she refused to fall back asleep and take the chance of having the dream again.

It was quiet for a while and eventually Memory fell asleep, only her dreams were not horrible. They were of her first days as a State alchemist.

“Hey, Edward, wake up.” Al elbowed his sleeping brother in the side, while Memory fixed her clothes. “Neh...” Edward made a noise, refusing to open his eyes. “He’s not getting up?” she asked arching her scarlet eyebrow high up on her forehead in a way that made her look curious. “No.” Al huffed, “Want me to try?” “If you want to” He huffed again. She patted his metallic shoulder, {since he was sitting down she could reach}, heading towards Edward. “Oh Full Metal, this is King Bradley” –She was very good at imitating him- “if you do not wake this minute I will be forced to throw you off the train.” She even cleared her throat the way King Bradley often did. Edward shot up like a broken spring, looking all around himself for King Bradley. Al was cracking up, while memory smiled innocently. “Where is he? Did he leave already?” Edward was frantic, then sweat-dropped noticing Al’s laughter. “What’s so funny, Al?” he questioned. “Well, Full Metal, I will most defiantly not have to throw you off the train; now that you are awake.” Memory used her King Bradley imitation voice once again. Edward sank down in his seat, sweat dropping again.

When Al was finally done laughing he pointed to the window, “We’re almost to the city.” Everyone looked out noticing the large church in the distance. “So do you think that a philosopher’s stone is actually there?” Al asked Edward “There should be.” Ed replied noticing the confused look on Memory’s face. “Do you know what a philosopher’s stone is?” Ed asked she nodded. “Then why do you look so confused?” “Why do you want a stone such as that?” she questioned. “Personal reasons” Edward was vague, but she didn’t want to question it any further.

“Where to now guys?” Memory asked once they had gotten off the train, moving her bangs out of her eyes. “Somewhere to get something to drink” Edward took the lead, while she and Al followed him into the city. They continued walking until they made it to an outside bar type place. “Here we are!” Edward proclaimed inviting the other two to sit down with him. “An orange soda please.” He asked the elderly man who was running the bar. The man looked at the three “I’d like a grape soda.” She smiled at the man, he nodded and turned to get the kids their sodas {Al can’t drink soda.L }. “So are you three street performers, or what?” the elderly man asked giving the two their drinks. Ed nearly choked on his when the man asked. “Is that what we look like to you?!” Edward demanded “Yeah, which is why I asked.” The old man restated. Al had to hold his brother back to keep him from attacking the poor old man. “Come on, let’s go.” Al suggested standing up to leave, only to accidentally knock down and break the radio. “Hey! You didn’t need to break my radio!” the old man yelled. “Sorry! Sorry! I’ll fix it.” Al knelt down with a piece of chalk to draw a transmutation circle. Putting the broken radio in the center of the circle he used his alchemy to fix it. “You have been blessed by the sun god just as our priest has!” one of the street folk cried, “No, No! It was only alchemy!” Al defended his actions. “Alchemy? Hey I’ve heard of that!” another person on the street stopped and added. “You must be alchemists!” another person. “That’s right! We’re the Elric brothers!” Edward declared as all of the people crowded around Al. “You must be the Full Metal alchemist! I’ve heard of you!” the people were all talking at Al, while Edward fumed. “He’s not the Full Metal alchemist! I am!” Edward shouted at the ignorant towns folk. All of them turned, “You? You’re so small!” the town’s people were shocked at this. Edward again fumed, and to keep him from lashing out; Memory grabbed his right arm twisting it behind his back. “Edward, calm.” She said low enough for only him to hear, twisting his arm up further considering he didn’t seem to react though he let out a barely audible grunt. “Let go, Memory.” He ordered firmly, turning his head to look at her. “Not until you say you’ll be calm.” She twisted his arm up further wondering why on earth he wasn’t reacting! She would soon be close enough to pull the entire limb off! “I’ll be calm.” She dropped his right arm, “Thank you.” He turned away from her, wanting to ask the town’s people about this ‘Father Cornello’ leaving her to watch him depart.

“So where are we going, exactly?” Memory questioned, following the Elric brothers like a lone kitten in a crowd of dogs. “To the church, we’re going to speak with this Father Cornello.” Edward explained while they walked into the gigantic church Lior.

A girl, who looked to be at least a couple years older than Memory, was kneeling at the altar in the front of the church. The three alchemists headed forward until they were very near the girl. Edward took a seat in the first pew and pulled out a notebook. Tilting his head back he began to read off ingredients to the girl. She stood there with absolutely no clue as to what he was talking about. “Those are all the ingredients that go into a human, but bringing one back from the dead is impossible. It will never happen.” He was being oddly cold towards the female who had been praying for her boyfriend to be brought back from the dead. “If you believe in god anything can happen!” the female was soundly a bit hysterical. “We alchemists believe in science not in an unknown face of god.” Edward continued as Al and Memory stayed silent. “But if you believe!” the girl hollered. “Look I’m sorry, do you think your Father could help a hopeless scientist like me?” Edward heaved himself up to his feet. “Of course! Father Cornello can save you all!” The girl started forward, implying that they should all follow, with the alchemists behind her.


“Alright you two aren’t going anywhere!” the guards attacked Edward and Al. “Leave them alone!” Memory shouted putting her hands on the ground to pull up a spiked bat from the earth using her alchemy. “Memory stand back!” Al shoved her back right as one of the guards went to slice her torso. She slid back in front of the unnamed female, holding her bat in front of herself to protect the girl. “ENOUGH!” everything stopped, as everyone looked up to see Father Cornello standing there. “You three are sinners. Rose take that gun and shoot the Full Metal alchemist.” Memory flipped away from Rose and ended up standing near Al. “Rose. Don’t do it!” Edward tried reasoning as Rose picked up the gun and pointed it at Al mistaking him for the Full Metal alchemist. {The armor}. Rose listened to Cornello telling her what to do as she screamed and shot Al’s head armor off. Memory’s eyes widened as Al fell back. “Alphonse!” She gasped going to help him, only to watch as he stood up completely headless and grabbed his head armor. “A soul attached to armor! That proves your sin!” Cornello shouted. Memory was speechless; she had NOT seen that coming. “You alright Al?” Edward called twirling his own weapon in between his fingers. “Yes.” Al was up on his feet once again his head back on. “Can we finish this guy?” Memory asked swinging her bat back and forth seeming to go faster with each swing. “Just hold on.” Ed snapped turning his golden eyes to Cornello. “That ring on your finger in a philosopher’s stone. Give it to us and we’ll be on our way.” He held up his right hand to Cornello. “No!” Cornello pressed a button as a large Lion with a Rat’s tail emerged in the giant corridor. The Lion-Rat went straight for Edward, lunging at his left leg the Lions giant jaw open then clamped down its’ sharp teeth, expect at that moment Edward didn’t even flinch. “My pet’s teeth can bite threw iron! You are finished!” Cornello shouted triumphantly only to watch as Ed kicked the Lion-rat away. “Too bad it can’t bite threw steel.” Ed was grinning, showing through his ripped pants his steel leg. “That must mean! You committed the ultimate crime! You tried human transmutation!” Cornello Shouted then turned to Rose, “You see Rose?! This shows them as sinners!” he explained as the Lion-rat lunged again, only this time it attacked Edward’s right arm. “That’s right kitty, get a good grip!” Ed taunted the giant animal, throwing it away once more. His jacket was ripped, to show that his arm was steel as well. “Your pet ripped my jacket.” He shook his head, throwing off the red ripped jacket. To reveal his black sleeveless shirt beneath. Memory’s ruby eyes widened, while a soft blush crept up onto her cheeks. “Just give up the stone!” He shouted again only to watch Cornello make a large gun appear out of nothing as the three took off, except Al grabbed Rose as well while they continued to run. All the way up to the church’s bell tower. “I’m going to talk with Cornello about that ring.” Edward turned to head back into the church only to have memory put her hand on his shoulder. “Not so fast Mr. I’m going with you.” She announced her red eyes locking onto his golden orbs. “Fine” He sighed, “Let’s get going.” They both headed into the church leaving Al alone with Rose in order to keep watch of her.


Edward sat on Cornello’s desk, while Memory sat in Cornello’s chair. “Do you really think he’ll fall for that trick, Ed?” she asked after watching him set up the audio system that would connect to the giant speaker Al was making in the bell tower. “He’ll fall for it. Trust me.” He crossed his arms over his chest holding a very cocky grin on his lips. She arched her scarlet eyebrow at his cocky ways, and decided to ignore it pulling one of the metal chop sticks from her hair playing with it between her fingers.

“Hello Cornello, why don’t you just come in and have a talk. We are both understanding men.” Edward invited Cornello into the office a few minutes later. Cornello growled a little then entered, shutting his office door behind himself. “What is the girl doing in here; if you only want to talk Full Metal?” Cornello was using an angry sarcastic tone as he looked directly at Memory. “She’s here because she wants to be here.” Ed rolled his golden eyes not noticing that Memory was tracing the lines on his back studying him like an artist would study the Mona Lisa.

“Explain to me, why you would use the philosopher’s stone to perform tricks to make yourself look like a profit of god?” Edward seemed to be honestly curious, “You may not notice, but with my ‘tricks’ I gain followers to my church! Ones who would die for me, for the church! I am building an army of mindless worshipers and soon we will attack the military!” Cornello shouted menacingly as both teen alchemists burst into laughter at the man’s stupidity. “What are you two laughing at?!” Cornello literally growled at them. “You’re an idiot.” Memory commented, as Ed lifted an on/off switch showing that it was on. Cornello’s eyes widened. “Broadcasting everything you said to the entire town!” Ed explained. “You little bastards!” Cornello shouted, apparently setting Ed over an edge. “I AM NOT LITTLE!” He shouted attacking Cornello the two began to fight as Memory watched making sure Ed didn’t need any help.

Soon later Edward had finished off Cornello, “Come on Mem, let’s get going.” Edward gestured for Memory to follow him as they both headed back to the bell tower to retrieve Al. “Mem?” she put her finger to her lips intrigued by the nickname. “That’s what I called you, come on hurry up.” He kept walking not waiting for her to walk with him, though she followed after a few minutes.

They reached the bell tower minutes later. Al was sitting down with his head resting on his hand. “Rose didn’t take the news about Cornello well… she left crying a couple minutes ago.” Al informed them, pushing himself up to his feet. “Well, let’s get going, we have a train to catch at 10 pm.” Edward was rushing them, as they walked out of the church {after walking thru the entire place}. “Stop! And give me the philosopher’s stone!” standing in their way to the Church steps was Rose. She held a gun and it was aimed at Ed. “We don’t have it. It was a fake.” Memory explained reaching behind her head to grab –once again- one of her metallic chop sticks. “You’re all lying! You just want to keep it for yourself!” Rose was hysterical. “No. We’re not, Rose the reason you want to stone is so that you can bring your boyfriend back from the dead. Well let me tell you, it is an unachievable dream. You can never bring someone back from the dead, NEVER.” Edward seemed harsh. “Edward Elric! Show some compassion for the poor girl!” Memory didn’t understand why he was being so mean, then the reasoning hit her like a case of bricks. The human transmutation, the metallic limbs, Al’s bodiless soul the boys had tried to bring someone back to life! “Just shut up. We’re going to miss our train if we don’t get going.” Ed snapped walking past Rose, with Al in tow, down the church steps. Memory began to follow but stopped to speak with Rose. “I’m sorry, but there is no possible way for your love to be brought back to this world. No amount of praying or alchemy. But, you’ll find something new to keep your spirits bright. Take this.” –Memory knelt down and pressed her hand to the ground pulling a large stone statue in the shape of a dog-“Keep it in memory of the alchemists.” She smiled at Rose, before quickly following the Elric brothers.

Rose watched the three depart, tears swelling in her eyes as she turned to the giant statue. “In memory of the alchemists...” she repeated softly as a gush of wind made her hair dance around her face.

“Alright Elric’s; you both have a lot of explaining to do. Since this train ride is going to take three days, you better start.” Memory demanded an answer, her expression determined. Edward pulled his jacket on a little tighter [he had fixed it using his alchemy] “Fine.” He muttered giving Al a glance before launching into the entire story about how he had gained his metallic limbs and how Al had become a bodiless soul.

Everything that had happened when they were just 10 and 8. The loss of their mother at ages 9 and 7 {the older is Ed the younger is Al} and their goal to bring her back. Researching alchemy, and human transmutation, even a bit about their childhood friend Winry and her fairly short grandmother. He explained how wrong the human transmutation had gone and everything that had followed. How he had bound his little brother’s soul to the suit of armor after his body had been lost, his left leg taken for the human transmutation & his right arm taken to bring his little brother’s soul back. Then how Roy Mustang had come to him when he turned 11 to offer him a shot to become a state alchemist, he had paid Winry to attach the metallic limbs –or she called them Automail, so that he could take the state alchemy test at age 12.

The entire story took an hour and a half to tell, and by the time he was done it was well past midnight. Memory had no words about the information she had received. Her lips were in a taunt line, as her eyes studied both boys. “I can see now, why you were so blunt with Rose.” She crossed her legs, clasping her fingers together and resting her entwined hands on her knees. “Yeah… well.” Edward fidgeted with his white gloves, it had seemed Al had ‘fallen asleep’ during the story and neither teen wished to wake him up by checking to see if he was indeed sleeping.

“So where are we headed to now?” Memory had forgotten to even look at the map when they boarded the train. “To Resembol” Edward answered simply still fidgeting with his gloves. “Why? Is there a lead on a philosopher’s stone?” she questioned. “No, it’s our home town. We’re going to see Winry so she can give my automail the latest tune up. It’ll take two days more on this train to get there, but it’ll be worth it.” He seemed to be excited about going to his home town, and that excitement made her smile. “Thank you for bringing me along.” She thanked him as she settled into the seat getting comfortable. “Remember we were ordered to bring you on our travels.” Edward reminded her as she sweat-dropped. “No need to be so short about it!” She remarked in a snarky tone, making his nostrils flair. “I AM NOT SHORT!” he pounded his fists on the armrests angrily, effectively waking Al up. “I DIDN’T CALL YOU SHORT DUMBASS!” Memory shouted back at him cracking her knuckles. “YES YOU DID!” both teens continued to shout at one another, while Al sweat dropped his head whipping back and forth to each. “Excuse me, can you please keep it down in here it is almost 3 a.m. We would like to get some sleep.” A man in about his mid-thirties stuck his head inside the train room. The entire room went silent, as Al apologized to the man. The man nodded and left.

Both Memory and Edward glared at one another from across the room, neither daring to blink and lose the silent battle. “I didn’t call you short.” She snapped, “Yes you did! I heard it with my own ears!” he growled back at her, “Why would I call you short?! You’re not even short! How do I know?! Because you’re taller than me! You dumb blond!” She rolled her ruby eyes crossing her arms across her chest. He lost all of his steam, he had no come back for that and she knew it. Her lips twitched, pulling into a triumphant smile. “Now. Goodnight.” She nodded sharply, leaning her head back to fall asleep.

Edward shared a glance with his brother, before latching his eyes back onto Memory. To be honest he wasn’t all that tired, so he put his head on his hand watching her sleep. The neckline that was arched out towards him, after all her head was tilted back, the slowly rise and fall over her chest as she breathed, the way her fingers occasionally clenched then the obvious was her legs had uncrossed and were spread lightly. Sending a strange feeling threw him that he hadn’t ever felt before in his entire life. He had the sudden urge to cross his legs, which he did quickly, closing his eyes he decided to try and get some sleep. “Goodnight Al.” he mumbled to his little brother falling asleep.

Two days later the three got off the train in Resembol. Both boys led the way, while –just like always- Memory followed. “I can’t wait to see Winry!” the Elric brothers were absolutely giddy about seeing their old friend. She smiled at their giddiness occasionally laughing while they walked.

“EDWARD! ALPHONSE!” a blonde girl burst out of the small two story house, the girl had long hair tied up in a pony tail, wearing a short red skirt and a tight black blouse. She hugged Edward furiously then hugged Al. “Hey Winry.” Ed smiled hugging her back with his left arm. Al did the same. “WINRY WHOS OUT THERE!” everyone looked to see a very short woman standing in the doorway, judging by the description Ed had given, this was Winry’s grandmother. “It’s Edward and Alphonse Elric, grandma! They’re here for a visit.” Winry shouted back. “Oh! Who’s this?” Winry looked over Ed’s shoulder to see Memory standing there, looking completely lost. Her hands behind her back with her eyes roaming the area. “That’s Memory Oria, we were ordered to bring her with us.” Ed explained, making Memory’s eyes dart to the ground. “You must be Winry… The boys told me all about you…” Memory smiled a little, keeping her eyes on the ground. “Yep, that’s me! Nice to meet you, Memory.” Winry smiled bright with one of her arms still around Edward. “You too.” Memory turned on her heels heading towards the fields. “I’m going to take a look around… maybe find a hotel or something to stay at. I’ll keep in touch Elric’s.” she raised her hand in a wave, but kept walking. “Whatever.” Edward shook his head then proceeded to head inside with Winry.


“Stupid Elric brothers… Stupid Lieutenant Colonel Mustang…” Memory cursed walking deeper and deeper into the only forest she could find in the town. Finding a nice clear, dry spot she sat down. Looking into her backpack, she pulled out a small package of gram crackers that she had bought at the train station only days before. ‘These should keep me fed for a few days’ she thought to herself munching on one of the crackers then putting the package away. “Memory?” she snapped her head to the left, hearing Al calling her name. “Over here!” she called back not wanting him to get lost in the forest. Soon he came into view. “Why are you in the forest?” he asked sitting himself down beside her. “Well obviously, I don’t want to burden you guys. So I’m going to stay out here and when you guys are ready to get going again, I’ll go with.” She explained her ruby eyes sad. “Edward just doesn’t want to get anyone else involved in our troubles. He isn’t trying to be mean, he’s just… blunt.” Al put his metal hand on her shoulder in comforting way. “We don’t want you to sleep out in a forest!” he chuckled in a childish way. “Hey Al?” she looked up to his eyeholes. “Yes?” “Thanks.” She smiled a bit, getting to her feet holding her hand out to him. “Um… you’re welcome.” He sounded like he was smiling as he took her hand and got up. And they both headed to the house.

“So you’re an alchemist too?” Winry asked at the dinner table two nights later. “Yeah… not as strong as Ed though.” Memory actually laughed. “What is the name they gave you?” Winry was full of questions. “The Light alchemist.” She answered. “Why?” “Because I’m very light on my feet when I work.” “You’ll have to show us all!” Memory looked over to Edward, who had just spoken. “Is that a challenge?” she arched her scarlet eyebrow. “As a matter of fact, it is!” He grinned standing up. “Alright Full Metal. Bring it on.” She stood up as well, “When the sun comes up, you’re going down!” she pointed at him with a stern look of determination on her face. “You’re on.” He pointed back at her. 

“Okay no killing one another.” Winry announced the rules after fixing up Edward’s automail. “I don’t use alchemy to kill.” Ed announced in a snarky tone, “Ditto on that one Full Metal.” Memory smirked pulling both metal chop sticks from her hair bun. “Let the fight, begin!” Winry waved a flag and stepped back next to Al and her grandma.

“Bring it on bottle blond.” Memory taunted holding her metal chop sticks in her left hand while her right was raised in a ‘come get me’ gesture. Edward grinned and pulled his weapon from the ground without using a transmutation circle. “You’re asking for it!” he charged her as she blocked his weapons strike with her chop sticks. “No matter how little a thing may be they can still pack a very large punch.” She smirked teasing him a little before kicking him in the stomach. With such a dainty seeming kick, none of the observers would have thought much of it until Edward flew backwards landing flat on his ass ten feet away. Everyone stared at her as she gave a small wink. “Wanna try again?” She taunted holding up her right hand again. He jumped up to his feet and twirled his large sword {yes that is his weapon DEAL WITH IT!: D} in between his fingers. “I’m usually against hitting girls, but I guess I’ll have to stop going easy on you.” He put his gloved right hand to his forehead, still twirling the sword. “I’ll say it one more time, bring it on Bottle Blond!” she teased as he charged directly at her swinging his sword and just as it was about to connect with her stomach she put her hand on his shoulder and flipped over him. “The light alchemist, remember that one Full Metal.” She kicked him in the back sending him flying forward. He didn’t hit the ground face first using his free hand he twisted up into the air landing back on his feet. This time she was the one to lunge at him, using quick alchemy she transformed one of the metal chop sticks into a long sharp two prong sword except she made the mistake of slicing at his right arm. He grinned watching the blade hit and rip his jacket but go no further as it hit the steel of his automail. “Mistake one.” He twisted his arm gripping the blade and forcefully pulling it from her hands causing it to cut up her hands. She made a noise of discomfort noticing the ripping of her gloves and the tearing of her skin. Using his sword he slashed at her, she was quick but not quick enough to dodge the entire attack; his sword cut a thin line across her cheek. She growled a bit annoyed before lunging at him again using punches and kicks.

A long while later both were covered in sweat and blood. “You can’t beat me.” Edward was still cocky, even though his red jacket was slashed to smithereens as was his short black over jacket that would usually go over his sleeveless black shirt. Memory smirked wiping the blood from her mouth. “Don’t be so cocky Full Metal. It will be your downfall.” She again attacked him, as they began hand to hand combat. The three observers hadn’t lost interest in the fight after the long time; in fact they had become even more intrigued. For neither Al nor Winry had thought someone could last such a long time against Edward. Finally Edward got a good kick, using his left leg, into Memory’s stomach sending her flying back, when she landed on the ground she did a few rolls before finally coming to a stop. She spit blood onto the ground, unable to push herself back up to her feet. “Edward wins!” Winry cheered running over to Edward hugging him. “Come on, get off.” He pushed her off him with a chuckle. Memory was having a difficult time picking herself up off the ground, for each time she tried her arms would fail effectively dropping her back down. “You’re a good opponent, its’ good you aren’t against us.” Edward walked over to Memory, holding his left hand out to help her up. She looked up at him for a moment before taking his hand to allow his help.

“Let’s get ourselves bandaged up.” He suggested as they all headed inside.

“See, he’s not that bad.” Al whispered to Memory after dinner. “You were right Al.” she smiled.


After that day Edward, Al and memory actually began to work with one another. Not having any detest towards one another the brothers and Memory worked well together; searching the lands for the philosopher’s stone even fighting and defending one another. And oddly enough it seemed Edward and Memory would banter with one another just for the pure joy of, in a strange odd way the two began to unknowingly fall for one another; each protecting the other more and more than they would care to notice. Al, on the other hand, did notice the way they had been acting. He even had a private way of teasing them by calling them out on a ‘crush’. The three had been working together for a whole year and a half when they finally came face-to-face with Lust, Envy, and Gluttony.


“Hey fatty! Come get some of this.” Edward took on Gluttony, while Al handled Envy. Leaving Lust to Memory, “Alright lady let’s get this going.” Memory and Lust began to battle in a way that challenged both of their minds and bodies. When she got the chance she’d glance over to see how the boys were doing, only to have Lust try to take advantage. They were evenly matched, at least until Al’s huge body armor made an ear shatter clash onto the ground. Both Edward and Memory whipped their heads to watch as Envy tore apart Al’s bodiless armor so that it was impossible for him to put himself back together. “Alphonse!” Edward shouted not paying attention to Gluttony who at that moment slammed his meaty fist onto Edward’s head effectively knocking him off balance. Gluttony continued to slam his meaty fists against Edward until he fell to the ground unconscious. All three, Lust Envy and Gluttony, then turned their attention to Memory. “You’re going down too, Light alchemist.” Lust was attempting to freak her mind, only it was unsuccessful. “Try me.” Memory lunged at Gluttony first stabbing her sword threw his jolly stomach only to have Envy stab his hand straight threw her stomach in turn. With her adrenaline rushing so fast she felt no pain as she pulled her sword out of Gluttony and stabbed it into Envy knocking him down as she charged at Lust. Lust was prepared she sliced her long, sharp fingers into both of her shoulders and just for fun she put another hole into Memory’s stomach. Memory pulled her sword out of Envy slashing it down on the top of Lust’s head slicing her ear and part of her shoulder off. “Run away, Lust. Or I’ll kill you.” Memory spit blood into Lust’s face as she grabbed Envy and Gluttony rushing off into the dark night that was quickly surrounding them.

Memory smirked as they left, adrenaline still blocking out the pain in her body as she scurried to pick up the pieces of Al, making her backpack become larger so she could fit all of the armor inside it. Once that was don’t she put the bag on her back and went to Edward. “Hey there sleepy… let’s hope that automail isn’t as heavy as it looks.” She laughed a little, picking up his unconscious form she ran as fast as her body would allow until she came upon a small cave that would fit two people if positioned right. She quickly darted into the cave using a lighter to light the one candle she had with her making a stand out of the rock within the cave. “First let’s put you together Alphonse.” Memory murmured putting Al’s armor back together adjusting it so that Edward would fit next to him. Next she pulled bandages out from her bag and went to work at wrapping up Edward’s wounds. The ones on his head, his left arm, his right leg even the one on his neck. His breathing was rough but at least he was breathing better than he had been on the way to the cave. “That was all the bandages… You two are going to be okay. I can already tell.” She whispered, crawling out of the cave she pulled her chopstick out of her hair and turned it into a large sword which she held as she leaned against the wall outside the cave, guarding the entrance. “No one will get in here.” She vowed realizing that her adrenaline was wearing off quickly as the pain in her shoulders and stomach began to rise. She was having a hard time breathing, as blood dripped from her mouth and gushed from her open wounds. She refused to let unconsciousness take her as she sat there outside the cave guarding it.

For two whole days Memory sat there. Not letting sleep or unconsciousness take her. She knew she was getting weak, from the loss of blood and lack of sleep, but she wouldn’t let anyone have the chance to attack the defenseless Elric brothers. Truth be told she would have gladly died to keep them out of harm’s way, and now it seemed she was heading down that path as dawn rose on the third morning.

Memory was half dead, she could feel it. If she kept her wounds unattended for another 24-hours she would be meeting her mother. “Memory? Memory?!” she heard her name being called from within the cave. Her body convulsed slightly against the wall as she coughed up blood. “I’m… Out… here” her voice sounded gargled but the words were clear enough to be understood. Soon both Elric brother emerged from the cave, Ed looked healthier than he had two days ago and Al looked brand new. “No… Memory! What happened to you?” Al asked as she smiled with blood dripping out of the side of her mouth. “I had to protect you guys… when they took you out, I got Gluttony…” – she stopped to cough, while her body never stopped shaking- “Envy got me before I got him…then Lust attacked… but I cut a huge hole threw her shoulder before she ran off with her tail between her legs.” She coughed even louder, more blood on her. “How long have we been out?” Edward demanded his golden orbs locked on her almost lifeless ruby ones. “Third days tonight…” she smiled again, “you recover quick…” she observed the boys shook their heads. “Al, watch the entrance?” Edward asked of his brother as he moved closer to Memory. Al nodded, “Get her better.” Al commented as Edward picked her up and entered the cave and immediately Al used alchemy to make a large bolder appear in front of the entrance so no one but him could get in. {al was still outside though}

Edward laid Memory on the ground and wasted little time taking off the bandages that were on himself using alchemy to make new ones from those. “Is that a new shirt?” he asked curious of the red shirt she was wearing. Her response was a type of gurgled laughter. “No… it’s supposed to be white…” she continued with her gurgled laughter until she gagged a bit. His eyes widened, “I’m going to have to touch you Memory. In a way you’d slap me for if it was just a regular day.” He explained, as her laughter and gagging ceased. She was serious now, “I don’t want to die yet Edward… I’m not ready…” tears escaped her eyes as he leaned over her with his gloves on. “I’ll do everything I can.” He promised pulling off her shirt to show the extent of her wounds. Noticing the large hole in her stomach that was still bleeding, along with the two smaller puncture wounds on her shoulders, she quickly wrapped up her stomach then her shoulders. “The bleeding will stop. You should be fine.” He turned to her shirt and used alchemy to create a new one of the same color and material only this one was button up the front. “Here…” he carefully put her shirt back on her, buttoning each button one by one being extra careful as his hands passed her breasts.

She was still shivering after fifteen minutes, so he placed his red jacket over her body. “Thank you Edward… for everything you and your brother have done for me…” she turned her head to look at him, he was sitting against the stone wall watching her, her voice soft. “You’re welcome.” He nodded. “Edward… just in case I don’t wake up… can I tell you something?” She asked, he shook his head, “No, because you’re going to make a full recovery.” He snapped at her, not meaning to be rude but it simply came out that way. Unknowing to the both of them, Al was secretly listening now. “Can I tell you anyway…?” she whispered her ruby eyes starting to blank. “Fine.” He grunted angrily. She smiled at his anger, gesturing with her index finger for him to come closer. He sighed and did so, honestly curious now. “Edward…how long have we been working together?” “Two years almost three” “How old are we?” “17 and 16” she smiled and drifted slightly into darkness. He was more than curious; he had to know what she was going to tell him as he gently shook her. “Edward… Elric… Full Metal alchemist…” she mumbled faintly her eyes half closed as he leaned in closer to hear her. “I…” she was giving him small pieces of information. “I… love you.” She faintly mumbled reaching up with her head to kiss his unsuspecting lips. His cheeks flushed darkly when her cold lips collided with his in a very faint kiss. She smiled breaking apart from him; he quickly got up and started to exit the cave only to have her shoot her arm up in the air. “Don’t leave me alone… please?” she was begging, pain was visible on her face as she dropped her arm back down. “Please…?” she whispered her ruby eyes locked on his golden orbs. He huffed and sat back down right next to her, his golden orbs locked upon her. “Thank you, Edward…” she murmured, falling into a dark dream filled sleep. When her eyes slid shut, he let out a faint sigh. He had thought she would have stayed awake longer, maybe try to kiss him again. And he knew he wouldn’t have been able to keep his hands off of her, of course if she hadn’t been knocking on death’s door that wouldn’t have been a problem. But she was severely injured and he was grateful for her to be asleep. He would have to change her bandages every few hours, which meant he’d have to control his hormones each time he had to remove her shirt. He would deny it till the end of his days if anyone were to accuse or ask him, but he loved Memory Oria even if he hated that fact. “Big brother!” Al called from outside, as Ed scooted back until he was by the entrance so he could speak with his little brother. “Yeah, Al?” “Is what she said going to change the way you act around her?” Al asked in a whisper, even though he knew Memory wouldn’t wake. “She probably didn’t even mean it. Don’t worry, nothing’s going to change between us.” Ed laughed in mock humor, hoping deep down that she had meant what she had said to him. “Ok big brother.” Al wasn’t entirely convinced but let the subject drop as the cave went silent.

Memory’s dream was strange it was a description of the past three years, even the three days she stood guard outside the cave. It all felt so real, except in her dream she hadn’t fallen unconscious she had been healed in a magical way. Then her dream… went other places. She was on the cave floor with candles from the stone wall, and something was casting a shadow on her. She gazed up to see Edward wearing his regular clothes only, his jackets were open and his eyes held a strange emotion in them. “Edward?” She questioned softly sitting up. He smiled down at her as he kneeled down getting on her level. “What are you doing?” she inquired faintly as he pressed his gloved right hand against her cheek. It felt so real she didn’t believe it was a dream anymore. “It’s a surprise.” He finally spoke causing tingly sensations to go down her spine. “But… I hate surprises…” she whispered as his hand trailed down her cheek to the collar of her shirt as he used both of his gloved hands to unbutton it revealing her sleek neck line to him. She was blushing even before he undid and pulled off her tie but when his hands began to pull open her shirt her eyes widened. “Edward Elric! Are you trying to undress me?” she was trying to sound appalled but it didn’t come out in that way, it came out seductive and tempting. He smiled a charming and seductive smile down at her as he continued to unbutton her top. His fingers felt so real on her over heating flesh, even if they were covered by the white cloth gloves he always wore, her eyes were locked on his gorgeous face while he skimmed his fingers down her lower stomach. “Edward… please… take your gloves off?” she asked reaching down to grab his hands. “What are you doing?” His voice was no longer using the smooth and sultry tone he had been a few moments before. She looked up at him, noticing the change in his facial expressions. “I… wanted you to take your… gloves off.” She repeated her question, noticing that her voice was coming out harsh and groggy.

“Why on earth would you ask that?” that was his snarky tone and the moment he used it, her eyes snapped open.

“Edward?! What the hell?!” Memory sat up like a broken spring, only to have pain shoot up from her stomach forcing her to return to laying on her back. “Will you stay laying down! You idiot!” Edward snapped, “Shut up! You dwarf!” she shouted sitting up more slowly this time, realizing she held something in her hands. Glancing down she saw that she was holding his hands between hers, when he didn’t shout back at her she looked up to see he was gazing at her. “Uh… sorry.” She drop his hands quickly she ran her hand threw her bangs realizing her hair was no longer in a bun, for it was now hanging loosely down past the middle of her back. This was the first time her hair had ever been out of its bun around either Elric brother.

“I didn’t know your hair was this long.” Edward murmured his golden eyes enjoying the way her hair cascaded around her face making her scarlet eyes sparkle more than they had before. “Stop looking at me like that! Anyway… where are we? What happened and why does my stomach hurt like I was stabbed?” she bombarded him with questions, her red eyes seeming to narrow further as he hesitated to answer.

She didn’t seem to remember what had happened before she’d passed out! Edward’s hopes of her cheeks flushing red with remembrance of what she had told him, before she had passed out, crumbled. He sighed, heading to her side {he walked on his knees} his golden orbs ablaze. “We fought with Envy, Lust and Gluttony taking damage but giving damage in return. You’ve been unconscious for six days, after sitting up for three whole days with severe injuries. When Al and I woke up from being unconscious you were almost dead. But now, you should be just fine, and yes that is the reason your body hurts.” He explained with a huff at the end of it. She looked at him for a moment, as she pulled her long hair back into its usual bun. “Thank you for letting me rest, but we need to get searching again for that stone don’t we?” she pushed herself up to her feet, realizing a bit too late that her shirt was unbuttoned. While she stood, her hands fell upon her hips as she stared down at Edward with a smile on her face. “Why are you giving me that look?” she questioned noticing his cheeks were beat red as he looked upon her.

His mouth went dry, with his heart pounding against his rib cage the moment she got to her feet. He hadn’t had the chance to finish buttoning up her shirt when she had awoken only twenty minutes earlier, of course until this moment he had completely forgotten about it. “Well? Will you give me an answer?” Memory demanded her fists clenching. Finally Edward lifted his right hand, pointing with his index finger to her open blouse. “What… are you?” she looked down and blushed a darker scarlet than her hair. Quickly she worked with her trembling fingers to get the buttons redone only to lose focus upon her footing causing her to fall straight down into his lap. When she fell her arms stuck out to catch herself, except it didn’t work as well as she would have hopped. Her arms pushed against his shoulders as they both fell to the ground, with her atop of him. Her breath caught in her throat as a searing pain shot up through her stomach and shoulders. “Memory; you alright?” Edward asked after a couple of seconds, hearing her harsh gasps and feeling the tension strung all along her body. “Yeah… ju…just give me a minute.” She kept her head resting on his chest, not moving an inch from the position she had fallen into.

Al walked in a few minutes after Memory had fallen, noticing the way the two were laying he assumed she had confessed to Edward her feelings. “Brother, did she?” Al asked as Edward’s golden eyes cast upon his younger brother with a look of terror. “No Al, she just fell down. I think she opened up the wounds on her stomach.” Edward explained slowly sitting up, pulling Memory up with him. She gripped onto his black jacket {the under shit her wears with the long sleeves} whimpering. “Sorry Mem I had to sit up.” He apologized as Al crammed himself inside the cave. “This is going to hurt.” He warned faintly before putting her onto the ground on her back. She bit her lip then looked up to see Al. “Hey Al! Long time no see.” She gave a pained smile, trying her best to ignore the feeling of Edward’s gloved hands running down her stomach. “Hello Memory.” He sounded like he was smiling. “It’s good to see that you’re up again. It’s been quite while you were sleeping.” He commented.

After three whole days of laying around recuperating, Memory was about ready to go insane. The boys wouldn’t let her do anything! She had to stay within the cave and she wasn’t even allowed to use alchemy! It was pure torture! “Edward Elric! I swear to whatever higher power you believe in if you don’t let me out of this dammed cave, I’ll make you rust!” Memory’s wounds were finally healed to a point where it no longer hurt for her to move around, as she stood in the cave. It wasn’t just the, being stuck within the retched cave or the not being allowed to use alchemy, it was also the fact that her top was ripped along with her shorts. She couldn’t fix them with alchemy –duh. So she had to wear her shirt, tied up above her stomach so that blood wouldn’t get on it. Edward was in the cave a few minutes later, “What?” He shouted, he was steaming. “I’ll make you rust! That auto-mail of your’s seems to be always protected by clothes maybe if I dumped water on it!” she threatened balling her fists up as they both glared at one another. “You wouldn’t dare!” he taunted her. “Just let me out of this dammed cave and I won’t have to!” she shouted both getting into one another’s face. That was when Al stepped in. “brother, we should get going anyway!” Edward turned away from Memory with a sigh. “Let’s get going.” Edward headed out of the cave with Memory right behind him. “Is there a lake around here?” She questioned, hearing running water coming from nearby. “Yeah.” Edward pointed in the direction and before either boy could ask why she wanted to know, she took off like a bullet towards the lake.

Without any hesitation or thought about it, Memory stripped off all of her clothes, pulled her hair out of its’ bun and hopped into the lake. She didn’t care that it was freezing, it just felt good that she was getting clean! Her eyes closed as she tilted her head back into the water, effectively rising her chest out of the water right at the exact moment the boys came walking by searching for her.

Ed and Al walked along the edge of the steep hill both searching with their eyes for any signs of Memory, not finding anything until they finally reached the lake. “There she is!” Al pointed to the lake where he had spotted the blazing red hair of their female companion. Edward turned his head right at the moment Memory’s chest rose above the water, giving him a full view of her naked breasts. “Holy hell!” He shouted loudly tripping over his feet he fell and began to tumble down the hill only stopping a few inches from the edge of the lake. “WHOA!” Memory’s eyes were wide as she noticed the boys. “TURN AROUND YOU PERVERTS!” She screamed her eyes blazing, her cheeks fiery red. Quickly Al and Ed turned away as she rushed out of the water using alchemy to make her clothes fresh and clean, then put them on.

The three companions had been walking for hours when they finally made it to the train station. “We’re heading to Central, on a lead about the philosopher’s stone.” Edward explained when they boarded the train. Al sat across from Ed and Memory. “Alright.” she yawned laying her head on his left shoulder {she sat on his left side} her eyes half closed. It was then that one of the female train workers stopped by, “Would you like something to eat?” she asked sweetly. “I’ll have a double cheese burger with fries.” Ed ordered in a rush, “Would you like milk with that?” the lady asked “No! Orange soda, please.” he replied. “And for your girlfriend?” the lady inquired looking upon Memory’s tired form with a kind-hearted smile. Memory’s body tensed, but she didn’t show any facial expressions that would indicate her discomfort. “Mem, what would you like to eat?” Edward asked not even seeming to care about what the woman had said. “Grilled cheese and a glass of cold milk.” she smiled in a smart ass way up at him. “Alright and for you?” the woman turned to Al, “Nothing thank you.” he put his hands up as the woman nodded and left.

“Don’t fall asleep before the food gets here.” Edward shook Memory a little when she started to doze off. “Wake me when it gets here…” she grumbled nuzzling her head against his shoulder, heading back to sleep. “She doesn’t remember anything that happened the three days before she went unconscious.” he explained to Al. “Brother, do you feel the same towards her?” Al asked finally wanting an answer from his big brother. “Well Al…” Ed stopped when the woman from before came along with the food they had ordered. “here you are kids.” She gave them the food on trays. “Thank you” the boys said in unison as the woman headed off.

“Mem, food is here.” he shook her slightly. “No..” she mumbled nuzzling her head against his shoulder more. “Wake up.” he shook her harder, as she snapped her head up looking around in a daze. “Time for dinner.” he laughed motioning to the grilled cheese sandwich and milk. She smiled and began to eat as did he. Al and Ed talked while they ate but once Memory was done she went back to sleep.

The Elric brothers sat up and talked for a long while until the lights on the train went down as did the sun outside. “Well Al, we should try getting some sleep.” Edward suggested starching his arms up while a yawn escaped his mouth. “Goodnight Brother.” Al said softly before going silent, turning his head out towards the window. Memory made a small noise of discomfort -for when he stretched his arms up her head fell from his shoulder into his lap, her right ear smashed against the steel of his leg. He noticed this immediately and gently lifted her head up so that she could rest it against his shoulder once more. “Sorry.” he whispered to her sleeping form as he let his head tilt back then fell asleep. Unknown to him, Memory was almost completely wide awake. She lifted her head off of his shoulder and quietly admired him in the subtle darkness. She detested herself for not being able to admit to him her feelings, then again; she knew he wouldn’t treat her the same way he did now if he were to find out that she was in love with him. She shook her head a few times and laid her head back on his shoulder, falling asleep once more.

Several days later the three alchemists finally made their way to Central city and to building 5 where they needed to get to. “This is it, the lead said the stone was somewhere in here.” Edward gestured to the large -at least seven story- building with his right gloved hand. “Okay” Al and Memory nodded, as they all headed into the seemingly lifeless building.

Heading down one of the long corridors, the air became colder in this corridor than it had been in the last. “I think I should have worn pants.” Memory commented faintly noticing the lights were getting dimmer. “It’ll get warm-” Ed was cut off by a large crash at the very end of the corridor. All three looked to the end of the corridor to see two men in full suits of armor walking towards them. “Would you look at this, fresh meat.” one of the men remarked. “I’ll take the big one, you can have the kids.” the other one replied in a snaky tune. “Separate.” the first one ordered slamming his palm to the ground making a wall of stone divide the hall completely in two. Separating Al from his brother and Memory. “ALPHONSE!” Memory shouted pounding her small fist on the wall. “Calm down Mem, he can handle it. We’ve got bigger things to deal with now.” Edward advised watching the man in armor approach. “This hall is not big enough to fight in.” Memory commented grabbing Ed’s jacket forcefully turning him so that they could start running back down the way they had come, with the man in armor right on their heals.

Quickly they made it to a large gymnasium type room with stone walls on all four sides. Turning swiftly the teen alchemists forced the man in armor to stop. “A dwarf and a little girl. This is going to be ea-” Edward kicked the man in the face before he could finish talking. “DON’T CALL ME A DWARF!” he shouted angrily pulling a mallet out of the ground waking the man repeatedly before the mallet broke in half. The man began to laugh “Your pitiful weapons will not work against me, Gominsha the almightily soul less armor!” the man, Gominsha, shouted triumphantly lunging at Edward. The two continued to fight shouting completely meaningless words at one another. Memory watched and listened to the two as she sweat dropped. Neither male seemed to be gaining any footing or getting any closer to winning. “Oh for the love of all that is holy!” Memory shouted finally bringing to their attention that she was still standing there. “The little girl. I completely forgot about you.” Gominsha admitted. Memory clenched her fists. “Hey Ed, watch this.” she grinned moving like a flash of light, she kicked her feet under Gominsha effectively knocking him on his metallic ass. Edward chuckled watching the two. “Little girl!” Gominsha growled getting top his feet only to have her knock him back on his ass. He growled getting up, and attempted to punch her, only to watch as she put her hand on his fist in order to flip over and kick him in the head. She landed on the ground with perfect balance. “You’re pissing me off!” he shouted getting to his feet, and again attempted to hit her petite body only to watch as she jumped over his head and stood about two feet in front of Edward. “This guy’s all talk don’t you think Ed?” She asked him, turning her head completely. “Yea-MEM turn around!” Edward couldn’t move fast enough to get her out of the way. The stone bat that Gominsha conjured up from using alchemy collided with the back of her head sending her flying forward landing on Edward. Her eyes slid closed as blood tricked down the back of her neck and out of the side of her mouth, she went unconscious on top of him. “Memory? MEMORY?!” Edward shook her, but it was ineffective as he gently rolled her off of him, jumped up and began fighting with Gominsha.

Edward has almost won, he was about to lay the final blow on Gominsha but when he went to strike Gominsha tilted his head back and out of his mouth crawled none-other-than Envy. “Goodnight Full Metal Alchemist!” Envy grinned and punted Edward in the head sending him -as well- flying back landing on the ground beside Memory. He too had gone unconscious.

A long while later Memory’s eyes snapped open, hearing a clash around her. Raising her aching head off the cold cement ground, she looked around noticing that she was still in the room from before. “Ugh.. My head” she sat up holding her head as she looked around, only this time she noticed Edward on the ground beside her. “Edward? What are you doing, sleeping?” she slowly crawled over to him, not feeling strong enough to make it to her feet. “Come on, we’ve got to get up. Al’s probably worried.” she slurred her words a bit, feeling the room spin around her. He didn’t move. “Come on!” she shook him, Hard! Still he didn’t even stir. Taking a closer look, she realized his chest only raised and fell once every twenty seconds. Her ruby eyes went wide as she quickly put her hand on his neck to feel his slow heart beat. “Edward!” She shouted at him, making her headache sting. “please..?” She begged his unconscious body, as tears fell from her eyes onto his body. “Edward…” she laid her head on his chest, not knowing what to do. Listening to his soft heart beat, she realized she couldn’t just lay there and not try to do something. With careful movements, Memory staggered to her feet only to fall straight back down next to him. Her headache made walking impossible, for when she was upright the room spun around her. “I’m so sorry Full Metal.” she pushed herself up slightly in order to look at his face, she couldn’t help but give a sad smile as she leaned down slowly. Her lips met his softly, his lips were cold against hers but she didn’t care. Pulling her lips from his she rested her head on his chest. Hearing his heart beat thrumming a bit faster than before. Arching her scarlet eyebrow she wondered. ‘Did I do that?’ she thought silently, hearing his heart beat slowing down once more. “We’ll see..” she whispered, ignoring the pain in the back of her head, slowly pressing her lips to his again. Except this time, she put her gentle hand on his cheek while she put her other hand against his neck feeling his heart beat. As she kissed him, she could feel his heart beat speed up from a slow walk to a speedy gallop. “I detest myself for doing this… but it seems to be keeping your heart rate up..” she murmured faintly against his lips. Her headache was becoming worse by the minute as she soon laid her head on his chest. “I hope Al finds us.. Soon..” she whispered as her eyes drooped and she returned to her unconscious sleep.

Edward sat up like a fire had been lit under his ass. Looking around he was in a white room, with a big open window on his left side. “Where the hell am I?!” he demanded an answer “Full metal! You are finally awake!” two lower ranked alchemists were in the room, they both saluted accordingly. “I asked. Where the hell am I?” he grumbled angrily. “You are in the hospital. We found you and Light unconscious in the empty warehouse in building 5.” The blonde alchemist explained. Edward had a confused look in his eyes, “light?” he questioned. “Seriously Full Metal! You don’t even know the name of your female travel companion?!” Edward’s head snapped to the door, after hearing Armstrong’s booming alto voice. And lone to behold there Armstrong stood. “I don’t know anyone named lig-” he stopped and shook his head. “How is she.” he asked instead, understand that when they said ‘Light’ they were talking about Memory. {the light alchemist}. “Still unconscious, the back of her head was cracked open when we got you three here. We didn’t notice how bad the bleeding was, because it blended with her hair, but for now we can only wait to see if she wakes.” Armstrong explained his eyes on the floor. “And Al? what about him.” Edward demanded “No dents or bruises in his armor. Shaken up, but fine. I’ll send him in.” Armstrong left the room with the two low ranked alchemists. In return the door opened and Al entered.

“Brother.” Al nodded, his voice sounded cut off and mono-toned. “What’s wrong Al?” Ed asked concerned about his brother’s attitude. “Nothing.” He sighed “I have to go talk with one of the nurses.” and left the room, leaving Edward alone and confused.

“Yeah, Winry can you make a trip out to central? I messed up my arm again.” Edward was on the phone with his friend and auto-mail supplier, Winry Rockabell. “Sure Ed. I’ll be out there in a few days.” Winry said from the other line. “Thanks.” Edward hung up as the nurse rolled him, in his wheel chair of course, back to his room. “Can you wheel me to Light’s room?” he asked the nurse, she nodded and headed towards the direction of the ICU. While they were headed down the long hallway they passed Al. he was sitting in a dark hallway. “Hey, Al why are you sitting in the dark?” Edward asked, “I’m just thinking Brother.” Al called back in that same disconnected tone from before. “Alright.” Edward sighed as the nurse continued on wheeling him to the ICU and straight into Memory’s hospital room. “I’ll be back in twenty minutes.” the nurse told him before she left.

“Hey Mem.” Edward smiled, thankful that the nurse had wheeled him right next to the bed, as he put his left hand over her right one that laid on the bed. “I know you probably can’t hear me, but I think you’d do the same for me if I was the one in that bed.” he chuckled a bit, stroking her hand with his left fingers. “I messed up my right auto-mail during that fight. Only the fingers can move now. Banged my head up too, not as bad as you did though.” his eyes traced over her facial features. The paleness of her cheeks, the waterfall of her beautiful scarlet hair creating a frame around her beautiful face, and the cherry colored lips that made his mouth water from wanting to taste them. “Listen Memory, I want you to wake up real soon. Something is going on with Alphonse and he seems to listen to what you say. He wont tell me anything, but I know he’d tell you. You’re a tough one, you can pull threw this.” he lifted her hand up from the bed and gently kissed the top of it, then flipping it over he kissed her palm. “I know you can pull threw.” he murmured placing her hand back down where it had been. Looking at her, he fell silent until the nurse reentered the room and wheeled him back to his own room.

Two days later Winry finally made her way to the hospital. “Ed! You idiot!” she yelled at Ed before she got to work on fixing his auto-mail. “Gee wiz I’m sorry!” Edward sighed laying on his stomach while she worked on his right arm. She shook her head “Idiot!” she grumbled, “So where is Al and Memory?” She questioned, “Al’s somewhere around here and Memory is in the ICU.” he informed her. “Well that’s nice.” she commented finishing up with his arm. “try it now.” she advised as he sat up and moved his right arm around. “Thanks Winry.” he smiled at her. “You’re welcome” she smiled back, getting up. “I’m going to go find Al.” she announced heading out of the room right when his food was being brought in. A nice piece of chicken with a tall glass of milk. Immediately he glared at the glass.

Half way threw his meal Al came in and sat down. “Not drinking your milk again?” Al asked, Edward shook his head. “You’ll never get bigger.” Armstrong, who had entered with Al, commented. “You’re so lucky to have such a big body Al.” Edward told his brother only to have him erupt with sudden anger. “I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS BODY!” Al shouted, “this isn’t what I wanted! Is this even me?! Did you fabricate my memories and put them in this armor? Just to make me a slave to you?! I hate this, wh-” Edward slammed his fists on the portable table that held his food. “Is that what you really think, Alphonse?” Edward asked in a monotone voice , pushing the table away he got up and headed out of the room right as Winry was entering. That was when Winry turned her attention to Alphonse. “YOU IDIOT!” she threw her wrench at him, “idiot idiot.” she sobbed sinking to the floor with Al. “Don’t you get it? His worst fear is that you blame him for what happened. And you go and say that to him?!” she continued to smack him with the wrench. “I didn’t know!” Al defended, “GO GET YOUR BROTHER!” She shouted as he got to his feet and ran in the direction Edward had gone.

Al followed the way that Edward had gone, until he came to the roof. There he saw Ed leaning against the railing looking down to the ground below. “Brother..” “You know we haven’t had a good fight in a while.” Ed cut his little brother off as he lunged at Al started a brotherly quarrel.

“We used to fight about a lot of things, Al.” Edward and Alphonse laid out on the roof after they fought in physical combat. Edward had won, for the first time since they had been little kids. “Like who would marry Winry?” Alphonse laughed, “What?!” Edward didn’t remember that fight. “I won… but she shot me down.” Al said in a mock sad tone. “Right” Ed laughed. “well let’s get back inside.” Al got up, helping Edward up in the process. “Have you visited Memory?” Ed asked while they walked, “Once or twice.” Al admitted. “Well, I’m going to go visit her now, do you want to check in with Winry or come with me?” “I’ll come with.” Al sounded like he was smiling as they headed quickly towards the ICU and memory Oria’s room.

“She looks really pale.” Al commented, “Yeah, I noticed that too.” Ed sighed moving closer to the hospital bed, since the last time he had visited nothing seemed to have changed. “Hey Memory, I brought Alphonse with me this time.” Edward started talking to her, as Al looked at him like he was nuts. “Uh, Brother I’m going to see Winry.” he turned and quickly left. “later al!” Edward shouted after him, before turning back to Memory. “Winry’s in the hospital for a visit too. She fixed my arm this morning.” he gently ran his metallic fingers down her exposed skin on her left arm. Taking his hand away, he didn’t notice her fingers on her left hand twitched a small amount. “It’s good as new. Still steel, but it works for me.” he chuckled, “But I’m going to go back to my room. Wake up soon okay?” he moved to her right side, running his left hand fingers over her right hand. When he went to take his hand away from hers, her own fingers curled around his locking his hand within hers. “Mem?” he inquired, squeezing her fingers gently. “Memory?” he asked a bit more loudly only to have his hopes of her waking crushed when her fingers dropped their grip. He sighed heavily, turning as he left the room.

A day later, Edward, Winry and Alphonse sat in Edward’s hospital room when a frantic Armstrong ran in. “Full Metal! Come quickly!” he shouted as thee four took off towards the ICU. They all ran into Memory’s room to see her sitting up, looking around the room with wide and round ruby eyes. Her head was wrapped in white bandages but she seemed completely fine aside from that. “Edward? Alphonse? Winry? Armstrong?” Memory looked over to the four with curiosity. “When can we get going?” she asked curiously. “Going? What are you talking about?” Edward questioned “Yes, going! We’re wasting time just sitting in this hospital! I mean come on! You told me yesterday we’ve been here for over a week now!” she gave him a dark look. “Light, you were unconscious he couldn’t have told you anything.” Armstrong explained. “He told me! Didn’t you?” everyone in the room looked to Edward. “I talked to her while she was out, I didn’t know she could hear me.” he admitted in an embarrassed fashion.

Three days later the doctors finally told Memory she could leave the hospital, the doctors also told Edward he was clear to leave too. The boys had decided they needed to go to Dublin, so Winry decided to come along because on the way was an auto-mail shop.

The four companions boarded the train to Dublin early Friday morning, and sat in the back so they could talk. Winry and Memory sat across from the brothers as they explained why they were all headed to Dublin. “We’re going to see our teacher. Oh dear lord she’s going to kill us when she finds out what we did!” Edward was tearing up {in an anime style} “I’d like to have had a girlfriend before I died!” Alphonse was tearing too. Both Memory and Winry sweat-dropped, “You need to get a new teacher.” they both said in unison.

The three alchemists said goodbye to Winry as she got off the train in the town right before their stop. “Bye bye Winry! We’ll see you in a week!” Memory, Edward and Alphonse said goodbye to her as the train started towards Dublin.

“Edward and Alphonse Elric, Human transmutation?! Did I not teach you better?!” their teacher was screaming at both brothers for a good forty five minutes until they actually started to train and practice with her {yes in my story the teacher is a girl :P}. They trained well into the night and when they were finally allowed to rest, their teacher dropped a bombshell. She only had one spare guest room with only two beds in it. “I’m sleeping in the tree outside!” Memory announced heading towards the large and climbable tree that was outside, only to have Edward grab her shoulder. “There’s a hotel nearby, teacher” he turned to his teacher-”we’re going to stay there and come back in the morning.” only Al did not get up. “I’m going to stay here, brother. Train some more.” Al explained as Edward tried to persuade him to come with, to no avail. “Alright Al, we’ll be back at 10 a.m tomorrow morning.” Edward started to walk, “Wait! Ed, why don’t you stay here with Al? I don’t need a chaperone, I’m 16 years old.” Memory crossed her arms. “Because.” he didn’t want to give her the answer just yet. “Fine!” she grumbled following Edward as he led the way to the hotel in town.

They had received the key to the hotel room, as both Edward and Memory entered the room. Their was a king sized bed located within along with a couch that was supposed to have a bed within it. “You really don’t have to stay here with me Edward.” Memory told him for about the seventy-third time, as her cheeks flushed dark. This was the first time since she had met him that they were truly and utterly alone without any watchful eyes peering in on them. “I want to.” he finally gave her answer. Her cheeks flushed even darker, “You, want to?” she asked softly as their eyes connected with one another’s. He nodded and headed towards her. “Mem, do you wear lip gloss?” he asked faintly when he was about two inches in front of her. She looked up at him with her ruby eyes, “sometimes.. Why?” “Is it cherry?” he asked ignoring her question. “Y..yes..” she stuttered by accident, the look in his golden eyes making her breath catch in her throat. “You woke up in that warehouse after I passed out, I remember hearing you talking to me. I could taste your cherry lip gloss.” he smirked down at her. “It kept your heart beating…” she defended, “You’ve kissed me before.” he informed her, “I don’t remember that!” her voice rose a few notches, shocked at this new information. “You kissed me after telling me you were in love with me!” he grinned, wrapping his right arm around her waist. “I.. told you that?” she gulped. “Yeah, but it’s alright, because, I love you too.” he didn’t give her a chance to respond as he pressed his lips to hers. She made a small noise against his lips, before raising her shaking hand in order to grip onto his red jacket. He grinned when she finally began to kiss him back, her fingers gripping harder onto his jacket, in reaction he tightened his arm around her waist. The two continued to kiss as he ran his left hand up and down her arm, making Goosebumps rise on her skin.

Suddenly, Edward pushed himself away from Memory. His eyes observed her with a look of pure lust and want within them. “I’ve got to go.” He explained as she sighed faintly. “I’ll see you in the morning, then?” she questioned in a ragged breath. “Sure.” he responded turning quickly towards the door, and left.

Memory watched him leave, exhaling a deep breath of held in air. She silently shook her head before grabbing her backpack in order to pull out her night apparel -which consisted of a white tank top and red booty shorts. After getting dressed, she took her hair out of it’s bun letting it cascade over her shoulders then took one of her favorite books from her backpack as she laid down on the king sized bed. Turning on the radio, she began to read listening to the soft music, noticing that it was only 9:08 pm.

Being so caught up in her book, she didn’t notice the hours go by frankly she didn’t notice anything in the room.

At 11:03 pm, Memory had only pages to go in her book when the door to the hotel room opened slowly. Edward, carrying a plastic shopping bag, quietly tip-toed into the room as he quietly shut the door behind himself. Immediately he noticed her laying the bed. His eyes were drawn to her body as he observed the way her legs were spread apart, the way her chest rose up and down slowly with each breath she took, his cheeks flushed red watching her. “A great book…” Memory closed her book shut as she sat up. Instantly her eyes connected with Edward’s, “I thought you left” She huffed. “I did, and now I’m back.” he grinned characteristically. “And who said you could come back in here?” she argued her ruby eyes narrowing a bit. “I did.” he retorted. “Well I didn’t!” she pointed to the door, “So please leave!” he shook his head, “Why should I?” “because I’m wearing pj’s that you shouldn’t be allowed to see me in!” she used her arms to cover up her chest, while shouting at him. “I think I should be allowed to see you in anything or out of anything I want!” he shouted back, “Well you can’t!” she growled getting up off the bed to poke his chest. “Yes I can.” he didn’t allow her to respond, pressing his lips to hers as he pushed her back on the bed, crawling on top of her as they scooted up higher onto the bed. Their lips locked in a seemingly unbreakable kiss, his lips were warm against hers making the kiss all the more sensual. She giggled faintly as she wrapped her arms around his neck moving her hands to his braided hair, that beautiful and silky looking hair that she had been dying to touch since the very first day they met, with quick fingers she had it untied in mere seconds….
He grinned against her lips for a moment before moving his soft kisses to her neck, searching for the weak point. Her cheeks flushed red as he found the weak spot on her neck, causing her to let out a subtle moan of satisfaction. “Do you like when I kiss you here Mem?” he kissed her weak spot again, “yes…” her eyes slid halfway shut “how about when I do this.” without hesitation he began to nibble on the weak point, making her legs tense up. She didn’t answer him, until his hands slid beneath her shirt; her lips parted half way letting out a small gasp the texture of his white gloves on her bare skin made Goosebumps rise on her arms and legs. Without warning he lifted her shirt off of her, leaving her entire chest naked. Quickly, before he could get a good look, she covered her chest with her arms and hair. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, you’re beautiful.” He smiled down at her, his golden eyes locking upon her red ones. “Take… your gloves off, and then I’ll let you see.” she gave him a teasing look. He looked down at his gloved hands for a moment before getting off the bed.
Memory sat up quickly, keeping her hands over her breasts, she was about to protest but kept silent as she watched him strip off his red jacket, gloves and his shoes. “Now the black jacket, the pants oh and that black under shirt will have to go, shake your hair and then we’ll talk about me moving my hands.” she teased him, her red eyes skimming over his body. He gave her a playful glare, “Let’s make it an even look.” he chuckled slowly taking off his black cropped jacket throwing it over by his red jacket, climbing back onto the bed. “This isn’t even! You still have a shirt on!” she whined softly, he grinned as he gently took a hold of both of her wrists pulling them away from her chest pinning them to the pillow above her head, using only his right hand. “Edward Elric!” she gasped when his fingers traced lightly over her right nipple, “Yes, Memory?” he grinned lowering his mouth to her right breast licking around the nipple with slow and taunting motions. “Let my… hands go!” she blushed darkly as he did what she asked, while his mouth latched onto her hardened nipple. Sucking on it like an infant would it‘s mother, though, they both knew he was infant and she was most defiantly NOT his mother. Soon his torment of her right breast was over and he moved to the left giving it the same treatment as the other.
Memory finally had to get him to stop, with precise movements she twisted her fingers gently into his golden hair pulling his head up so that she could meet his eyes. “Stop…” she growled faintly at him, her rosy cheeks and lust filled eyes didn’t back up her request one bit. At this, he grinned in a dark manor. “I’ll stop, when the sun rises.” he attacked her lips with his own and in the same instant his hand made it’s way down to her shorts, slipping into them his finger rubbed against her panty covered clit. She moaned against his lips, her grip on his hair tightening. “Get your hand out of my shorts… or else!” she threatened breaking the kiss, to glare at him. “You can’t order me around.” he retorted pushing his finger against her clit threw her panties, feeling how wet she already was. “Please..!” she begged her eyes half closed, her breathing coming out in pants. “Since you asked.” he taunted pulling his hand out of her shorts, but with a grin he tugged them off of her tossing them behind himself. She frowned at him, “On your back now Mr. Elric!” she put both of her hands on his chest forcing him up. He gave her a playful look before rolling off her and onto his back on the bed. With an energetic giggle, she climbed on top of him rotating her hips gently to grind against his hips. “Pay back… is terrible..” she warned, walking her fingers up his covered chest. “Now be a good boy, and take your shirt off.” her eyes were full of playful teasing, “If that’s what you want.” he grinned, lifting his black shirt off in a seductive manor, before throwing it to the floor. “Sculpted?” she murmured softly, eyeing his muscles on his bare stomach. “I have to keep in shape.” he chuckled resting his hands on her hips. “I knew you weren’t just all meat and bone… but I didn’t expect you to have actual muscles..” she confessed, leaning down to kiss his lips while her hands massaged his chest. A low sound emitted from the back of his throat as she pressed her bare chest against his before moving her soft lips down his neck to his collar bone and so on. When her lips made their way to the edge of his pants, she undid them with careful fingers. “Lift up.” she murmured against his smooth skin, as he lifted up his hips so that she could pull down his pants. Getting on her knees to pull them completely off, she smiled down at him taking a look at his body. “Handsome..” she mumbled faintly, when he sat up to wrap his arms around her waist ticking her sides as she squirmed out of his grip trying to get off the bed only to have him capture her. His arms locked around her waist once again, pulling her into his lap with her back against his chest. “Ticklish?” he asked with his mouth beside her ear. “a bit.” she blushed feeling his left hand trailing down her stomach heading straight to her panties. “Good to know” he kissed her neck lifting her with his right arm then pulling her panties off with his left before placing her back down in his lap. “what are you planning… Edward?” she turned her head to look up at him, her eyes half closed. “To make you see light behind your eyes.” he kissed her as his index finger rubbed her outer flesh causing her breath to catch in the back of her throat.
Memory couldn’t stand Edward’s playful finger teasing the outside of her flower for very long, soon she reached down and gripped onto his wrist clasping her hand around his in a weak effort to stop him. He let out a low chuckle, breaking from her lips to nibble on her neck. Her eyes closed completely as she slowly began to move his hand, showing to him how to touch her and where her weak points were. “Please.. don’t tease me” she begged helping his fingers slide into her then out in a rapid pace, not too long later she had to let go of his hand and clench her fists leaning against him. She was getting close to her peak, he knew it just from the way her body language was loud enough for him to understand. “Ahhh… Edward..!” she bit onto her bottom lip as her inner walls clenched around his fingers and she released her climax.
Leaning her head forward, Memory panted heavily with a thin layer of sweat covering her naked body. Edward pulled his fingers out of her, licking the sweet juice off of them. “Sweet.” he nibble gently on her ear lobe making her shiver.
“Lay back…” she ordered, turning to face him. Chuckling, he followed her orders and laid back when she pulled off his final article of clothing, revealing to her his fully erect member that stood at a good ten inches into the open air. A small amount of pre-cum lingered on the tip, making her cheeks flushed darker than her hair. Letting her scarlet eyes take in his body, she realized something. His metallic leg didn’t go all the way up to his hip bone! It cut off right where his knee was. “That’s surprising…” she ran her fingers down his left leg making him shiver even when her fingers moved down his steel auto-mail. “What is?” he asked watching her body. “I always assumed your auto mail on this leg went all the way to your hip! But it doesn’t.” she informed him in a tone that made him sweat drop. “Of course it doesn’t, Idiot! Haven’t I explained this before?! It was my LEG that got taken not my thigh or my knee!” he shouted at her, sitting up with an annoyed look on his face. “Don’t shout at me you MIDJET!” she shouted back at him shaking her balled fist in his face. “Don’t call me MIDJET YOU PINT SIZED SHIMP!” “DWARFY BOY!” “UNDERSIZED IDIOT!” they both glared at one another, their eyes locked in a stare off. They remained that way for a seemingly long time until Memory finally blinked.
“You lose.” Edward grinned at Memory before wrapping his arms around her midsection pulling her into his lap. His erection rubbed against her entrance causing them both to shiver with delight, effectively ending their argument. Leaning her forehead against his she gazed into his entrancing eyes for what seemed like hours. “Are we really going to do this Edward..? Are you really going to take my virginity away?” she smiled softly at him while she spoke. “Of course we’re going to do this! And yes I’m going to take it away from you! I mean… unless you’re nervous or something.” he tried to hide the nervous edge to his tough guy tone but she could hear it just fine. “You are very lucky I love you Edward Elric or I’d have the hurt you right now.” she threatened narrowing her scarlet eyes a bit. “Oh shut up.” he grinned kissing her lips before gently pushing her backwards until he was completely on top of her.
Their kiss didn’t break as he spread her legs with his left knee, and positioned himself to enter her wet and wanting cavern. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders when she intensified the kiss, begging him with her persuasive kissing to start already.
“Wait.. Wait a minute!” he pulled himself away from her grasp, getting up off the bed he went to the bag that he had brought with him when he had returned earlier. “We can’t forget this, and to be honest I don’t want to be a father any time soon.” Edward laughed as he pulled a box out from the bag, showing it to Memory. “Condoms?” she smirked reading the label on the box. “Edward you do think ahead, don’t you?” “Like I said I don’t want to be a dad any time soon.” he repeated as she smirked wider at him. “How did you know I’d let you have sex with me?” she questioned in a smart ass type of way. “It was for just in case!” he shouted a bit too loud as he headed back to the bed and held out the condom to her. Slowly she undid the wrapping, and slid the cherry red condom onto his erection, then laid back as he climbed on top of her once again. Spreading her legs with his knee he positioned himself to enter.
Carefully, he slid his erection into her until her fingers twisted into his hair and she bit onto his lips explaining to him that he had broken threw her virgin wall. Tears escaped from her eyes but she didn’t whimper or make a true ‘pain’ sound. Her body tensed beneath him as her inner walls closed and reopened around his large appendage. Making him groan softly into her mouth. Soon her body untensed and she bucked her hips up sending him the silent message to start moving. Which he did in slow strokes driving her body insane as well as his. “Faster.. Please..!” she moaned breaking their lip lock as he nodded and picked up the pace. Soon her body began to move with him as she moaned “Harder!” her eyes slid closed and her head tiled back as he happily obliged and began to ram himself harder into her. She gripped onto his hair and wrapped her legs around his waist as they both climbed higher and higher towards their peaks.
Memory loved the sound of the bed slamming against the wall with each thrust along with Edward’s heavy panting and groans in her ear made her climax build even faster. “Edward…!” she let out a soft scream while her orgasm came, her juice releasing onto his member that was still sliding in and out of her at a rapid pace. He didn’t stop when her inner walls clenched around his member, it only encouraged him to go faster, and quicker. Her head tilted completely back as she soon began to climb towards a second climax, he kept thrusting harder and harder feeling himself close to an edge. A few thrusts later he finally climaxed, as she reached her second climax as well. Both were panting and exhausted as he collapsed on top of her. His mouth beside her ear.
“I love you Memory Oria..” he whispered to her making her smile both inside and out. “I love you too Edward..” she panted faintly as he pulled himself out of her and sat up on the bed to throw away the condom then quietly grabbed his boxers and slid them on, throwing her the bottoms of her pj’s. “thanks..” she sat up and smiled at him when he came back and laid beside her. “you’re welcome.” they kissed one more time before Edward fell asleep exhausted.
With a small laugh she noticed he hadn’t bothered to put a blanket over himself, getting up Memory grabbed a blanket and put it over him. ’A shower would be good right now’ she thought quietly before heading into the bathroom to take a long needed shower.
Upon stepping out, Memory had been thinking long and hard about what she had done with Edward. How were they going to explain this to everyone?! Especially Al! this was going to prove to be some uncomfortable rides in the trains. She sighed faintly to herself as she looked to the clock in the bathroom, it read 2:36 A.M. “Well I’m probably not getting any sleep tonight.” she quietly giggled to herself, drying off her hair as she put on her clothes. Heading back into the main room she saw Edward sprawled across the bed, the look on his sleeping face made him seem like a small child. His hair was matted to his face and neck, but he looked quite peaceful. ’I’ll sleep on the couch…’ she thought as she tip-toed over to the couch and laid down. Closing her eyes she was half way to dream land until she heard heavy panting coming from the direction where Edward had been sleeping. Quickly she sat up and looked to see him sitting up on the bed, clutching his auto-mail leg. In the faint light she could see a glisten of tears running down his cheeks. “Edward..?” she whispered, getting up and going over to him. He jolted when her arms wrapping around his shoulders. “It hurts..” he sobbed softly laying his head against her chest, with tears still dripping down his cheeks. She didn’t know how to respond to those words but she held him against her in a loving way until she felt him fall back to sleep.