Kouga is your baby's father! you too are a wolf demon but you travel with inuyasha's pack as you call them.you are 19

~Story Time~ "InuYasha there's a strange sent coming this way and coming fast" you stated sniffing the air. "stupid wolf coming for Kagome again" you looked to him "Are you talking about me because i wouldn't come for Kagome EVER" Kagome steamed "he's talking about Kouga!" she pulled your wolf tail making you yelp. "KAGOME HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU DON'T PULL ME GOD DAMN TAIL!" you shouted grabbing your tail petting it softly. you dropped it seeing a huge tornadow headin straight for you guys. you sniffed "that's where the sent is coming from" you pointed Miroku, Sango, and Shippo smirked at you "What arn't we gonna fight or do something?" you raised an eyebrow at them as they shook their heads "that's Kouga suprizing that you don't" Sango stopped, seeing a man now runing where the tornado had just been. his deep voice could be heard even though he was a good mile away "KAGOME!" the voice rang out. you an InuYasha covered your ears the sound being too intense for your advantced hearing. you turned to Kagome your hands still over your pointed ears. "so who is he and how does he know your name?" you questioned. "his name is Kouga he's a wolf demon too, and he's got a crush on Kagome!" Shippo jumped on your shouler making the only strap to your shirt slip down slightly. you put your arms down pulling up the strap. you picked Shippo up in your arms "Really Shippo you don't say" you looked back and the man was now only feet away from the group. you put shippo on your head. "Kagome!" Kouga ran a little quicker and grabbed her hands in his "Hello Kagome i've missed you" you sniffed two more sents were picked up, but they were VERY far off. InuYasha pulled Kagome away from Kouga. "Back off Wolf boy Kagome doesn't want you!" "Oh yeah MUTT Face you don't" he lifted his nose in the air. "You have a new gang member? Why don't you play with her Mutt?" his gaze moved to you. you looked at him tracing his body, his every mustle, you felt yourself blush, as his eyes met with yours. "your a wolf demon?" you asked sitting on the rock behind you, Shippo jumped into the basket on Kagome's wheeled trasportation device which she called a biycyle. you pulled your brown tail into your lap petting it softly "yes i am and apperently so are you i'm Kouga leader of my pack" he walked closer to you. you glanced at Kagome and InuYasha, Kagome was digging her nails into her palms and InuYasha Just watched you both in fasination. "Nice to meet you Kouga i am Sini my pack was slaughtered in a hunt for Naraku" you stood up holding your hand out to him. he shook it and used it to pull you closer to his body. "Sini you are beautiful, and a wolf demon do you have a mate yet?" you blushed your hand running down him chest armor, down to his pelt, then back to your side. "um Kouga?" Songo chipped in he didn't turn his deep blue eyes boaring into your lavender ones. "Kouga!" Kagome shouted still he didn't move "Sini hello?" Shippo jumped onto your shoulder snapping you out of the daze you were in. you shifted backwards so you could turn to them all. Kouga now stood behind you, staring at your tail. "Yeah Shippo?" "Sini you were staring at Kouga for a long time do you know him?" you shook your head a simple no "No i haven't but i've heard of his pack" you walked to Songo and Kagome. "so Kagome do you love Wolf demons?" she smirked "no i like dog demons" inuYasha's ears twiched along with his eye "you like my brother!" they started aguing and walked somewhere that they could not been seen or heard. "Sini we have to go stop them from killing one another." Miroku sighed as he Shippo Sango and Kirara left out of sight and out of hearing, leaving you and Kouga alone. you looked at him out of the corner of your eye he had a look of lust in his eyes staring at your tail and short white pelt that covered you below the waistline. you sighed hereing Kouga's footsteps coming closer, he pulled your tail roughly making you howl out in pain. he kept pulling until your back was against his chest. your tail not hitting him which told you that he had his lags spred apart slightly. "Kouga what are you doing?" his breath was on your neck "you never answered me do you have a mate yet?" you laughed "well don't you?" he sighed "no i wanted Kagome to be my mate because i couldn't find a wolf demon woman alive anywhere. it was said that they all died in serch of Naraku" you looked to your feet seeing one of his next to both of yours "i'm the only one left from my pack, i joined with InuYasha and Kagome after almost killing her when she came out of that well of hers, they too are hunting down Naraku." he pulled you tight against him, "i'm hunting Naruku as well but still answer my question do you have a mate?" "no i don't i wouldn't be traveling with a Dog half breed (you didn't say it in a mean way that's just what you called him) if i did" he turned you quickly "will you be my mate?" you blushed looking at him as if he were kidding. "don't toy with me mr. Kouga! if you are playing i'll tare your heart out" "i'd never play with you i really want you as my mate Sini" he ran his fingers threw your hair after the third time he left his hand in and used it to pull you into a lustfull kiss. "does that prove i want you to be my mate forever?" you smirked "oh really what will happen if i'm your mate?" you had the same look of lust in your eyes as he did. "well you will travel with me and every time we stop i'd do this" he stepped behind you pushing your back which forced you to onto your hands your feet still firmly placed on the ground. you felt him tugging on your tail and your pelt was coming off. you turned your head to look at him and he had lifted his pelt, his hands gripped your hips as he thrust into you deeply, you howled in plesure probably your loudest howl you'd ever done. he kept shifting going slow at first, you turned your head it him "Kou.ga why so slow i'm a wolf too you know i have just as much stamina and lust as you do" he smirked thrusting swiftly, you both let out a VERY loud howl, that could have woken the dead. both of your noses picked up the same sent InuYasha and the others were coming back quickly. he pulled his pelt down and pulled yours back on. you smirked at him and sat down pretending to have a howling match. InuYasha was the first one around the corner "Sini! what did he do do he hurt" his nose picked up a sent, a discusted look slowly crept onto his face. "you both had how why gross, you sick-o's" you stood up and smacked him over the head with a large rock "InuYasha shut up we did what we did and you keep your Half breed nose out of it!" "i'm gonna tell Kagome!" before you could stop him he took off."Kouga we have to stop him!" Kouga stood and picked you up, running quickly towards a waterfall. "Kouga what the?" he smiled "my pack's den" he walked threw the waterfall to reveal a large den with many other wolf demon men and wolves laying everywhere. "Kouga!" the men and wolves rushed up to you both, you still in his arms "Who is she?" "from the northern pack the one that Naraku killed and my mate" you blushed as he took you to a more private place in the cave positioning you as he had before, entering you swiftly, your knuckles turned white from gripping the ground with so much force. you both howled just as you did before........................................................ ~Wow Baby Time~...... you ran happily into the den straight to his bedroom. "Kouga!" you entered to see him sleeping with his wolf and yours. "so cute" you laid yourself next to kouga holding him from behind. (he was on his side) his tail waged against your leg. yuo nibbled on his ear softly it had been four years since you became his mate, he was everything you could ever want in one, sweet, s*xy, a great love maker, he was the only one you knew that could beat you in a howling match, he was everthing to you and now you were going to have a pup! he howled softly "Sini, your home?" he turned to you. you smirked "yes" "well" he sat up "did you find out from Kagome what is wrong your not going to die are you?" he had worry along with lust and love in his eyes. "i'm fine" he smirked and kissed you lustfully as he started to position your bodys, you pulled away. "Sini what is it? you always want to make love when you come home" worry shown threw his voice. "Kouga i don't want you to hurt us!" you smiled trying to read his facial expressions it turned confused "us? why would i get hurt?" he smacked your hand to your forehead "not you us me and your pup" he gave you the biggest grin and howled with excitment "i'm going to have pups i'm going to have pups!" he pulled you off the ground and kissed you lovingly. "i love you Sini i really do!" "I love you too Kouga"