InuYasha is the father! . you have joined Kagome and InuYasha after you saved Kagome from Kohaku killing her, you are 19

~Story Time~..... "Sit boy!" Kagome screamed for the fifth time in a row. "Kagome! Shini help me out here huh?" you grabbed a huge rock and slammed it over his head. (Sango Miroku and Kirara where gone leaving only you, InuYasha, Kagome and Shippo) "Shini what the hell!" you growled deep in your throat at him (you were too part dog demon only you had a tail and the ears) "that is what you get for hitting Shippo all the time!" you and Kagome shouted she held an unconsus Shippo in her arms."well he shouldn't provoke me then" he lifted his nose in the air. "somethings coming fast!" you all turned to see Kouga, the stupid love obsessed wolf deamon that you hated standing there. "Hey Mutt other girl Mutt" you both growled at him, you cracked your knuckles and InuYasha took out his Tetsiga. "Hey you guys calm down Kouga apologize or they'll kill you this time" Kouga sighed and mumbled "Sorry" then added "MUTTS" you both charged at him, but by then he had taken Kagome and started runing making that stupid tornadow appear now only you and InuYasha stood there. "um what the hell just happened?" "stupid he just took Kagome let's go get her" you growled starting to run after the tornadow but InuYasha's strong grip on your leg stopped you. the skirt that Kagome had given to you (the same as her school uniform only it was red but basically the same length) flew up. (you being such a smart demon had shorts on underneith) "InuYasha come on if we don't get going we'll lose his scent!" you kicked and pulled your foot but he wouldn't let it go. he stood up holding you upside down making your top (a Kimono top but tight and showed a little of your clivage) fly up showing your large breasts (hey they didn't have bra's in the futal era) you crossed your arms after brishing your silver hair out of your face. "InuYasha when you put me down i'm gonna kill you" he smirked his eyes on your revealed breasts. "oh will you really kill me Shini?" you blushed "yes i would" you had a hint of nervousness in your voice. "i don't think you would and either way when i put you down you wouldn't be able to kill me" you raised an eyebrow "oh really why?" he laid you down quickly climbing ontop of you holding your arms above your head. "this is why you'll be under neith me enjoying what i'm doing" he kissed your neck, using one of his hands to pull your shirt and skirt off. "InuYasha?" he was now bitting at your collar bone making you moan his hand travled into your shorts and panties rubbing your clit gently then faster each time you moaned. you let your arms go limb so that he could use both to take off your clothes and his. soon you were both rolling on the ground him thrusting into you deeper every time he could manage to get back on top of you and get back control. you both snifted the air senseing that Kouga and Kagome were making their way back, you both grabbed your clothes making sure they were on right, as Kagome and Kouga stepped into veiw only a few seconds later. "Hey InuYasha Shini why didn't you guys come and get me! i was in Kouga's den for a good three hours waiting for your two." she was steemed like a carrot "Sit boy!" InuYasha fell from the tree he had jumped into, she screamed "Sit boy sit boy" a good ten times before you grabbed her collar pulling her face close to yours "Stop Doing that Or I'll really kill you" she sweat-dropped and raised her hands in defense. "Okay Shini okay why the sudden change in" "where's Shippo?" you cut her off she looked around then turned to Kouga "he's at my den probably wolf food by now but i think i know why they didn't come for you" he pulled her close and whispered not very good because you and InuYasha heard every word "Kagome i think they mated" "WHAT" "yeah look at the way they are looking at one another lick they've seen one another naked and their the one" you threw a rock hitting Kouga square in the head "shut up Kouga" "yeah so what if i did Make Love to Shini it's none of your consern" you turned to him wide eyed "YOU DID THAT!!!!!!" Kagome screamed hugging you with joy. you clawed at her arms making them bleed slightly. InuYasha Pulled her off you and bent down "Shini will you be my dog demon?" you nodded and continued on talking with Kagome and Kouga............................... ~The Baby Comes FInally~....... you had been away from InuYasha and the others for a while considering you got a secret lead on where Sesshomaru was and you wanted to kill him because of what he would do to InuYasha although when you found him he was playing tag with a little girl that seemed to be human, so you headed back to InuYasha but as the group finally came into veiw you threw up over the moutain your sight blurred and you fell over the edge. you hit the bottom in a matter of seconds and everything went black. ............................... opening your eyes you saw you were in a dark room, a man wearing eyeshadow (and lots of it) stared at you. "your InuYasha's woman right?" you knew that voice but could it be "Naraku?" he nodded you went to move but found you couldn't "Are you InuYasha's woman?" you scaned the room deciding not to look him in the eyes anymore "so what if i am?" "if you are i'll kill you and your child if you arn't then why are you carrying InuYasha's child?" 'no way of getting out of this one' you thought sniffing the air that's when you smelt it a very faint smell but it was still something. "well i'll tell you about me if you tell me about yourself" you had to buy time until the scent was close enough for it hear you if you smelt it that ment it could smell you. he had finished telling you about himself and the scent was now as close as it would get no doubt. "well INUYASHA !!" you screamed at the top of your lungs. the scent was now outside the room you were in. you could hear him "Shini where are you?" "INUYASHA I'M IN HERE HERE" you shouted the door flew to the wall opisite of it. InuYsha and the whole gang walked in, they sliced threw Naruku like he was plastic. "a puppet" you whispered InuYasha climbed ontop of you brushing your hair out of your eyes. your ears twitched, and your tail waged. "hi Inu" he kissed you lovingly "Shini i thought i would never see you again! "well you get to see both of us again" Kagome started to cry tears of joy "YOUR PREGNANT SHINI!" inuYasha smirked and kissed you "I love you InuYasha" "I love you too Shini"