Even the darkest Shadows...Need Light!

(Naruto Uzumaki lemon/one-shot)

Name: Haniko ‘Ani’ Umi {false last name}

Age: 8-19

Hair: Orange

Eyes: grey with orange in them

Looks: {little} Short, flat, short orange hair with spiky bangs. {preteen} taller than Naruto -like everyone- still short orange hair with no bangs, very small A-cup. No curves. Slim. {teen} Long orange hair with bangs that hang in her eyes, usually worn in a high pony-tail, curves, long slim legs, 36-c-cup. A few inches taller than she was at a teen-5 inches shorter than Naruto, shorter than Sakura even-.

Clothes: {little} no sleeved white t-shirt with a flower on the back, Long black pants. Ninja sandals. {Preteen} short-sleeved black shirt with long black pants and black ninja sandals. Her headband is on her forehead. {teen} Long sleeved red and black low cut kimono top, with black shorts and long black ninja sandals. Her headband is on her waist along with her kunai pouch.

Kekkegenki: Rinnegan / Able to control the shadows.

Father: Pain of the Akatsuki. {Yahiko / Deva Pain} -Information, Nagato wanted to keep his long dead friend’s memory alive so he had Deva Pain mate with a female to bear the offspring of Yahiko. But considering it was Nagato’s doing, Haniko inherited the Rinnegan.

Mother: Sazzi Umi. -Information, Sazzi could control shadows. Making them bend to her will. {like Shikamaru can do only more advanced}

Personality: {little} kind, gentle. {preteen} energetic, enthusiastic. Bold. {teen} mysterious, soft, strong.

Past: When she was four years old she was leaf in the leaf village. She has no memory of who her mother was but she does know what her father’s eyes look like. She also knows his voice, and knows that when she turned 14 she is to try to find him. So she is an orphan, and just happens to live with her best friend in the whole world. Naruto Uzumaki.

Friends: Naruto! Sasuke -yes it’s true- Shikamaru, Hinata, Neji, Lee, Tenten, Kakashi, Kiba, Shino, Choji. {basically everyone except Ino and Sakura, at least until they get older}

Team Mates: Kota and Kouga. They both mysteriously vanish during the night of the team’s first mission. So Haniko is assigned to work with team 7.


“Today we will be learning about kunai handling.” Iruka announced as all of the eight year old Academy students filed in. Haniko was the last to enter, well almost. The very last to enter was Naruto, sporting his newest pair of goggles that he had gotten last night. He nearly knocked her over as he ran to his seat in the very first row of class. Iruka gave him a stern look, but continued on with what he was saying as the rest of the students took their seats. Haniko sat in the back, next to Shikamaru, putting her head on the table she dozed in and out of sleep.

“Uh...Ani-chan.” Naruto tapped his sleeping best friend’s shoulder once class had let out. He would have pushed her over, but she had punched him like last time. He didn’t like when Ani-chan did that. “Ani-chan! Class is over!!!” he decided to shout right in her ear. Haniko jolted upward her head snapping up so fast he heard her neck crack. “Naruto-kun! You should be sitting down class isn’t..” she stopped glancing around to see the class completely empty. “Never mind.” she muttered, standing up. Naruto laughed and linked his arm with hers. “Come on it’s dinner time!” he chuckled as they both headed out, to get dinner. No adults question the two eight year olds heading into the market and no one even cared that they were alone. Every one seemed to shy away from the two, like they had some sort of sickness that would be caught if they got to close. It seemed to bother both of them so they quickly left with three cups of instant ramen in a cup.

“I hate when they look at us like that, as if we have some problem..” Haniko complained as they both ate their dinner. “It’s okay Ani-chan. We have each other so who cares about any one else?” Naruto laughed, slurping the noodles loudly. No matter how upset she was, the sound made her burst out laughing. All worries forgotten they both began to have a noodle slurping contest.

“Sleeping in tomorrow?” Naruto asked when their food had been eaten. “Yeah, it’s Saturday..Naruto-kun. So Don’t wake me up.” she stuck her tongue out at him, and headed into her own bedroom. Naruto went to bed as well.

~4 years later!!!~

“I can’t believe old man Hokage put you on our team! I mean Ani-chan this is going to be so awesome!” Naruto shouted as Team 7, including Haniko, left the leaf village for their mission. Haniko’s team had gone ‘missing’ on their very first mission so the Hokage put her on Naruto’s squad per request from Kakashi. For he had been noticing some strange things happening around the orange haired kunoichi. For example when she was fighting with Sakura her eyes would seem to turn a darker orange. Of course everyone in the village knew she was able to control the shadows, she had proved that in a play fight against Shikamaru many months ago.

“I know Naruto-kun. Now I get to hang out with you, and Sasuke-kun too! And get strong!” Haniko giggled, holding onto her best friends upper arm as they walked ahead of the rest of the team. “I still don’t get how you’re friends with ‘Sasuke’. He thinks he’s better than everyone else!” Naruto complained throwing his free arm up in the air with annoyance. “Have you ever talked to him about what he thinks?” She asked in her sweet-as-sugar tone. He was at a loss for words, knowing he had no smart aleck response. “See?” she smiled victoriously, letting his arm go she decided to skip ahead a bit further than the entire team -Naruto included-.

This mission was mostly simple, taking an old man -Tazuna- back to the Land of Waves. A simple C rank mission, of course if Naruto hadn’t complained so much the team wouldn’t have even gotten the mission. Either way, Haniko knew this was going to be a cake walk type of mission.

Kakashi stayed beside Tazuna while the team walked, and didn’t even seem to be bothered by the fact that Haniko was slowly slipping more out of sight with each step she took.

“I’ll be the best..I’ll beat Sasuke..I’ll beat Naruto..everyone will fall at my feet..it is my destiny..!” Haniko whispered to herself, and as soon as those words left her mouth she froze. Those hadn’t been her words, they weren’t even her ambitions! Yet, she had used ‘I’. Shaking her head she continued walking, until two men appeared in front of her with a dangerous glint in both of their eyes. Her heart’s beat went into over drive, as she reacted a second sooner than they did. She had a kunai out in a moment just as the one on the left struck out knocking her backwards. “Kakashi-sensei!” she shouted covering her neck when the other man lunged at it with his weapon scraping a long cut in her arm instead of what he was aiming for.

Kakashi was torn, he had to protect Tazuna. So, as Naruto and Sakura remained frozen in their tracks, Sasuke took action. He was in front of Haniko within seconds and in three minutes he had both of the men chained together against a tree.

“Good work Sasuke.” Kakashi approved as he went to interrogate the two men. Sakura followed, sticking by Tazuna’s side. As did Sasuke.

Naruto stayed by Haniko’s side as she held her wounded arm. “It stings Naruto-kun...I think those men had poison in their weapons..” She whispered threw her teeth. “Kakashi-sensei!” Naruto called. Kakashi looked over, noticing what was needed. He walked over and held her arm, with a small hand sign he healed her arm taking out the poison. “Thank you.” she smiled, he nodded and went back to questioning the two men.

Once the men were finished being questioned, the team found out that Tazuna was on a list for being assassinated! Which meant the entire team would have to watch out for every single thing that went a miss and when they got to the Land of Waves Kakashi would have to train them like crazy! Naruto was determined to become much stronger to make sure that his friends, and Sasuke, would never have to protect him again.

The team, and Tazuna, made it to the Land of Waves a few hours later after fighting against a man named Zabuza. Kakashi was badly injured from using his sharingan too heavily, but he was still determined to train his students.

Early the next morning Kakashi took his students to the forest in order to train their chalkra control. By walking up the trees using only their feet, he explained how it was done. The team understood and began training.

“Alright Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun, Sakura-san. Watch this!” Haniko shouted, channeling her chalkra to her feet, she took off towards the tallest tree in her line of sight. Exhaling softly she ran all the way to almost the tippy-top of the tree; she stood there for a few seconds, slashing the spot with her kunai, before her control slipped. Her feet no longer held her to the tree and she began to fall back down to the ground. No sound escaped her lips as she crossed her arms over her chest preparing to hit the ground. “Haniko!!!” her team mates yelled, Kakashi’s eyes widened for he knew there was no way -with his injuries- that he could catch her before she hit the hard, dirt ground. It seemed her life was over.

That was, until the shadows of the forest formed the shape of a human. The human shadow creation grabbed onto Haniko and placed her safely on a low tree branch. Her eyes opened, knowing she hadn’t even thought of using the shadows to save herself, to look at the shadow creature. It looked back, with actual eyes that held a set of seven spiral rings within them. The creature put a finger to where it’s lips would have been, then vanished.

She blinked for a couple of minutes, then realized her team was still hollering. Looking over she waved to tell them she was okay. “Wasn’t that cool?” she asked, climbing down and going over to her team, deciding she would pretend that she had planned what had just happened. Her team mates gave her disapproving looks, even Naruto. “You could have been seriously hurt if that hadn’t worked out as planned. Consider that next time.”Kakashi shook his head, as the team went back to training.

One week later the team finally came face to face with Zabuza and his accomplice Haku again. They fought against the two and finally beat them, along with Gato {read the comic}. And finally headed back home.

~Three weeks later, b4 the chuunin exams~

“Come on Naruto-kun. You and Sasuke-kun have been fighting for bad ever since we got back! Please stop.” Haniko pleaded with her best friend, tugging on his arm lightly. “No way.” Naruto shook his head from side to side. With an overly dramatic sigh, she turned her pleading eyes onto Sasuke. “Sasuke-kun...”-She used her soft and silky tone - “will you please stop fighting so much with Naruto-kun?” she asked. He rolled his eyes. “It’s not my fault the loser is always picking fights with me.” he replied, making Naruto clench his fists. “I’m not a loser!” Haniko sighed, and turned from the boys to Sakura. “I know you have a gigantic crush on Sasuke, but doesn’t that bantering get annoying?” she asked as Sakura nodded. While the boys continued to fight.

~One Month after The Chunnin Exams {a little more than a year later}~

“Sasuke! Please Don’t leave! If you take one more step I’ll scream!!” Sakura threatened Sasuke as they both stood only a few yards from the leaf Village Gates. That was when Sasuke vanished, only to reappear behind Sakura. “Goodnight. Sakura.” He whispered before hitting her in the back of the head to knock her unconscious, and out of kindness he put her on the park bench before turning and leaving the village. Unaware of the dark, grey-orange eyes that watched him from the shadows.

Sasuke traveled into the forest with the sound four heading towards Orochimaru’s lair. They traveled for an hour before Sasuke was suddenly hit by a dark creature of the night. He didn’t have time to dodge so he was knocked straight onto his back. The sound four tried to attack the creature but seemed to be incapable of getting within ten feet of Sasuke.

You should never hurt your teammates Sasuke. Haven’t you learned that?” the dark creature spoke in a tone that matched it’s looks. Sasuke was slightly bewildered, but he was ready to fight. “What, or Who are you?” he asked, crossing his arms across his chest. “You know me. Who is the only person who would chase after you in the dead of night. Covered by shadows?” the creature was taunting. And suddenly, he knew, he knew who the creature really was. His eyes widened as he activated his sharingan. “Haniko.” He said simply, uncrossing his arms, keeping his sharingan active. “You thought you could just leave?! Without so much as an explanation! Sasuke Uchiha, you are despicable.” She glared at him, her orange eyes becoming darker. “I have to kill my brother. And in order to do that I need to gain power, that Village isn’t making me stronger! Orochimaru has promised to make me strong enough.” Sasuke tried to justify his reasons for leaving, but Haniko wouldn’t listen. “You have been calling everyone ‘loser’ since the day you turned nine. Sasuke. It is you who is the loser! Orochimaru is going to kill you! Don’t you get that?!” she shouted at him, putting her hand up in the direction of one of the sound ninja to make the shadows expand further outward so that the sound four were pushed away even further.

“I. Don’t. Care.” He stated firmly. “Sasuke. You are one of my best friends, I’m not going to let you go to Orochimaru without a fight.” She said to him, pulling out a kunai. Sasuke sighed and did the same, as they both lunged at one another.

“Sasuke..” Haniko was breathing hard after knocking Sasuke to the ground. “Just come back..” she glared down at his bloodied face. “No.” he growled jumping back up to his feet, he charged at her and effectively knocked her back onto the ground. She sat up like a spring, her eyes dark orange when rings suddenly appeared within them. She glared hard at him until suddenly he was on the ground withering in pain. He cried out, breaking her concentration as the rings vanished from her eyes. “Sasuke!” she couldn’t help but be concerned for him, getting up and going to his side. It was at that moment he stabbed her in the stomach over and over again until she was a bloody mess. Collapsing to the ground beside him, she looked up at him with sorrow in her eyes. “w.. why?” she asked spitting up blood. He gave her a blank stare, though inside he was crumbling, of course he hadn’t meant to stab her he was only defending himself after that attack she had done.

“I’m going to Orochimaru.” He said before she passed out unconscious. With a sigh he left with the sound Four.

It was a very long time in the darkness, until Haniko heard something other than her own voice. It was voices, and they seemed frantic over something. “Haniko! Haniko!” the voices were saying her name. “She’s got a slow pulse. We have to get her back to the village, NOW!” that was Ino’s voice. Why was Ino sounding so frantic? Haniko didn’t understand, then again she didn’t even know where she was at that moment. “Haniko can you hear me? We’re going to get you back to the village soon I promise. We just have to make sure your back isn’t broken to bad..” that time it was Tsunade talking. Haniko didn’t respond, her lips were incapable of moving as were her eyelids. She wanted to open them and look around but it hurt too much.And just like she had before, she went back into her unconscious state.

“I think she’s waking up..” Haniko’s eyes cracked open a small amount noticing she was no longer in the forest. She was now in a clean white room, with a large window. “Ow.. my.. body.. hurts” Haniko whimpered pushing herself up into a sitting position, hearing the subtle ‘beep-beep’ sound coming from beside her. Glancing over she noticed she was hooked up to three different machines. “Haniko! You’re awake! It’s been a whole month! Thought we lost you.” She turned her head to see Shikamaru, Ino and Tenten standing in the room. “lost me?” she asked her orange eyes full of confusion –due to the fact she had no memory of what had happened or even why she was in the hospital. “Yeah.. we found you, out in the woods covered in blood. There were so many stab wound, and you didn’t respond to anything we did for a while. If Pakkun hadn’t of caught your scent before the storm, we really would have lost you!” Ino explained, wiping her forehead and sighing in relief.

Haniko smiled for a moment before her mind started remembering what had happened. Then her smile dropped. “Did.. Sasuke come back?” she whispered looking over to the window. Shikamaru sighed, “No. the mission to retrieve him was unsuccessful. We tried hard, but he went to Orochimaru.” Her eyes remained on the window. “Who.. went on that mission? Is everyone alright?” she asked. “The original team consisted of myself, Neji, Choji, Kiba, and Naruto. We were later joined by Gaara, Temari, Kankero and Lee. Everyone made it back to the village alive, some in worse conditions than others. But all those injured are on their way to a full recovery.” Shikamaru explained the mission to her and everything that had happened during.

“I’d like to see Naru-kun. Has he gone home?” she asked, putting her bare feet on the cold, tile floor. “No. He is still in the hospital. When he came in he was in almost as critical state as you were.” Tenten informed her solemnly. With a soft whimper, Haniko got to her feet for the first time in a month. “What room number?” “123” Ino said quickly, as Haniko shuffled out of her own hospital room heading for Naruto’s.

She didn’t bother to knock, and simply went right into Naruto’s hospital room. Only to see him looking over to the window. “Naru-kun! You look like a mummy.” Haniko laughed seeing him completely bandaged up. Naruto snapped his head over to look at her, his smile as bright as his golden hair. “Ani-chan! When did you wake up? I’ve been worried as heck! Believe it!” he shouted and if could have gotten up he would of. “This morning.. so.. I heard about, what happened.” She walked closer then sat down on the edge of his bed. “I’ll bring him back. Don’t worry.” Naruto promised putting one of his hands over hers. “Don’t think you’re going all by yourself either Naruto. I’m coming with.” “me too!” the two looked over to see Sakura standing in the doorway of the room. She smiled at them as all three nodded. “We’ll bring Sasuke back together!” all three shouted into the air. “Then you three should get training, shouldn’t you?” Kakashi, Tsunade and Jiraiya were all in the room suddenly. Each looking at the students approvingly. “defiantly.”

~three months later~

~Sasuke has left the village and Naruto is about to leave as well with Jiraiya for the two year training~

“Naruto-kun! Stop please stop!!” Haniko shouted at the top of her lungs, running straight towards Naruto, who was heading for the Leaf village gates. He turned just as she stopped a few inches away from him. “You..” -she panted while she spoke,-“were just going to leave..? without saying goodbye?” she accused, a small tear escaping her eye. “Ani-chan..” Naruto started but she put her hand up. “You promise me, Naruto-kun, you’ll come back alive and in one piece.” she ordered. He chuckled. “I promise, Haniko-chan, I will be back in two years; stronger, in one piece and alive!” he gave her, his signature thumbs up. “Alright.” she smiled, and he turned to leave again. But before he could take more than two steps she shouted ‘Stop’ once more. He turned back. “What?” he asked, confusion in his bright blue eyes. “I have to do this..” she whispered under her breath. He arched his golden eyebrow. “I know you like Sakura-chan..but I’ve gotta..” she quickly closed the gap between their bodies and pressed her warm lips against his in a hesitant kiss. Both of them blushed darkly. Haniko pulled away quickly averting her eyes from his. “You’re my best friend...and..I wanted to tell you...I have a cr..” she was cut off by Naruto kissing her again, this time it was longer, as she wrapped her arms around his neck falling into it. They would have remained like that, if it hadn’t been for Jiraiya yelling. “Naruto! Come on let’s get going!” he shouted, finally turning to notice his pupil was ‘preoccupied’. The old man couldn’t help but smile, even though his patience was running thin. The two best friends broke apart, but not completely, her arms still around his neck. “Keep the apartment clean and un girlie please. Oh and Haniko. I like you more than Sakura.” he broke away completely after they kissed once more. “I’ll keep it un girlie and clean, I promise. Now go on.” she waved goodbye to him as he left with Jiraiya.

“We gotta get me strong, Pervy sage. I’ve got a girl waiting for me back in the village.” Naruto chuckled with his mentor as they continued traveling.

~1 year later, In the Leaf village forest~

Haniko had been studying for the past year, and had finally figured out who her mother had been. A woman who had worked along-side the feared Akatsuki! And after a few more weeks of researching she found out that her father was the leader of that organization. Mostly because she had developed, over the past year, her other kekkegenki. The Rinnegan. The same type of ocular eye jutsu that the leader of the Akatsuki had.

Ever since figuring that out, she had gone to a more darker side of life. Working on her shadow jutsu and her rinnegan. Learning how to better control both. So on this night, she decided it was time to summon her father to her. In order to learn about the Akatsuki, better.

She sat in the forest around midnight, with her legs crossed. The shadows spun around her widely, as if they were gathering, until a man shape was formed with the rings set in his eyes. “So. You have finally contacted me.” the shadow man spoke. “Yes. Father.” she replied. “What is it you desire.?” he asked. “I want you to tell the shadows when ever the Akatsuki makes a move to kill a tailed beast. They will inform me, when you do so. It is my request to always know the Akatsuki plans, how many members are added or killed. Do you agree to me terms?” she asked. Her father’s shadow nodded. “Have you been working on the Rinnegan?” he asked. She nodded and activated it. “Do not let anyone know you have it, less they become aware of whose child you truly are.” he advised, she nodded again and the shadow dissipated. With a subtle hiss, the shadows began carving into her arm the numbers 3 and 5, then under neath were a name. She understood that it meant the number of tails and the person who had captured it. Then with another soft hiss the shadows carved a line threw the 3 and the 5, indicating they had been extracted. A dark smile crossed her lips as she got up from her spot in the forest and headed back to the village.

~ 1 ½ years later, plus a few weeks

After Naruto had returned and helped ‘save’ Gaara~

“Hey Shikamaru, have you talked to Grandma Tsunade about me talking the Jounin exams yet?” Naruto, who was now 17 -taller, wiser, stronger, more man like-, whined as he and Shikamaru walked to the Ramen shop. There was already someone sitting inside at the very end seat almost against the wall. The person was eating quietly and didn’t even look up as the boys sat down and ordered their ramen.

“Yeah I talked to her, she said it would be possible in a few months. She’s got bigger issues with Danzo and the elders lately.” Shikamaru responded. “Aw man! A few months! I can’t wait that long, Gaara’s already the Kazakage!” Naruto whined louder, making the unknown person cringe. “You can wait.” Shikamaru sighed when the food arrived. Both boys slurped the noodles, as the unknown person stood up and paid for their own food. That was when Naruto glanced over, seeing it was a female. His deep, sky blue eyes took in the female’s form instantly. She had long legs, covered by the shortest of black shorts, a slim stomach that showed just slightly, with a long sleeved zip up black and blood red shirt, it was unzipped showing quite a bit of cleavage. Her hair was long and orange, her eyes a dark shade of grey tinted orange as well.Naruto nearly choked on his food as he fell backwards with a major nose bleed. The female looked over with a curious look in her eyes. But that look vanished the moment she caught sight of Naruto’s face.

Haniko sat at the ramen shop eating her one bowl of ramen, with a depressed attitude. The shadows had cut in three more tails numbers since the first time she had seen her father. The 2 tail and the 7 tails were cut more than a year ago, but the 1 tail had just been added a week and a half ago. Which meant the cut still hurt. But that wasn’t only reason she was depressed. She was also depressed because today was the two and a half day marker, of when Naruto said he was going to be back. She didn’t know how much longer she would be able to take not knowing wether or not he was coming home at all.

She was just about done with her food when she heard Shikamaru and another boy sit down inside the shop. The other boy was so loud it made her cringe in her seat, for his attitude reminded her so much of her best friend. So quickly she finished her meal and got up. Only to hear someone fall over. Glancing at the boys she saw a face she had been long awaiting.

The whiskers, the sparkling blue eyes, and the golden hair was a tell-tale sign. This boy, was indeed, Naruto Uzumaki.

“Naruto-kun. Your nose is bleeding.” Haniko giggled. Naruto quickly stood up and wiped the blood onto a napkin {ha}. He put on of his hands on his hip, looking at her questioningly. “How do you know my name?” he asked, not realizing who she was. Shikamaru continued eating. “Oh no! You have amnesia!” she gasped in mock horror. “Seriously.” he countered. With a giggle, she stuck her tongue out at him. “Do I look that different, Naruto-kun?” she asked innocently, turning on the full charm of her eyes. “I don’t know who you are.” he repeated his thoughts out-loud. “Naruto. You idiot. That’s Haniko. You know, your old team mate.” Shikamaru sighed, finishing his ramen, he paid and left.

Naruto’s eyes widened sufficiently. “H..Haniko?” he stammered, his eyes on her. “Yes Naruto-kun?” she answered, her lips pulled into a silky smile. “You...you have...” he couldn’t finish his sentence. “I know Naruto..” she walked closer to him, filling the gap, much like she had the last time they had seen one another.

That memory was in both of their minds as they looked at one another. It was then, that she took in his features. He was taller than her now! His old outfit was long gone, replaced by a black and orange one of the same type. His headband was now on a black cloth, with ties that hung down his back. His hair was more golden and his eyes were colored more like the clear sky. He was grown up, he was down right handsome.

“I kept the apartment none girlie..” she said, breaking the silence. He nodded, knowing she wasn’t lying because he had already been in the apartment. The silence returned as the two ‘best’ friends stared at one another. The tension was thick.

It was like that for a while, considering they didn’t look away from one another until the sun began to set.

“We should get going.” Haniko suggested, turning to head back to the apartment. Naruto put his hand on her shoulder to stop her. “Wait a minute.” he spoke, turning her to him. “I’ve missed you.” he said at last, leaning his head down to kiss her lips. She blushed for the first time in over two years, and kissed him back. His lips were warm, against her now cold ones. His hand slid into the natural arch of her back, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Both falling into the intensity, both aching and wanting the other.

“We really..should get going.” Naruto repeated what Haniko had said, when they broke apart. He wound his fingers with hers as they both headed back towards the apartment.

Upon entering the apartment, the two went and sat down on the couch. Continuing to kiss one another. At least for a few minutes. When Naruto’s hand reached up to touch one of Haniko’s breasts, she pulled away. Knowing she would never be able to go any further than kissing him. Considering she was the daughter of Pain, and an accomplice to the organization that was one day going to take away Naruto’s life.

He looked at her with lusty eyes, but seemed to understand she didn’t want to go any further.

~half a year later

Sasuke had already killed itachi/Oreo and was apart of the akatsuki. This was a month b4 Pain was going to come for Naruto. Jiraiya has yet to be killed by Pain~

“I love you Haniko.” Naruto whispered in his sleeping girlfriend’s ear, around midnight. She had fallen asleep in his bed after one of their long make-out session. It wasn’t uncommon for her to fall asleep in his bed at night, besides he wouldn’t complain. He liked when she cuddled close to him in her sleep, the way her body felt against his while they slept. He loved this woman with all of his heart, and would put his life on the line for her! He knew she liked him, but had no idea if she loved him the way he did. She wouldn’t have sex with him, he assumed it was because she wasn’t ready or perhaps she didn’t want to. He didn’t ask her for sex, but when they made-out his body made it obvious what it wanted. She didn’t seem to mind, but when his hands would wander along her legs or stomach she would pull away and end the kisses. Occasionally she would let him touch her upper thighs or unzip her shirt and run his finger tips over the smooth, cool flesh of her lower stomach. But that was as far as she ever let him go. During most of their make-out sessions, her hands would stay firm on his chest or around his neck, but on rare occasions she would run her fingers threw his hair which drove him mad with lust.

Tonight they had been making out, but it had ended strangely. She had started to cry towards the end. He had broken the kiss and held her tight while she sobbed for an unknown reason, -her father had sent a message earlier that day that it would only be a month until he came to finally get the nine-tailed fox that was sealed within Naruto-. She had fallen asleep before he could ask her about it.

“Goodnight.” he whispered turning off the bedside lamp, he pulled her against his chest and fell asleep.

~two weeks later

Jiraiya has set off to find Pain~

“Naruto I’m going to take a shower. I’ll be out in fifteen minutes.” Haniko shouted towards the living room as she stepped into the shower.

Naruto smiled, and decided to go to the store to pick up some flowers.

Haniko exited the shower fifteen minutes later to find that Naruto was not in the house. The worst possibility came to her mind. Her father had come and taken him already. She searched the house frantically, still wearing the towel. When she spotted no evidence of him, tears swelled up in her eyes as she collapsed on the floor in the living room.

Naruto entered the house to see it had gotten extremely dark. There were shadows cast along all of the walls, the shades were all closed so not even a speck of light could get in. “Haniko?” he called out, hearing soft sobs coming from the living room. “Na..naruto?” Haniko’s voice was soft. “Haniko..why are you..what’s wrong?” he dropped the flowers, and rushed to Haniko, crouching down in front of her. She looked up at him for only a moment, then hugged him tightly. “Naruto..” she whispered, burying her face into his jacket. He was confused, but stroked her hair softly. “Are you alright.?” he asked hearing her sobs cease. “I..realized something..” she mumbled against his chest, then looked up at him. “And what is that?” he asked softly, stroking her cheek with his thumb. “I love you. More than anything in the entire world.” she smiled at him, tears still slipping from her eyes. “I love you.” he whispered back, kissing her lips lovingly. She kissed back the same, crawling into his lap as they made out.

~one week later

Jiraiya has been killed by Pain, but the village does not know yet.~

“Sorry guys I gotta get going. Haniko said she’s got something planned for tonight.” Naruto waved goodbye to Sakura, Kakashi and Sai, heading home. He was curious as to what the plans were that Haniko had been so vague about earlier that morning. He practically ran to the apartment he was so curious.

He entered the apartment and was hit by the intoxicating scent of lavender and lilies. He also noticed the entire apartment was lit only by candle light. “Ani-chan?” he used her nickname when he called for her. There was no response, but as he listened he heard soft music coming from his bedroom. Walking along he also noticed the floor was covered in rose petals. When he got closer to his bedroom the smell of lavender and lilies became more intoxicating and the music became a bit louder.

He pushed open the door to see the room was filled with candles, some sat in the window sill and some sat on the dresser. His eyes were then drawn to the red satin comforter, but it wasn’t the new comforter that caught his attention. It was his beautiful girlfriend laying on it. She wore a short black lingerie dress, with a see-threw robe over it. The rest of her body was bare, especially her long slender legs. Her hair hung down her shoulders and her eyes were on him. “Naruto-kun.” she smiled brightly at him. He blushed darkly, realizing quickly what she had planned for this night. “Haniko-chan..you look beautiful.” he complimented her, his eyes unable to break from her form. “I..wanted tonight..to be special..for us...because..I’m ready for you..” she explained, sliding off the bed and standing in front of him. “Haniko..” he murmured her name as he kissed her lips, starting their passionate make-out session. He didn’t really believe her words until she slid off his jacket and started to undo his pants. He smirked and helped her pull off all of his clothes -except his boxers-. She smiled up at him, and broke the kiss crawling back onto the bed, pulling off the see-threw robe. He crawled onto the bed with her and continued the make-out session, his hands rubbing her hips. She gasped softly against his lips, as he slid his tongue into her mouth tugging off her dress -more like ripping it off-. Leaving her in a pair of orange and black panties. He broke the kiss and gazed at her body. Her breasts rose up and down quickly, considering she was panting. The demon fox within him was beginning to get lusty just as his master was. “I know how long you have been waiting..Naruto-kun you can do anything you want to me..I am yours...” she gave him permission, lifting her arms above her head in order to arch herself closer to him. His eyes watched her soft mounds rise and fall for a few more seconds before lowering his mouth to the right one. Sucking on the nipple made it hard instantly. She moaned softly feeling his warm breath mixed with the coolness of his tongue run over her nipple. “Mmm...Naru..to..” she whispered as he moved his mouth the her other nipple giving that one the exact same treatment. He grinned hearing her. Slowly his hand traveled down to her panties, pulling them off, he could feel the heat radiating from her flower. “And here I was thinking..that I was the only one who wanted this..” Naruto teased, rubbing her damp flower with his index finger. Her body tensed as he stuck his finger in then quickly pulled it back out. He continued doing this until she was whimpering. Her lips quivered but she had an idea on how to get him to stop. Slowly she slid her hand down his bare chest and into his boxers, playing with his erection. She rubbed his tip with her thumb until a small amount of cum squirted out making him grunt softly. “Play fair Naru-kun.” she moaned feeling him put three fingers into her flower, scissoring her flesh so that it was less tight. Her breaths came in pants as she came on his fingers.

Naruto grinned, taking his fingers out to lick them clean. “That was tasty. I want more.” He whispered, kissing down her neck to her stomach then to her waist line. She lifted up on her elbows to watch what he was doing. He grinned at her before shoving her legs apart. She felt his cool breath on her exposed entrance and shivered, not expecting him to push his tongue into her flower. Feeling his tongue inside, made her drop all the way back onto the bed. Her cheeks flushed a dark red while his tongue probed her inner walls, tasting every inch of her inner flesh. When his tongue brushed against a certain spot, her knees raised of their own accord around him trying to force him out of her. He noticed this and pushed her knees down continuing to lick that certain spot. Making Haniko moan and whimper. “N…Naru..-kun..!” she gasped as he licked the spot faster with his tongue. She began to rock her hips in an effort to help the pleasure build, while she ran her hands over her own body in the process. Specifically, she groped her breasts while pinching her own nipples to make the pleasure continue. Naruto grinned hearing her whimpers and began to suck on her flower until she released her sweet juices onto his tongue.

Haniko shivered as Naruto licked up her release. He pulled his tongue out and looked at her. She looked back at him, her orange eyes filled with both lust & love. “Naruto..” –she was breathless-“I love you.” She kissed his forehead, after pushing his bangs back. “I love you too, Haniko.” He whispered, kissing her lips to allow her a taste of herself. She giggled softly into his mouth, pulling him closer to her. He whimpered into her mouth when her raised knee rubbed against his erection by accident. She broke from his lips and smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, Naru-kun..” she kissed his lips again, before pushing him onto his back. He looked up at her with confusion in his bright blue eyes. “Haniko. What are you doing..?” he asked, his golden eyebrow arching. She looked at him mischievously and ran her finger tips down his bare chest. “Naruto.. tell me.. where did you learn your tricks?” she inquired kissing his neck. His cheeks flushed red, while he wrapped his arms around her waist. “I read one of Pervy sage’s books…and he told me, a few tips..” he admitted as she kissed lower, down his chest all the way to his waist, and boxers. “Master Jiraiya knows what he’s talking about” she giggled tucking her thumbs into the elastic that held his boxers to his waist. With a quick tug, his boxers were off. Revealing his large, erection. “I’ve been torturing you.. I’m so sorry..” she apologized licking his tip. His body tensed completely as she began to lick his erection. “Ani-chan.. take it all in.. don’t play..” he groaned, with a smirk she obeyed his request. Taking as much of his erection into her mouth as she could she began to bob her head up and down, sucking on his thickness. He held onto the sheet while she sucked him, until he bucked his hips upward and came into her mouth. With a soft giggle she swallowed his juice and licked the rest of it off of him.

Naruto’s body trembled, for he had only dreamt of Haniko doing such a thing. He had never expected it to become a reality. “Naru.. you look spent. Perhaps we should stop..” she suggested, kissing his lips playfully to give him a taste of himself. He pulled away and made a disgusted face. “YUCK!” he shouted officially breaking the sexual mood. “Oh hush, you did the same thing to me, and I didn’t complain.” She giggled running his tongue up the side of his neck, causing him to shiver. He blushed and smirked at her. “I’m getting hard again..” this time she was the one to blush as he pushed her onto her back once again.

Spreading her legs with his knee, Naruto began to rub his erection against her dripping entrance. Haniko bit her bottom lip to keep from moaning, but he noticed this and began sticking just the tip in to tease her walls. Her body shuddered. “Don’t.. play..take me Naruto.. Please!” she begged her grey/orange eyes on him. He grinned, enjoying this power, and stuck his erection in further yet not far enough to break her virgin barrier. “Stop teasing!!” she gasped as he left his erection within her. “Naruto..please!” she cried feeling his member twitch within her flower. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from thrusting for much longer, so he decided to comply with her pleas. “I love you, Haniko..” he kissed her before exiting her flower.

“I love you too, Naruto-kun. Always have, always will.” She smiled up at him as he positioned himself to finally give themselves to one another. He returned that smile, putting his hands on either side of her head on the bed. “Ready?” he asked just to be sure.She nodded and spread her legs further for him.

With one strong thrust, Naruto broke her Virgin barrier making tears fall from Haniko’s eyes. Neither one moved, both tense, “are you okay?” Naruto asked frantically. “Yes.. just.. let me get used to this..” she whispered back to him, rotating her hips slightly. After a few seconds she bucked upward gently, in order to tell him silently that it was okay for him to continue thrusting. Which he did, slowly of course, until suddenly the pain vanished entirely for Haniko and pleasure followed. “Faster Naruto!!” she moaned loudly, realizing quickly that the faster he went the more pleasure that would result in. He grinned and began thrusting faster. “H..harder!” she moaned after a few minutes.

Naruto groaned, as the fox within him began to take over. His eyes grew red while his thrusts became more powerful, causing the headboard of the bed to slam into the wall. “n…Na..nar..Naru..” Haniko couldn’t complete his name especially when he began to ram against her g-spot. Her toes curled and her back arched ever time his member pushed inward. Finally she came, only, he did not stop ramming. The demon fox within him was far too lusty to let ‘this’ end so quickly. In order to give her more satisfaction, Naruto lifted her legs onto his shoulders and continued to thrust.

With a few more thrusts Naruto along with his demon were finally at their peeks. He grunted one more time before shooting his seed deep within Haniko, who had just reached her fourth climax.

Panting, and gasping they both laid down beside one another in the bed. She rested her head on his chest as he played with a strand of her hair. “Haniko. I have to ask something.” Naruto said after he caught his breath. “Ask anything.” She smiled. “Will you marry me?” he asked in a serious tone. She was speechless, her breath caught in her throat. He looked at her, before becoming slightly panicked. “Ani-chan, I’m sorry I didn’t.. I just.” She put her hand over his mouth to cut him off. “Shh.” She cooed, turning her head –still keeping it on his chest-, looking at him. He gazed into her eyes, before reaching his hand into the bedside table’s drawer, pulling out the small box he had been keeping in there since he had first known he was in love with her.

“Will you, Haniko Umi, Marry me. I love you with every inch of my heart, and promise to protect you until the day I die. Please become my wife.” He asked, opening the box to reveal a rather large diamond ring surrounded by small rubies, attached to a golden band. “Naruto..” Haniko whispered lifting up to kiss his lips. “of course I’ll marry you.” She promised as he slid the ring onto her left ring finger.

The two young lovers kissed once more before succumbing to their exhaustion, curled up beside one another.

~4 days later

Naruto has gone to train with the Pa Toad and Ma Toad after learning about his sensei’s death. Haniko has received word from her father that he will be coming to the village for Naruto in three days. She has decided to kill her father when he arrives to the village~

Haniko walked down the streets of her village both happy and sad. Her husband-to-be was not going to be returning to the Leaf village anytime soon but he was safe for the time being, which made her happy. Though, she was sad due to the fact she could indeed lose to her father in the battle that was to come –and effectively have to give up all hopes of saving Naruto-. “Hey!! Haniko! WAIT UP!” Haniko stopped and pivoted only her upper body to see Konohamaru running to catch up with her. She smiled at the now 12 year old boy, and patted his head when he came close enough. “Is there something you need?” she asked as they started to walk again. “Have you seen Naruto-nii lately?” he asked a sad look in his eyes, he really did consider Naruto as his big brother. “No. Naruto was ordered by lady Tsunade on a big mission. He couldn’t tell me where..” She replied truthfully, because for safety measures Tsunade wanted no one to know where Naruto was heading. “Oh..” Konohamaru sighed letting his shoulders slump in dissatisfaction. “It’s okay, he’ll be back eventually. Don’t worry.” She smiled down at him patting his head again. Konohamaru smiled back up at her. “You really are as amazing as Naruto-nii says you are!” he hugged her before racing off to find his own team.

Those words almost made her break down and cry. She wasn’t amazing.. She was the spawn of the Akatsuki. Her main goal in life had been to destroy the man that she was now betrothed to! Her eyes watered, but she quickly wiped them before the tears could spill over.

“You will take away the Leaf village Barriers. By midnight.” She recalled her father’s orders from earlier this morning.

With a small sigh she headed out of the village to follow her father’s orders.

~three days later, noon~

“This is terrible! Where is Naruto!” Sakura cried as she tried to heal most of the injured people in the, now, destroyed leaf Village. No one answered her.

“Haniko. Why are you doing this?! You grew up here! This is your home! How could you do such a thing!” Tsunade shouted at Haniko, who was standing beside her Father –Deva Pain. Haniko didn’t respond her Rinnegan eyes locked on the Hokage’s body guard. “Answer me!” Tsunade shouted again. “I..” Deva Pain put his hand up. “Enough with the talking. It is time for us to collect the Nine Tails, Where is he?” Asura Pain charged at the Tsunadebut before he could strike a giant cloud of white smoke appeared and Naruto appeared slamming Asura into many pieces. “You want me? Well Leave Granny Tsunade alone.” Naruto was in full sage mode, his eyes rimmed in black, a large scroll on his back along with a white cloak draped over his usual orange outfit. Haniko’s eyes widened, ‘he’s so much stronger…’ she thought silently as Deva Pain –her father, made a slight noise of amusement. “He is for you to take down. Daughter.” Deva Pain looked down at his daughter as Naruto noticed for the first time that she stood there. ‘Haniko! What is she doing. Has the Akatsuki.. Wait. They look so much alike. Oh No!’ Naruto thought, then mouthed the words ‘oh no’. Deva Pain grinned. “Take him down, Haniko.” Her father ordered. She nodded and locked her eyes with Naruto, using her Rinnegan to enter his mind. ‘Follow me. Away from the village. Please..’ she took her eyes off of him and started to run off with Naruto and her father right on her heals.

When they were far enough from the village, she finally stopped. “Alright. Naruto. Come with us peacefully or we’ll have to fight.” Haniko put up one of her hands ready to fight. “Haniko. I wont fight you. But I wont let the Akatsuki have the Nine tails!” he shouted. Deva Pain was growing inpatient.

Connecting her eyes with Naruto once more, she smiled sadly. “I’m sorry Naru-kun. I love you.” She turned swiftly towards her father and attacked him.

Pain and his daughter fought for a while until, she got a grip on her knife. Stabbing him in the throat, she glared into his Rinnegan eyes –sending Nagato to his death {read the comic!}. Deva Pain went still. And when he did Haniko collapsed as well.

Naruto ran to her and quickly lifted her into his arms. “Haniko? Haniko!?” He tried to wake her up but she didn’t even twitch. “N.. Naruto.. Take me home.. I’ve..” Haniko’s voice trailed off, he nodded and ran to the village.

Naruto ran straight to the center of the village where cries of anguish filled the air. “set.. me.. down.” She begged, he unwillingly did what she asked. “I’m going to fix this.. All of this..” she whispered standing shakily on her legs as she did quick and almost unseen hand signs. Her hands continued to weave signs for a good minute or so until she activated her Rinnegan. “Soul revival Jutsu!” she shouted making the final hand sign. Naruto’s eyes watched as the entire village began to reconstruct itself right before his vary eyes. “you’re bringing the village back together?!” Naruto asked his voice excited. “That’s… not all. Listen..” her voice was strained as she concentrated hard on the jutsu.Sweat began to drip down her face as the village rebuilt completely. Naruto listened carefully and suddenly heard joyous cries coming from everywhere in the Village.

“Your jutsu is bringing the dead back” He wasn’t asking, he was stating a fact. Haniko nodded as the jutsu finished. “Tell.. Lady Hokage.. this is the least.. I could..” her voice trailed off as she fell face first onto the ground. Naruto caught her quickly. “Worn out..” he whispered kissing her forehead as he walked to the Hokage’s office.

Tsunade was frazzled when he arrived. She had no idea how everything had gone back to the way it had been. How Shizune was alive, how every one that had been injured were now suddenly healed! It made no sense, that is, until Naruto walked into the office with Haniko in his arms. “Her jutsu saved the entire village. Saved everyone in it too.. she was so tired she fell asleep.” He chuckled at his fiancé’s actions. Tsunade sighed heavily hoping that her intuition about the effects of that jutsu weren’t going to become a reality. She got up and went over to Naruto, putting her glowing hand upon Haniko’s forehead.

With a very faint sigh of relief, Tsunade smiled. “Well. She should wake up soon enough. But don’t leave her alone. Take her with you to go find Kakashi, Yamato, Sai and Sakura. I’m sure they are all worried about you.” Tsunade instructed as Naruto shifted Haniko onto his back and headed out to find his team mates.

~One year later

Sasuke has finally agreed to return to the Leaf Village {Madara has been killed ha}. It is finally time for the long awaited wedding between Naruto Uzumaki and Haniko Umi!~

“Sakura.. I hate this.” Haniko groaned in annoyance as Sakura and Ino help fix her wedding gown. “I don’t get why I can’t just go down the aisle in shorts and a tank top..” Haniko whined. “Because Naruto wants you in this dress!” Sakura bopped Haniko on the top of the head. “fine!” Haniko hissed hearing the music in the church start to play. Cuing that it was time for Sakura and Ino to head down the aisle. {they were bridesmaids bridesmaid}. “Alright, you can do this.” Sakura smiled and heading out to the church.

I can do this. I love Naruto. I will always love Naruto.’ Haniko gave herself a small pep talk before the wedding march began to play, giving her the signal to start heading down to her future.

She entered the church wearing her beautiful white gown, where all eyes were on her. It seemed that everyone from the entire village was there. Mostly because everyone in the entire village knew how she had saved the village one year ago. The other part was because Naruto had long since become the Hokage! He had surpassed his own father, the Fourth Hokage, and become the Sixth Hokage of the Leaf Village!

She finally made it to the alter and to her future. Naruto held out his hand for her to take, which she did with great pleasure. “You look beautiful.” He whispered as the service began.

“Ladies and gentlemen. By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you Husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!” the priest said triumphantly. Naruto smiled at Haniko before tilting her chin up and kissing her with passion & love. She giggled softly against his lips, wrapping her arms around him as they broke apart. The priest then turned the two newly weds towards the guests at the church and announced proudly. “Ladies and Gentlemen I give you, for the very first time. Mr. and Mrs. Naruto Uzumaki!” the guests stood, cheering and whistled. “Thank you everyone for coming.” Naruto thanked everyone as he and his new wife headed home.

They both laid in bed on their sides, facing one another completely stripped naked. Naruto ran his finger up Haniko’s bare leg until he reached her waist as they smiled at each other. “I love you Naruto Uzumaki.” “As I love you, Haniko Uzumaki.” He chuckled and kissed her lips. “I like the sound of that.” She whispered against his lips, “And I like saying it.” He murmured back, as he pushed her onto her back. She looked up at him with love in her eyes. He returned her gaze and began to thrust into her, hard and passionately. As they began to make love for the third time that night.

Three years later Haniko became very sick, her chalkra was depleting because she had given birth to two children thus passing on her Rinnegan. Which was the reason her mother had died. {when a child is passed the Rinnegan gene it basically makes the mother very sick and since Haniko had two children she was VERY sick}. She loved her children and her Husband Naruto. But on her first daughter’s sixth birthday she passed away in her sleep. Naruto was devastated but kept strong for his daughter and his son. Naruto remains the Hokage today and his children carry on their mother’s Will of Fire. And will continue on doing so. Naruto still visits his dead wife’s grave to this day, as do many of the villagers who remember the great kunoichi that saved the Leaf Village so many years ago…

Naruto knows that his wife’s spirit never truly left him to be alone. Because on rare occasions he wakes up in the middle of the night to see the shadows moving in odd ways, and hear soft singing coming from his children’s bedrooms. And that soft singing is the exact same song that Haniko would sing to her children when they had just been babies. He also can sometimes see her shadow cast upon the wall late at night, almost as if she is protecting him still.

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