Main Characters:
Name: Numi Uchiha Age: from child to adult

Looks: Varies as she grows up. When the story begins [she is 6] her hair in long and dark black, she is very short and is thin.

Eyes: Dark, playful, liquid onyx. When sharingan is activated they are deep, blood red, like Itachi’s.

Clothes: Varies as she grows older. When the story begins [she is 6] she wears a long sleeved black shirt with the Uchiha crest on the back, she also wears black pants and black sandals.

Attitude: It varies from her moods, but she is usually happy and hopeful.

Village: Born in the Leaf.

Siblings: Yumi, her big sister.

Name: Sasuke Uchiha Age: From child to adult

Looks: Varies as he grows up. When the story begins [he is 7] his hair is dark black, he is short.

Eyes: Dark solid, onyx.

Clothes: varies as he grows. When the story begins [he is 7] he wears a short sleeved black shirt/with Uchiha crest on the back, and black short with blue sandals.

Attitude: as a child very sweet. Varies when he grows

Siblings: Itachi, his big brother.

minor Characters:

Name: Yumi Uchiha Age: 12-death [13]

Looks: short black hair, she is tall and slim with hips and curves.

Eyes: Black as night, with a slight tint of red due to the fact her sharingan can be used even when it isn’t activated.

Clothes: usually a leaf village ANBU outfit with shorts and sleeveless shirt.

Attitude: strict, but loving.

Siblings: Numi, her little sister.

Name: Itachi Uchiha Age: 12-death [22]

looks: long black hair, tall and strong.

Eyes: onyx/Sharingan

Clothes: varies. Before the destruction of the Uchiha clan he wears a short sleeved black shirt with long black pants and black ninja sandals.

Attitude: cold. But to the two children he is gentle.

Siblings: Sasuke, his little brother.

Name: Madara Uchiha/ A.K.A. Tobi Age: unknown [immortal, stuck at age 24?]

Looks: tall. Short choppy black hair

Eyes: sharingan

Clothes: akatsuki cloak/black outfit. He wears the spiral mask.

Attitude: Madara=cold. Tobi=care-free

Siblings: one dead brother.

This story basically goes threw the life of Numi and Sasuke Uchiha. It's their story, of Love, Hardships and Death.

"Itachi!" Sasuke, the small and impatient 7 year old, whined tugging at his older brother’s shirt while they headed down the long road that leaded to their destination. Itachi looked down at his little brother with an amused smile on his lips "yes Sasuke?" he answered, putting his hand on the boy’s head, ruffling his spiky black hair slightly. "When are we going to get to Numi’s house?!" Sasuke whined his question, his impatience apparent. Numi was a year younger than Sasuke, and was his best friend in the entire clan. Her older sister, Yumi, was apart of Itachi’s ANBU squad and today the ANBU were sending the two out on a mission, so itachi was dropping Sasuke off to play with Numi. "Where almost there, Sasuke, calm down." Itachi couldn’t help but let out a low chuckle at his small brother’s small amount of patience. "Sasuke!!!" a small voice yelled, a few seconds after Itachi spoke. "Sasuke-chan!!!" the voice got closer, until a small girl came into view running towards the two brothers, an energetic smile on her face. "Numi!" Sasuke yelled back, leaving Itachi’s side to run to her. When they reached one another, without hesitation, Sasuke took Numi’s hand in his. "I thought you were never going to come!" Numi huffed, her eyebrows furrowed together, her expression meant to look angry. "It was Itachi-nii-san, he walks too slow!" Sasuke complained, as Itachi smiled at the two children. "Oh! ‘Tachi-sama, Yumi-nee-san got impatient and said to tell you that she is at the gates, waiting!" Numi informed Itachi, looking up at him with her liquid onyx eyes trying to give him the same look Yumi had had when she had told Numi what to say only the look didn’t quite work effectively. Itachi patted both children on the head, ruffling their hair, before using his index finger to shake it at them, "Behave." he said sternly before vanishing into a puff of smoke.

Sasuke and Numi waved their hands trying to make the smoke go away quicker as they coughed. "He sure likes to show off that he can do that!" Numi shook her head slowly, as Sasuke couldn’t help but laugh. "Yeah! But Itachi is so strong, don’t you think that’s cool, Numi-chan?" Sasuke asked swinging their arms back and forth while they walked down the road, side by side. "Of course I do, but he doesn’t have to always be a big show-off, I get lots of that from Yumi-nee-san!" Numi sighed her long hair hitting her face as the wind pattern changed from soft to fierce. "You know something Num-" Sasuke stopped mid-sentence to push a piece of hair out of her face, then continued "we should train to be the strongest ninja to even come out of the Uchiha clan!" he punched the air when he finished talking, making them both bust out into giggles. "We will become the strongest Sasuke-chan! I know it! But we should, like you said, train!" she pulled out a holster from her back-pack, full of kunai and shurikin. "Where’d you get those!" he asked his dark eyes bugging out slightly, at the sight of the sharp objects, he had never even been allowed to hold those in the academy! "I took a few from Yumi before she left, she wont miss them cause she’s got that sword! So, are you ready to train Sasuke-chan?" she asked, her expression deviant. He smirked at her, his eyebrows furrowing together, "Race you to the forest!" he shouted taking off towards the forest, with her right on his heals.

Sasuke reached the forest first turning to see how far behind Numi was, only to be tackled to the ground by her. They were already laughing the moment they hit the ground, "I’ve gotta work on stopping!" she laughed, her face inches from his. "Yeah you do!" Sasuke replied still laughing as she rolled off him so they were both on their backs looking up at the sky. "You know Sasuke, I want to be the greatest kunoichi to come out of the uchiha clan!" she declared, sitting up. "And I’ll become stronger than Itachi! And we’ll be on a team just like Yumi and him are! We’ll never ever get separated, we’ll be friends and partners forever!" he responded, sitting up as well. "Well we have to train to get stronger don’t we?!" she giggled, while they both jumped up to their feet. "So you wanna use shurikin or kunai?" she asked, pulling out five shurikin and five kunai holding them in both of her hands like a pro would. "I’ll use kunai" he told her, as she tossed them at him, he had to jump away so that they wouldn’t hit him. "Okay Sasuke-chan, let’s do this!" she shouted, holding the five shurikin in her left had as Sasuke picked up one of the kunai. "Lets!" he yelled as they began training.

A little more than two hours later Numi and Sasuke both collapsed on the hard ground. Both exhausted, covered in blood and bruises. They couldn’t help but pass out, Numi laying half on top of Sasuke.
"Would you look at that! It’s so cute, wouldn’t you say Itachi-kun?" Yumi, Numi’s older sister, asked Itachi as they both approached their siblings sleeping forms. They both removed their ANBU masks, as Yumi knelt down beside the two sleeping children. "Yes they’ve seemed to have tired themselves out! And they seem to have gotten a hold of some kunai and shurikin." Itachi commented, noticing the weapons scattered around them. "We should get them home." Yumi murmured picking up Numi while Itachi picked up Sasuke. "Waterfall tonight..?" Yumi asked, while they walked to their separate house. "Midnight." Itachi replied quietly, as they went their separate ways each carrying their younger sibling.

Numi woke later that night, to see the outline of Yumi quietly moving through their shared bedroom. "Yumi-onee?" Numi whispered, sitting up, rubbing her eyes. Yumi turned " go back to sleep. You used a lot of your energy yesterday." she sat on the edge of Numi’s bed and brushed a strand of her hair out of her face. "Do I get to go to the academy soon?" Numi whispered to her sister, her eyes drooping. "Two days. You’ll be in the class one year below Sasuke-san, but he’ll walk with you there and then walk with you home." Yumi whispered, kissing her little sister’s forehead. "I’m going to be the greatest kunoichi the Uchiha clan has ever seen..and I promise to protect the Leaf Village no matter what!" Numi declared, before she dropped into sleep. "I’m sure you will." Yumi smiled then crept out of the house to meet Itachi at the waterfall.

Itachi was waiting at the bottom of the waterfall on the dry ground, when Yumi finally arrived. "You’re late." he murmured, grabbing her wrist and pulling her down into his lap. "Numi woke up..I had to get her to go back to sleep." she nuzzled her head against his shoulder, playing with the three ring necklace he was wearing. "This looks good on you" she whispered in his ear, "it should, you gave it to me." he replied, his eyes staring at the waterfall, running his hand up her leg. "Sasuke was still asleep, when I left." he answered the question that was running through her mind. She enjoyed this time with him, the way he was when he did not have the burden of missions, from both the clan and the Hokage. "Itachi-kun, I understand your missions..and I understand what you will be forced to do..but promise me something.." she whispered softly in his ear, her head still lying on his broad shoulder. "Anything." he murmured back, his hand inching ever so much further up her leg just about touching the edge of her shorts. "Protect Numi, please always. For your brother’s sake..and your own." she whispered, before lowering her mouth to his neck, biting and nipping at his soft flesh. "I, promise to you Yumi, I will." he murmured a soft groan, as they both continued their dangerous and loving for-play until day break.

Numi awoke early the next morning, excited and ready, for her first day at the Leaf Village Ninja Academy. Yumi was asleep in the bed beside her own as she tiptoed into the bathroom, hearing the soft sounds of her mother making coffee and breakfast in the kitchen with her fathers soft chuckles following. She smiled to herself, giggling as she jumped into the shower. She quickly finished up washing herself and jumped out, putting on her black pants, dark black shirt and black ninja sandals. Tying her hair into a high pony-tail she headed into the kitchen, seeing her mother father and sister all there. They smiled at her, as her mother gave her some toast and her bag. "Have a good day, Numi, sweetheart we’ll see you tonight when you get home." her mother smiled, as her father kissed the top of his youngest daughter’s head. "Make us proud Numi." he told her as she nodded, saying good bye to Yumi as well before leaving her house.

"Sasuke-chan!!" Numi yelled, seeing her best friend Sasuke standing right outside her house. "Numi-chan!" he yelled back smiling happily as he held out his hand. "This is going to be so much fun, don’t you think?" he asked, as they both walked down the streets of the Leaf village heading for the Ninja Academy, holding one-another’s hand swinging them back and forth. "Yeah! Soon I’ll get to be as strong as you are!" she giggled, as they reached the Academy.

"So will I see you at all today, Sasuke-chan?" Numi asked sadly when they reached her classroom. [they had arrived ten minutes early] "You’ll see me during lunch and recess, don’t worry Numi class goes really fast!" Sasuke told her, letting go of her hand, before he turned and headed off to his own classroom. Numi watched him go sadly, but after a few seconds and after a few more kids filled into the room, she turned and went into her class sitting in the very back row listening to the teacher’s lesson and introduction into the ‘first’ year of the Academy.

Sasuke walked into his own classroom just as the bell rang to signal the start of class. He sat in the front, listening to Iruka-sensei talk about today’s activity’s the girl sitting next to him, Sakura Haruno, kept eyeballing him like he was some sort of candy. It was actually starting to creep him out, but the only thing that kept him from telling her to stop it, was the thoughts of his best friend and how she was doing in class. Little did he know that she was doing, quite well.

"Alright we’re going to see how much you already know." Romietta-sensei, Numi’s teacher, stated as all of the 6 year old students filled out into the grassy area behind the Academy where four posts were standing high and tall. "I am going to give you each four kunai and four shurikin to see how well you know how to use them so that we know which things we need to cover in class." She concluded handing each of the children the tools. Only Numi seemed to be able to hold them without squirming or cutting her fingers.

So one by one the students went, each one missing the targets and only hurting themselves in the process of trying to succeed. Well until Numi was called to go. "Uchiha, Numi. Give it a shot" Romietta-sensei sighed, depressed at the students low abilities [she was a tough ANBU squad leader this was her first year working with ‘children’] Numi held up the shurikin in her hand for a moment, then looked over to her sensei, "Romietta-sensei are well allowed to use jutsu?" she asked nervously, as her sensei looked at her in surprise, "if you know how, just destroy the posts, Miss Uchiha." she ordered, as Numi nodded making the hand sign she had seen Yumi use once, she threw the four shurikin at the post "Shurikin clone jutsu!" she shouted as the shurikin multiplied into 16 all hitting one post in a neat and orderly line. "Double bladed kunai jutsu!" Numi shouted again tossing the four kunai at the other post, and just like before the kunai multiplied into 16, hitting the second post in yet another neat and orderly line. Romietta-sensei’s eyes went wide with surprise. "Very, very good Numi." -she stopped and looked over to the other sensei that had come outside with them-"take the other children back inside and continue the lesson I need to speak with Uchiha-san alone." the other sensei nodded taking the children inside, all but Numi that is.

"Show me what else you can do." Romietta-sensei ordered, as Numi nodded making three hand signs she conjured up several shadow clones and real clones! "Watch this one, Sensei..no one knows I can do this.." numi shouted beginning to make longer and complicated strings of hand signs, then slammed her small palm into the ground. "Summoning jutsu!" she shouted, when suddenly a large wolf appeared, with Numi standing on it’s head, high in the air. Romietta stared with large wide eyes, she herself couldn’t even do a summoning jutsu like that!

"Okay Koko-kun you can put me down, and go home now." Numi petted the large wolf’s head before he, Koko, vanished letting Numi back on the stable ground. "So Romietta-sensei, what do you think? Do you think my father will be proud of me?" she asked excitedly, her dark liquid onyx eyes burning with excitement. Romietta was speechless as she patted numi on the head. "Yes, the Uchiha clan will be very, very proud of you." Romietta told her, before telling her to head back into class, which she did, skipping and smiling.

Romietta didn’t return to the classroom though, she headed to the third Hokage’s office to request that Numi be put into a much higher level class.

"Alright everyone you have one hour for lunch, be sure to be back afterward." Numi’s other sensei told the class as she dashed out of the classroom in search of Sasuke. Her smile was wide the moment she found him, he was standing with his back to her the large Uchiha crest on the back of his shirt making him stick out even more. "Sasuke-chan!" she giggled, tackling him to the ground, not realizing what a big scene that would make in the middle of the Academy hallway. The moment they landed on the floor all of the female eyes from Sasuke’s class landed on them. "Numi-chan! You have to get off of me!" Sasuke pushed her off easily, considering she was so small, and got to his feet dusting himself off. Numi sat on the ground a baffled look on her face, but she shrugged and got up as well, smiling none-the-less. "Sasuke-chan, we’re going to have lunch right?" Numi asked happily her dark liquid eyes full of joy. "Yeah!" he replied smiling back at her, ignoring all the stares they were getting, grabbing her hand they both walked into the Academy’s court-yard to have lunch.

"Why were all those girls looking at us..?" Numi finally asked after a few minutes of silent eating. "They always look at me..like I’m candy." Sasuke replied, taking a bite of his sandwich. "I wonder..why.." she mumbled her question, as he looked over at her. "Numi Uchiha." Romietta appeared in the court-yard, causing both of the children to look over at her. "Sensei!" Numi hopped up to her feet, dropping her sandwich on the grass. Sasuke stayed on the ground watching. "You have been taken out of my class." Romietta stated, making Numi’s & Sasuke’s jaws drop, "y-you’re kicking me out of the Academy?! But Sensei!!!" Numi begged tears brimming in the corners of her eyes. "No, no. You are being moved up to a third level class. You’re skills are far far to advanced for my class. Ibiki will be your new sensei and you are to report to his class as soon as lunch is over." Romietta stated before walking off into the building, leaving both of the children shocked.

"You’re in a third level class?! I’m only in a second level!" Sasuke shouted trying to hide the small tinge of jealousy towards his best friend. "Sasuke-chan! Do you think everyone will be proud of me?!" Numi asked nervously playing with her finger tips. "Of course they will be Numi-chan! You’re 6 and you’re in a class for third year students!" Sasuke told ehr just as the bell rang for lunch to be over. "Sasuke-chan..will you walk with me..to my..new class...?" she whispered, as she gripped onto his hand nervously. "Of course Numi-chan!" he replied walking her to her class, when they got there all of the older children looked at the two Uchiha with wonder, everyone expecting it to be Sasuke who walked in and sat down but every student in the classroom dropped their jaws when Numi Uchiha, the girl whom had just came to academy today, walked in and sat down.

Sasuke waved goodbye to her, and headed back into his classroom his determination to get stronger all the more real.

"Uchiha-san, welcome to the third year class." Ibiki-sensei nodded at her, as she blushed brightly. "Thank you Sensei." she murmured, daring to take a glance at the two males that sat beside her. The boy that sat on her right side, he was paying attention to the teacher’s lecture, had long brown hair, his skin was pale and his eyes were a deep shade of lavender. He actually seemed scary even when he wasn’t saying or doing anything, just sitting beside him, made her uneasy. The boy on her left side was a different story. He stared at her, his black circular eyes wide with curiosity, his hair was long as well, but braided down his back. "Numi Uchiha. Would you care to show the class why you were put into third year?" Ibiki called on her, as she blushed and nodded going to the front of the class. "What jutsu should I do, Sensei?" she asked not daring to look up at the eyes that were on her. "Try your summoning jutsu" Ibiki suggested, "okay..sensei." she began making the long and complicated hand-signs until she slammed her small palm into the floor, making Koko-kun appear having to duck his large wolf head in order to fit into the room. Gasps echoed around, then to Numi’s surprise, applause. "You can go home Koko-kun, I’ll give you some treats when school’s done." she promised her wolf friend as he barked and vanished.

"You may take a seat Uchiha-san." Ibiki told her as she went back and sat down, all of the eyes in the classroom on her. But Ibiki called their attention back and continued on the lesson.

"Class dismissed." Ibiki announced when the final bell rang of the day. Most of the students filed out of the room, but all the others stayed to talk with Numi. "So where did you learn to summon like that?!" "How old are you?" "Isn’t today you’re first day ever at the academy!" "You’re going to be the next Uchiha protegee!" all of the students crowed around her, as she blushed and answered most of their questions. "I..i have to get home! Sorry" Numi shouted after at least ten minutes of incessant questions, pushing through the crowd to see Sasuke waiting in the doorway. "Sasuke-chan! I’m..sorry they wouldn’t stop with the questions." she apologized, as he took her hand in his. "Don’t worry, after all you’re only going to get more questions from everyone at home. Including me." he smiled at her, while they walked home.

Upon entering her house, none of her family knew about the academy situation. Yumi and her father were sitting at the kitchen table, her mother doing laundry in the next room. Sasuke had come inside with her, for moral support. "Welcome home, Numi, how was your first day." her father asked, not turning his head to look at her. "I was kicked out of my class..." -she paused, enjoying the look of bewilderment in all of her family’s eyes, but before they could comment she continued-"because I was put into a third year class. Because my skills were so advanced." she concluded, making her father burst out of his chair and hug her tightly. "Congratulations, I knew you were going to be great, I absolutely knew it!" He shouted happily.

So for the next year, Numi grew in strength, as did Sasuke. Their friendship grew, as did their tension. One year later, though, on Numi’s 7th birthday, every thing that they knew was about to change, completely.

Happy birthday, Numi-chan" Sasuke told her, as she met him outside her house that morning after saying goodbye to her parents like she did every morning before she went to school. "Thanks Sasuke-chan. I cant believe im finally 7!" she giggled, latching onto his hand as they headed to school.

School was normal on that day, but once it was finished Sasuke and Numi decided to stay after school to train with one another.

It was well after dark when both of the children headed home, their hands entwined like always, but when they got to the Uchiha compounds both of them could immediately tell some thing was a miss. All of the houses were dark, no lights were on at all, which was very uncommon. "We should check the permiter..Sasuke..you look for your parents..I’ll look for Yumi-onee.." Numi murmured to Sasuke, who nodded, and they both went their separate ways.

Numi headed to her house, walking cautiously inside, heading for her bedroom. The door was shut, and when Numi put her small ear to the wooden door she heard a sickening thump.

Running inside the room she saw a sickening sight. Her big sister, Yumi, laid on the ground covered in blood. Her throat was slit from ear to ear, her eyes stared upward blankly. "Yumi!" Numi shouted, running to her sister’s side. She attempted shaking, yelling even slapping Yumi, but she was already dead.

Numi realized that after a good five minutes, so, she got up from her sister’s side covered in blood and went to search the rest of the house. Finding the dead bodies of her mother and father, put her over the edge. Numi had never been so distraught, so angry, in her entire seven years of life! With a heavy heart, she grabbed her dead sister’s sword and ran out of the house.

"SASUKE!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, racing down the Uchiha compounds, searching for him and any other source of life, but every corner she turned dead bodies were sprawled on the ground. Finally, she came to -what she thought was- an empty street, looking around only to find Sasuke laying face-first on the ground. She assumed he had been killed as well. That was when she heard someone speak. "Numi." she turned to see Itachi Uchiha staring at her, in his full ANBU outfit, his sharigan blazing in the night. "You did this ‘Tachi?! You killed everyone?!" she shouted her question at him, "For power" he replied simply his red sharingan seeming to grow redder. "You killed Yumi-onee!!!" she screeched, lunging at him with so much force that he fell backwards onto the ground, obviously caught off guard for the moment. "I’ll kill you!!!" she screamed in his face, slashing at him with Yumi’s sword. He dodged easily, and in less than two minutes he had her held up in the air by her small wrists. "Sleep." he activated his Mangekyo sharingan, forcing her into a sleep-like trance. She tried to resist, but went limp in his grip, allowing him to easily put her onto his back, before he vanished into the night.

Sasuke awoke in the hospital, his left arm stung from the cut he had received from Itachi the previous night. "It all happened.." he whispered to himself, recalling everything that had happened the night before. That was when it hit him, he had no idea what had become of Numi! "Where is she?" Sasuke asked loudly, looking around the hospital room he was in, not seeing her anywhere. A nurse heard him, and stepped into the room. "Where is who?" she asked kindly, a look of pity in her eyes. "Numi Uchiha where is she?!" he shouted frantically at the kind nurse. She looked at him with even more sadness in her eyes. "Everyone of the Uchiha clan, aside you..and your traitor brother, is dead." she said softly, making Sasuke’s eyes widen. He got up and ran from the hospital back to his compounds. The bodies of his dead clan mates were gone, but some blood still remained in some places. It began to rain, as Sasuke sat down on the ground.

His best friend, his parents everyone he loved and cared for was dead, all because Itachi had killed them. Sasuke Uchiha, was alone in the world with only one goal. To kill his older brother and have vengeance.

Numi awoke in a dark place, on a soft plush bed. "Where am I..?" she mumbled softly against the fluffy pillow beneath her aching head. All of her muscles were sore to the point that it hurt for her to do anything except breathe. "You’re with me." a candle was lit suddenly, illuminating Itachi’s face. And if she hadn’t been so sore, she would have attacked him again. "Why haven’t you killed me yet..?" she asked trying to at least lift her head, but to no avail. "I’m not going to kill you." -he paused-"I’m going to train you." he informed her, in a matter-of-fact tone. "Train me..?" she repeated his last words questioningly. "Yes. You will be the strongest kunoichi to come out of our pitiful clan. With my help, that is." he told her, his voice calm. "No" she whispered, "I can’t.." he was shaking his head before she even had the chance to finish speaking. "Your sharigan was active while you attacked me." he informed her making her gasp with shock. "B..but your sharigan didn’t activate until you were nine! I..i am. seven.." she mumbled her eye lids drooping. "You will be strong." he whispered when she fell back to sleep.

Itachi blew out the candle and left the room, to speak with Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki, about the promise of Numi Uchiha’s strength..unknowingly sealing her fate with a certain man, who hid behind a spiral mask.

Numi Uchiha..was stuck now, with the man who had destroyed her clan..and broken her spirit...her dreams called out.. "Someone...Save..Me!!" ~Six Years Later.~

Numi woke up early on her 13th birthday brushing her short black hair out of her face, the sun had barely even begun to rise. She was adjusted, now, to living with the Akatsuki and she was no longer mad at Itachi for abducting her. She had behind her after learning Itachi’s secret, but today was her birthday and the day she would finally be able to become a full-fledged Akatsuki member! Because up until the day of her 13 birthday, she was considered a subordinate to Itachi. Not because she was weak, no she was no where near weak, with Itachi training her every night and day she was stronger than he had even been at her age. The reason she was a subordinate was because the Akatsuki leader, Pain [I might sometimes right Pain or Pein, sorry if people get confused!] wanted to wait until she was the same age Itachi had been when he became a member.

Either way, Numi was excited as she ran down the halls of the Akatsuki base and ran straight into Itachi’s room, not bothering to knock of course. Then again she often did not knock, on any door upon entering a room.

"Oh ‘Tachi-sensei!" she almost sung her words, looking to see her mentor naked, aside from the red towel around his waist. His long black hair clung to his neck and forehead like he had just whipped it around in a rush, water dripped down his bare and muscular chest, the droplets stopping at the towel draped around his lower self. Numi didn’t blush, nor did she feel awkward in any way, because she had seen him shirtless before, even when she was very little. She was simply used to it.

"Up early this morning, aren’t you?" he asked his question more of a statement. "Of course I am! Today I get to become a full-fledged Akatsuki member, just like you!" she giggled clapping her hands together satisfyingly. "Thirteen already. Where do the years go?" he murmured mostly to himself as he dressed, somehow keeping his lower half completely hidden from her young eyes. So that in only a few minutes he was completely dressed, Akatsuki cloak and all, with his long hair tied back and his headband on.

"Leader-sama, will be up by now right ‘Tachi?" she asked, as they both headed towards the Akatsuki meeting room. "We’ll have to see for ourselves wont we." he replied in his calm tone.

Sure enough, Pain and Konan sat in the meeting room waiting. On the long stone table sat a rather small box decorated in red clouds, just like the cloaks had.

"Good morning Numi." Konan smiled, over the six years she had become like a second mother to Numi always keeping an eye out for her though she would have done so anyway if Numi hadn’t been so young do to the fact they were the only females in the male dominated Akatsuki.

"Morning Konan-sama, and Leader-sama." Numi greeted them, bowing respectfully, and walked over to the two while Itachi sat down at the end of the table watching with his dark red eyes. "We might as well get started, so you two can get your morning training session in." Pain stood up, and pulled out a ring with a purple stone and the symbol for ‘child’ on it. "Numi Uchiha. Today, on your thirteenth birthday, you are to pledge your loyalty to the Akatsuki organization. You are to do anything and everything that is assigned. You will follow all orders without complaint and if you refuse you will be put to death. Do you agree to these conditions?" he looked her square in the eye, seeing no hesitation when she answered. "I agree. I will stand by the Akatsuki" -she said to him, then exhaled under her breath - "until the day Itachi-sensei dies, that is." she spoke the last part so low that no one had the slightest chance of hearing it. "Now press your blood onto this" -Konan held up a contract with ten other bloody finger prints, as Numi pricked her finger and pressed it onto the sheet leaving her own bloody vow-"welcome to the Akatsuki, Numi Uchiha." Pain announced handing her the purple ring along with a cloak. She put the ring on her right thumb, and put the cloak over her shoulders. "Thank you Leader-sama." "You will work with Kisame and Itachi." he concluded, as he and Konan left the room.

"Congratulations, now lets go." Itachi stood up, as he and Numi left the base heading into the open field behind it.

"Training time, ‘Tachi-sensei!" she smirked, tossing her newly acquired cloak to the ground while tying her now short black hair into a small pony tail. "Come at me with everything you’ve got Numi. No holding back." Itachi motioned with one hand for her to attack. She smirked again, activating her sharingan, she lunged at him.

Sasuke sat up like a spring, in his bed, in the Leaf village. His dreams had awaken him, not the sun. the six year anniversary of his clan’s destruction. He was now fourteen, taller, smarter and a genin of the Leaf.

Today was the day, he hated most out of the entire year, on this day he would usually hide himself away from everyone in the village. But sadly he had a mission to complete with his squad. And it was his duty as a Leaf shinobi to complete it.

So, reluctantly, he pushed his blankets away and got out of bed. Heading to take a very hot shower.

After he was finished shower he got dressed in his black T-shirt and matching black shorts, putting his kunai holster on his right leg and his scroll on his belt, tying the bandages on his wrists, before a comb threw his spiky and unkempt, black hair. The curse-mark on his neck, the one Orochimaru had given him a little more than a month ago, wasn’t hurting today even when he activated his sharingan. ‘Maybe today wont be as terrible as I feared’ he thought to himself, tying his headband on, as he left his apartment in search of his sensei Kakashi Hatake.

Only to be told that Kakashi was in the hospital after being injured earlier that morning.

With a very annoyed sigh, Sasuke headed to the hospital and right as he was about to enter the room where Kakashi was he heard voices talking in hushed tones.

"So he is back?! In the village?" that voice belonged to Might Guy, another jounin of the Leaf village. "Yes. He is back." Kakashi’s voice replied. "But what is he after? Is it Sasuke?" Guy asked, seeming frantic. "No. He is after Naruto." Kakashi replied. "Itachi Uchiha is after Naruto?!" Guy sounded shocked. Then again so was Sasuke as he slammed open the door. "Itachi is in the village?!" Sasuke shouted angrily, and before anyone could stop him, he took off in search of his older, and murderous, brother.

~several hours earlier~

"‘Itachi-sensei why do I have to stay here?! Leader-sama said I was to work with you and Kisame-senpai!" Numi huffed, sitting on Itachi’s bed with her arms crossed. They had just gotten done with their training session when Kisame had reminded Itachi about a secret mission they had to embark on this day. "Because this is a mission Leader assigned to only Kisame and I, a long time ago, to capture the Nine-tailed fox." he told her, then saw the sad look in her dark liquid onyx eyes. With a very silent sigh he knelt down on the floor in front of her, taking a hold of her delicate chin. "I’ll return before the sunsets. Until then I believe Tobi has something set up for your birthday." he said, his red sharingan eyes, burning into hers. "Okay ‘Tachi-sensei. I guess I’ll stay here." she smiled at him, even though she knew he wouldn’t smile back. "Behave." he murmured to her before vanishing into a puff of smoke.

"TOBI-SENPAI!" Numi got up from Itachi’s bed and shouted Tobi’s name, walking out of Itachi’s room and heading down the long hallways of the Akatsuki Base. Only to run into Hidan, the person she detested most in the entire organization.

~several hours later [around the time we left Sasuke]~

"You will never have enough hate to defeat me." Itachi held Sasuke against the motel wall, as he activated his Tsukuyomi, genjutsu realm. Trapping his younger brother in a terrible genjutsu trap and knocking him unconscious. That was when Jiraiya appeared within the motel to protect Naruto and Sasuke, "Let’s go Kisame." Itachi dropped Sasuke to the ground as both Akatsuki members ran from the hidden Leaf village.

"Hey Itachi." Kisame spoke after a while of silent walking. "What?" Itachi answered, his voice cold. "Didn’t you tell Numi-san, you were going to be back before the sun set?" Kisame asked his partner, without his usual snarky tone. "Yes, I did. Why?" Itachi questioned not understanding his shark partner’s question. "It is dark out." Kisame stated motioning to the dark sky above them. "Shit." Itachi growled making a hand sign he vanished, reappearing in Numi’s bedroom.

"You forgot." she whispered, a catch in her voice. "I know I did, but Numi-" she pulled her red comforter over her head before he could finish talking. "Just go away Itachi." her voice hadn’t been this dark towards him in six years! He was amused and shocked by it. "No. You can’t get rid of me so easily." he said calmly, walking over to and sitting on the edge of her bed. "Go away! You promised you’d be back...you broke your promise..on my birthday!" that hitch in her voice was back as she pulled the covers over her head further. "Didn’t Tobi keep you company?" he questioned, his instinct to protect her kicking in. "He was gone. Deidara, Konan..everyone was gone! Except Hidan-baka. And that just made the whole day worse than if I had just been alone!" she was angry again, he could hear it. That instinct to protect was growing stronger in him. "What. Did. Hidan. Do?" his voice was cold as ice, while he tried pulling the blanket away from her face. But she wouldn’t allow it. Her strength was so much more than his was at her age! She was just about as strong as he was now! "I said go away didn’t I?! Dammit Itachi just leave. Me. ALONE!" she shouted from under the blanket. He sighed faintly and got up leaving her room to go to his own.

The next day Numi got up late, not having any dreams the previous night, her mood was more than glum, it was terrible. Solemnly she took a shower and got dressed, her lips turned in an uncharacteristic frown as she walked to the kitchen not even glancing at any of the other members, she headed to the fridge and pulled out an apple juice box.

She sat down at the kitchen table, her eyes glued to the dark oak. "Why so sad looking Numi, hm?" Deidara asked, sitting down in the seat directly across from her. "Burn in hell." she muttered giving him a dark glare, tossing her now empty juice box in his face, she got up and left the base heading for the small pond deep in the forest.

"What’s her problem, hmm?" Deidara growled, frustrated. "Everyone was gone yesterday, except Hidan. On her birthday." Itachi, who was passing the kitchen, informed him. "She was left with Hidan-san on her birthday, un?! Oh man!" Deidara sighed.

Numi sat quietly by the pond’s side staring at her reflection. The short black hair, with the dark eyes to match. There was nothing special about her, she was just so plain compared to everyone else in the organization!

Pain, was the leader, Konan could transform and control paper, Deidara was an artistic bomber, Sasori was the puppet master, Kakuzu the medical and financial genius, Tobi the subtle strongman, Hidan the immortal killing machine, Zetsu the hidden weapon, Kisame the jutsu wiz and Itachi the genjutsu master!

Who was she? The little girl who had to be babysat? Or perhaps the emotional wreck who didn’t even belong in the Akatsuki! She had no special abilities, except her sharingan but Itachi had sharingan too, so it didn’t make her unique or special in anyway!

"I’m so worthless. No one even remembers my birthday..and Hidan-baka calling me Itachi’s whore didn’t make me feel any better." she mumbled to herself, falling over onto her side and curling into a ball.

"Is that why you’re so angry?" Itachi’s voice came from behind her, as his reflection joined hers in the water. "I told you before, Go Away. Itachi." she grumbled curling further into a ball when he sat down beside her. "You are not worthless and you are most defiantly not a whore." he said, not making any efforts to get up or leave. "You’re just saying that." she grumbled, "No I am not. Besides, do you even know the definition of ‘whore’?" he asked, resisting the urge to smirk. "Um..no." she admitted softly. "What does it mean?" she asked, her curiosity over powering her sadness. "It means, someone who has had a lot of sexual relations with many different people." he informed her, as she blushed. "I’ve never done that, ‘Tachi!" she squeaked childishly. "I figured." he paused, "and Numi, you are not worthless. As it happens, you are stronger now than even I was at your age." he concluded, making her uncurl from her ball. "You’ve made me feel better sensei." she smiled at him.

"He’s going to be alright? Right?!" Sakura, Sasuke’s female team mate, asked frantically when Sasuke was brought into the hospital. "Yes, Sakura, he’s going to be fine as soon as Tsunade returns to the village." Kakashi patted the love-sick Sakura on the head. "Okay sensei." she sighed in relief, running her fingers threw the unconscious Sasuke’s bangs.

~five months later~

"Sasuke if you leave to go to Orochimaru! I’ll scream!!" Sakura yelled at Sasuke, as he headed for the Leaf Village gates. He had awoken from the Genjutsu trap two months ago when Tsunade had returned. And since that day he had begun to feel weaker than Naruto! The boy who was always a failure was starting to get stronger than he, so Sasuke had decided going to Orochimaru was the only way to get the power he needed to kill Itachi Uchiha. "I am going for power Sakura. It is the only way." he vanished from her line of sight, only to reappear behind her. "Thank you." he whispered to her before knocking her unconscious. Then left to go to Orochimaru.

"It seems Orochimaru has gotten a hold of your brother, Itachi." Zetsu’s white side informed Itachi late that evening. Numi had already gone to bed and was asleep. "In four years we will begin our quest to capture the remaining tailed beasts. It will be Numi’s job to spy on Orochimaru." Pain, who was rounding the corner into the living area, declared. "Understood. And I will inform her of that in the morning." Itachi said, as he walked down the hallways to his bedroom, happening to pass Numi’s door he looked in to see her asleep. Her lips curved in a smile, even while she slept. He hid his very small smile behind the collar of his cloak as he continued on to his room

Once inside his room he stripped off his cloak, and sat on his bed. Putting his hand over his left eye he began to think. He had always hoped to keep the fact that Sasuke was alive from Numi forever, but now it seemed that was entirely impossible. What with her assigned mission to spy on Orochimaru, she was bound to find out. ‘Four years at least. Until all hell breaks loose.’ he thought before laying on his back on the bed. Closing his eyes, Itachi had one last thought going threw his mind before he drifted into sleep. ‘Protect Numi, please always. For your brother’s sake..and your own’ he remembered the promise he made to Yumi, and he knew he could never ever let the woman he had loved down.

~Shiori side note :)~

Numi’s b-day: December 14

Sasuke’s B-day: July 23

Itachi’s b-day: February 18

Yumi’s B-day: April 25

~4 Years Later; May 14~

Numi, now 17, awoke with the sun shining on her face and the cool may breeze blowing threw her bedroom’s open window. With a smile, she ran her fingers threw her long black hair and headed into the shower.

Once done she got dressed, in red panties under her dark black shorts, with her net shirt over her lacy red bra, then pulled on her crossed dark red jacket zipping it up to her cleavage. Running a brush threw her still wet hair she put on the necklace Itachi had given her on her sixteenth birthday, it had a black owl on it with red eyes, then put on her Akatsuki ring. She was seventeen now, grown almost into an adult, she had become more womanly as Deidara put it once. Her legs long, her breasts large, her waist slim. But she had also become much, much stronger strength wise. Her sharingan was as strong, if not stronger, than Itachi’s, everything that could have become stronger was. Her speed, her body strength, her mental strength, Everything. And she was proud of herself.

"Hey Numi, Yeah! You gotta get going, un!" Deidara’s shouted as he pounded on her bedroom door, snapping her out of her thoughts. "One sec, Dei-kun!" she shouted back, grabbing her sword and sliding on her black sandals, she ran out of her room nearly knocking Deidara on his butt. "Later Dei!" she waved, running towards the exit of the hideout, but not before stopping to say goodbye to her sensei, Itachi. He was sitting in the living area, when she entered. "Forget something?" he arched his black eyebrow holding up her black backpack. "You just saved me a whole lot of trouble, ‘Tachi-sensei!" she thanked him, taking her bag and slinging it over her shoulder, she waved goodbye and ran out of the hideout heading deep into the forest and straight to Orochimaru’s Hideout.

It wasn’t heavily guarded, so it was fairly easy for her to slip inside without being noticed.

Silently, she walked the corridors noticing that the further she went inside the darker it became lit with only one candle every few yards. ‘Thank you sensei for training me in the dark.’ she silently thanked Itachi, because of that precise training she was able to navigate her way threw the dark corridors without getting lost. No one was around her, as she continued moving, but she listened hard just in case someone were to come along.

But as she walked she suddenly heard a voice getting close, pressing hard against the stone wall she listened.

"I should be training not searching for a supposed intruder! It’s probably just a rat or bird." it was a male’s voice and he was getting very close to her location, so close in fact she could see the light from his candle. It seemed she would have to take him down. Slowly, she pulled out her sword and as soon as the male was within two feet she tackled him to the ground. With one hand she pinned his and with the other she held her sword to his neck. "I can’t have anyone know I am here. For give me." she refused to look at the male, then slit his throat in one fluid movement, jumping off him. Reluctantly she looked down and saw that the male was just a boy. And he was younger than her! Most likely only 12 or 13.

‘Numi you can’t afford to feel remorse! You have to keep moving’ she ordered herself to move and that was exactly what she did.

"The intruder is moving quickly. It looks as if he is about to reach the room where He is training." Kabuto informed Orochimaru, pushing his glasses up. "Good." Orochimaru replied, smirking widely.

Numi reached a large door, at the very end of the corridor, listening closely she could hear grunts coming from within. Making a hand sign she vanished and reappeared within the room, high in the rafters. Hanging upside down she watched the person below, her long dark hair casting a shadow over her face and practically made her onyx eyes glow. [she didn’t want to activate her sharingan] The person, she realized, was a boy and he was training hard! Using very powerful jutsu, that exerted a whole heck of a lot of chalkra. He blasted dummy after dummy with some sort of electric type jutsu.

Then, suddenly, he stopped and looked up at the direct spot where she was hanging from.

"Who are you?" he literally growled at her. "Just a curious observer." she replied to him innocently. "That is not what a meant!" he growled again, without making a hand sign he shot one of his jutsu’s at her. She dodged easily, jumping down to the ground, she landed skillfully in front of him. "I’m the girl you dream about..and I’m the girl you’ve been wanting since you were little." she told him in a seductive voice, looking up to see his eyes. ‘Why does everyone in this world have to be taller than me?!’ she wondered for a split second as she took in his features other than his height. His eyes were dark black, like the night sky with no moon, his lips showed no hint of smiling and his hair was raven black, spiked in the back like a hawk’s feathers. Her observations took less than a second because in the next he was shooting another one of his jutsu’s at her. With a smirk she flipped into the air, putting her hand on his shoulder she flipped over him.

"Now to be fair electric boy, you should tell me who you are." she demanded keeping her sharingan inactive, as advised by Itachi, to keep her identity a secret. "I’m the man who is going to kill you!" he growled, punching at her only to have his fist deflected by her leg. "Nah. You’re not a man. You’re a boy!" she told him, kicking him in the chest. That was when he tackled and pinned her to the ground. Using his weight to keep her down. Seething his eyes turned red.

"Y..You have sharingan!" she gasped, completely and utterly shocked. "I’m an Uchiha. Of course I have sharingan!" he retorted angrily. And suddenly, for Numi, everything clicked together like a puzzle. The familiar hair, the voice, and those eyes.

Numi’s voice was soft when she spoke again. "Are you Sasuke..?" he eyes narrowed. "How do you know my name?!" he wrapped one of his large hands around her neck. "I..thought..you were dead.." she gasped, feeling his grip tighten, closing off her air supply. "Why?! Have you tried to kill me?!" "No..ten years ago..Itachi said..he said..he killed everyone..but me..!" she gasped for air, not trying to stop him from choking her, as she activated her own sharingan.

Sasuke’s eyes widened, everything clicking together in his mind. "Numi?!" she smiled even when her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "No! Stay with me!" he demanded releasing his grip on her throat, she gasped taking in deep gulps of air. He couldn’t believe this! Numi had been alive all these years! "You’re alive, Numi I thought Itachi killed you!" he exclaimed, more animated than he had been in the past 10 years. "No. He trained me, I’ve even joined the Akatsuki. See?" she held up her right hand showing him the ring on her thumb. Sasuke examined it, then sat up off of her so she could sit up too.

"So you actually know where Itachi is?" he asked after a few minutes of silence. He heard her laugh beside him. "Duh, Sasuke I live with the guy!" her tone was matter-of-fact. "Killing him is going to be easier than I thought!" Sasuke proclaimed, turning to her, only to see a pained look on her face. "You..want to kill ‘Tachi-sensei?" she asked, not believing he could say such a thing. "Of course Numi! He killed our clan! How can you not want him dead!?" Sasuke exclaimed, his anger and frustration rising. How could Numi not hate Itachi the way he did?! They were both there when Itachi had killed their clan! "He trained me. He’s been keeping me safe for the past ten years, Sasuke! You haven’t been around and you know nothing about Itachi! You know nothing about why he killed our clan, and just to let you in on a little secret, he isn’t as evil as you think he is!" she was steaming, her voice raised in anger. He rolled his eyes. "You’ve been brain washed, Numi." he shouted at her.

Numi seethed with anger as she lunged and pinned Sasuke to the ground, much like he had done, holding his arms down. "Take that back!" she hissed, her sharingan spinning dangerously fast. He growled back at her, his own sharingan spinning. "No." "TAKE IT BACK!" "No because it is true!" he retorted. "I’ll kill you Sasuke and this time I’ll make sure you’re dead!" she threatened, but he only seemed to hiss like a snake as strange markings began to spread across his body. "You have been brainwashed" he said pushing her off of him as he pinned her to the ground.

"No!" she mumbled, averting her eyes from his, a light blush making it’s way to her pale cheeks. "Now get off me!" she yelled at him, he wouldn’t let her up, just yet. "I’ll make you" she threatened raising her knees up around him. He smirked, "Oh yeah? Try it." he egged her on as she pushed her right knee between his legs. Rubbing against his hidden, yet most venerable, part on his body.

Sasuke bit his tongue the second her knee made contact, determined not to let her know how well her strategy was working and how much it was affecting him. "That it?" he mocked, a mistake on his part as she arched up her chest, considering he had her hands pinned to the floor, pressing her breasts against him. "You act, like it doesn’t effect you, Sasuke-chan," -her voice was seductive and playful-"but when I fight with Dei-kun he acts the same exact way when I do this. But after a few minutes, he gives up. And he has much more endurance than an eighteen year old bo-" before she could finish Sasuke’s mouth was on hers, biting her bottom lip.

Numi couldn’t help but fall into the kiss, as Sasuke pressed his own chest against hers, sucking on her bottom lip occasionally.

Within a few minutes of their intense kissing, Sasuke released her arms, to run his hand down her body. Unzipping her sweater and pulling it off of her as he did so. Numi’s hands slipped into his already open shirt and onto his shoulders, pushing his shirt off. Her hands roamed up and down his sculpted chest and arms. She’d never felt muscles like this before, sure all the Akatsuki guy’s were ripped, but she had never actually felt muscles on a male before. They felt like stone beneath her sensitive fingertips. She felt him shiver upon her touch, but he countered that by running his large and strong hands up her bare thighs making her squirm beneath him. Her fingers gripped, or at least tried to grip onto, his chest as their kiss broke. His lips attacking her neck as his hands unzipped and began pulling down her shorts. When they were down to her knees she kicked them off raising her legs up around him. "I am not..brainwashed.." she whispered, running her fingers threw his raven hair feeling his lips trail down to the neckline of her net shirt. His fingers pressing into her completely bare thighs, while he bit down on her collar bone. "You are" he growled against her skin, his hands pushing up her net shirt and tossing it over to where all the other clothes were. "No.." her voice was almost begging as he pulled her bra off, letting her large breasts free from their confinement.

Sasuke had never wanted some thing so bad in his life! He always thought his strive to get power and kill his older brother was the thing he wanted most in the whole world, bt now as he felt the way Numi squirmed when his hands touched her, when his teeth grazed her skin. It seemed that killing his brother was nothing in comparison to this feeling, this need, he had now.

He felt her run her fingers threw his short hair, as he kissed down her neck, down to her left breast. Taking her nipple into his mouth he heard her intake a sharp breath, when he bit down on the hard pink nub. "Mmm" she made a soft purring noise that made Sasuke feel even more turned on than before.

Once he had finished taunting her breasts he trailed kisses down her flat stomach, and slowly, he pulled down her dark red panties using only his teeth. "No...Sasuke...Stop.." Numi begged, squirming more under him, as he suddenly and without warning, pushed his tongue inside her wet, tight and untouched slower. Sasuke had never tasted something so sweet in his life! Even the sweetest dango treat, was nothing in comparison to this taste. To get better access to her flower, he pushed her legs apart further and shoved his tongue deeper into her. Her fingers gripped onto his hair as she moaned his name arching her back upward, when his fingers began to pinch and tease her clit.

While he pinched her sensitive clit, he began to suck on her flower while swirling his tongue within her.

"Ahhhh...S...Sas..Sasu..ke..kun..i’m..goi..going..to.." she was panting and moaning when her walls clenched around his tongue, as she came. He licked up all of her sweet juices, grinning. "I still believe you’re brainwashed." he told her, raising up to kiss her lips, giving her taste of herself.

She growled into his mouth, but that growl became a soft whimper when he began rubbing her entrance.

"Sasuke." Orochimaru’s voice came from outside the training room. That snapped Numi and Sasuke’s attention away from each other. For if Orochimaru were to walk in right at that moment he would see Sasuke shirtless hovering over a very naked Numi. "One minute." Sasuke growled in annoyance, getting up off of Numi pulling on his shirt. Numi made a tiger hand sign making her clothes reappear on her body as she staggered to her feet feeling very weak and spent. "Enter, Orochimaru." Sasuke shouted, standing in front of Numi slightly.

Orochimaru walked into the room with Kabuto in tow, a grin on his coy lips. "It seems you have captured out intruder." Kabuto sais, pushing up his glasses, observing the female who stood behind Sasuke. "You really did a number on her, didn’t you?" Orochimaru observed, the way the girl stood her hands just slightly on Sasuke’s back, she looked as if she would fall over at any moment, her eyes drooped and he could hear her panting from where he stood. "She is no threat." Sasuke’s voice was cold, normal for him. "She killed young Toko, earlier. How can you say she is no threat?" Orochimaru asked in a fake-concerned tone. "Because I will make sure she stays in line." Sasuke growled, turning just slightly to send a chilling glare at Numi. "So you wish to keep this little, intruder, as a pet?" Kabuto asked skeptically, his eyes on the girl who seemed unaffected by Sasuke’s glare, almost like she knew something they didn’t. "Fine, my boy, you can keep the girl, but you must keep your eyes on her." Orochimaru told him, then turned around to leave, but stopped at the door just before exiting. "Kabuto. Inspect her." he instructed, then left.

Kabuto couldn’t help but grin. " for privacy matters, I will take her to the medical room. Since she is your pet, you’re welcome to come Sasuke-sama." he said, pushing up his glasses. " let’s go." Sasuke growled, reaching out to grab Numi’s wrist. She made a small noise of discomfort, and stagged slightly to Sasuke’s side. "Follow me" Kabuto motioned for them to follow as he headed to the medical room.

Numi tried to keep up with Sasuke, but her body was so tired and drained from their previous activities. "I’ll know better not to use you up so much next time." Sasuke murmured just low enough for her to hear, picking her up and putting her on his back. "Yeah..next..time.." she panted softly in his ear.

Kabuto glanced back and was shocked at the way Sasuke acted towards this strange girl. She looked an awful lot like him, her eyes the same shape, but the dark onyx in Sasuke’s eyes was like hardened rock, while the girl’s were liquid, warm and inviting. Kabuto wouldn’t question Sasuke about the girl...Just yet....

The three walked into the medical room a few minutes later. "Put her on the table." Kabuto instructed, Sasuke glared but put the girl on the table. She laid there silently, her breathing returned to normal, and simply stared at the ceiling like she was in some sort of trance.

"Name. Age. Allergies. History." Kabuto questioned sharply, pulling out his clipboard.

"Numi. 17. Honey. My clan was slaughtered ten years ago. My clan is destroyed and broken." she used a cold voice, but Kabuto could tell she was just putting on a front. "Now for the physical examination." he mumbled to himself, pulling out a scalpel he couldn’t hide his grin. He moved closer to her, and when he reached out to undo her zipper her hand shot up like lightning, gripping his wrist. "You. Do not. Have permission. To. Touch. Me." she hissed threw her teeth, squeezing and crushing his wrist bone. She dropped his wrist and sat up, glaring at him with such intensity Sasuke’s glare was nothing in comparison. "Quite a grip you’ve got there." Kabuto amended, healing his wrist. "My sensei told me, all about your perverted ways kabuto. And believe me, I look a lot more innocent than I am. That’s why Leader-sama told me I was one of the best! Ranked higher than Hidan-baka actually!" Numi was smirking now, her liquid, onyx eyes smoldering.

Kabuto was shocked, then slowly he became embarrassed that he hadn’t noticed she was apart of the Akatsuki soon. The color of her clothes the ring on her thumb! Those were definite signs he should have picked up on. "An Akatsuki spy, sent by Pain? Sasuke I’m afraid this girl will have to be killed, not kept." he informed Sasuke, as Numi sat silently on the table not giving any hints of fear. "Akatsuki spy?" Sasuke hadn’t realized that was her reason for being there, he had just thought it was because she wanted to find him! This put him in a bind. "Yes. We will have to kill her so she reports nothing to that Leader of hers." Kabuto said, as Numi looked at him a very sly grin on her small lips. "What are you happy you’re going to die?" he asked skeptically.

"No. But I don’t think orochimaru will let you kill me" she finally spoke, glancing at Sasuke hoping he’d figure out what she was implying. [he did] She knew how things worked in this place even if she had only been there for a few hours. Plus the things Itachi had told her about the way Orochimaru had acted towards him, helped her case even more, Orochimaru valued the Uchiha blood line. He would never kill one, and he would defiantly never kill a female one, as Itachi had told her before she left, this would save her life. "You’re an Akatsuki spy, why wouldn’t Orochimaru-sama want you dead?" Kabuto sneered his was high. "I’ll show you why." she hissed, activating her sharingan. "My name is, Numi Uchiha. The last female of my clan left." she stood up and kicked Kabuto across the room, sending him crashing into the medical machinery. "And I surpassed my sensei a very long time ago." she finished, turning to Sasuke who looked pissed. "We need to talk." he growled, grabbing her wrist as they both disappeared to his bedroom.

In his room, Sasuke pushed Numi onto his bed before she could fight him, he pinned her down. He growled at her as she looked up into his eyes innocently. "Angry about the truth, Sasuke-chan? Or are you angry because you know I’ve been stronger than you since I was six?" she smirked as she spoke. Liking the look of intense anger that crossed his face. "You’re not stronger than me." he replied, incling his face closer to hers. "You. Have. No. Idea. How. Strong I am. After all, unlike you, my sensei doesn’t inject me with drugs to enhance my strengths." she moved her gaze to his neck and arms. Sasuke’s look became passive, averting his gaze from her, he hadn’t even realized how observant she was. The small needle marks on his neck and arms were barely visible to anyone who was actually looking for them, Kabuto even had a difficult time finding the marks. "You saw the scars?" he asked just to be sure. "My sharingan sees everything, even if it is well hidden. ‘Tachi-sensei has Mangekyo, but I have Tsugekyo. A very advanced type.." she replied her eyes running down his exposed neck. "Ten years changes a lot of things." he murmured, lowering his head so he could rest it on her shoulder. "It sure does.." she agreed running her hand down his back and in his silky hair. His breath was hot on her neck as he sighed. "I want everything back the way it was when we were little..but that will never happen will it Sasuke-kun?" she murmured into his ear, running her fingers down the back of his neck. "No Numi-chan..things will never be that way again, to much has happened, too much bad blood." he whispered back, closing his eyes, he breathed in her scent. She smelt like lavender mixed with red roses. She continued running her fingers threw his silky hair, daintily grazing his neck with her fingertips. She could tell he was tired just by the way his head was resting on her shoulder. "Get some sleep" she told him, only resulting in him shaking his head. "If I go to sleep you’re going to leave. And Itachi will never let you and I see one another again, until I kill him." even tired his voice held anger. Numi knew what he said was truth, not the killing part, but the rest of it was. Itachi would NEVER let her keep in contact with Sasuke, NEVER in a million years would Itachi allow this. "I promise on the seal of the Uchiha, I will not leave while you sleep." she murmured into his ear. "Fine.."he mumbled in defeat, but he still didn’t relax.

He wasn’t believing her, the tense feeling in his body proved that. "Sasuke get off me, and lay on your stomach." she ordered in a whisper, as he grunted and did what she asked. Calmly she sat up crawling onto him, sitting on his hip she pulled off his long sleeved shirt, revealing to her, his bare back. "What are you doing?" he asked "helping you get to sleep." she replied in a whisper, massaging his back. She applied chalkra to her fingertips to enhance the relaxing feeling, tracing the mark on his shoulder that looked a lot like his sharingan, then pressed her fingers into the curve of his lower back, earning a soft groan from him. That sound sent a strange jolt threw her, making a tight feeling arise in her lower region.

A little bit later she heard soft snoring coming from him, indicating to her that she could get off him. Which she did, moving to sit sideways on the only chair within the dark bedroom. Getting comfortable she let her guard down slightly, thinking over everything that had already happened on this mission.

Finding Sasuke, letting him touch her the way he did, revealing to Orochimaru’s right hand man who she was, and promising Sasuke she wouldn’t leave until he woke up! Itachi and Leader were going to kill her for sure.

She didn’t know how much time had gone passed, when a small squeak came from the ground. Activating her sharingan, she glared down to the ground seeing a few black mice scurrying towards Sasuke’s bed. ‘Oh no you don’t it took forever to get him to sleep!’ she shouted in her mind, tossing a few shurikin at the mice, except instead of dying they melted into the ground like ink.

It was then that the door creaked open, and a boy with short black hair stuck his head in. "Oi, Sasuke-san is in here." the boy took no notice of her, as he crept inside the room. "Wake him up kid. I dare you" she growled lowly, getting up from the chair her sharingan blazing in the darkness. The boy showed no real emotion, his eyes closed mostly, with a fake smile on his face, "oh I did not know Sasuke had a female shadow clone, guard." he said calmly. "If you wake Sasuke-chan up, I’m going to slit your throat and feed you to those irritating snakes that seem to be everywhere in this place! Got it?" she hissed her threat, clenching her fists. The boy lowered his head to look down at her, his eyes opening more, but as his eyes made contact with her’s he fell back on his bottom.

Sai stared up at the girl, his eyes open completely. Running his hand over his cheek, he realized he was sweating. ‘I have no emotions, but simply looking into her eyes cause me to fear her from the bottom of my heart.’ he thought to himself slowly getting to his feet.

This was the first time Numi realized the boy was wearing a Leaf village headband, only unlike Itachi’s, his did not have a scatch threw the symbol. "Don’t under estimate the uchiha." she hissed quietly. "I have come to take Sasuke back to the Leaf. His best friend Naruto and Sakura have come for him." the boy stood up and explained. "And you are?" she questioned, her hands on her hips. "Sai." he told her, his fake smile returning.

"I am not returning to the Leaf." Sasuke’s voice was low and angry. Both of them turned to look at the supposedly sleeping Sasuke. When suddenly...

THE room exploded!

In the next instant, the roof of the room was gone, and the ground which Sai and Numi stood on was in shambles. Sasuke, on the other hand, stood on the tall wall looking down at them, his shirt back on. "Sasuke." Numi mouthed his name, shaking her head, as she jumped up to the wall with him, sitting down at his side with her legs dangling down. "Stay quiet." he told her, putting his hand on his hip, "and watch." he concluded as Numi did as she was told.

A few seconds later a pink haired female ran out of the building into the open space and straight to Sai, shaking him. "Sai! What did you do?!" the girl yelled at Sai. Making Numi arch her dark eyebrows. "Well, well, well if it isn’t Sakura." Sasuke spoke, as the girl [Sakura] looked up at him her eyes watering. "S-sasuke" she whispered, right when two other males appeared. One with bright blonde hair, wearing a bright orange outfit, seemed to be about the same age as Sakura and Sasuke. The other one was older and had brown hair.

"Naruto." Sasuke said, his voice holding malice. "I guess Kakashi is milling around here somewhere too?" he questioned sarcastically. "Sorry, but Kakashi could not make it, I am Yamato, and I am acting as the leader of Team Hatake." the older man said. Naruto, the bright haired blue eyed boy with whiskers, looked up at Sasuke anger in his bright blues. "Sasuke!!" he shouted ‘so this must be that best friend...wait..’ Numi thought, leaning forward on the wall to examen the boy better. She realized she’d seen this boy before, not in person but she had seen a picture of him! "Naruto Uzumaki. The carrier of the nine-tails!?" She gasped a loud making them realize she was sitting there at Sasuke’s side. Naruto, specifically, looked at her. "What do you know of the nine-tailed fox?" he asked, his look confused. Sasuke was looking at her too. ‘This is no longer an observation mission. Leader-sama has to know about this.’ she thought to herself, flipping down from the wall, she landing directly in front of Naruto. With an open palm she hit his stomach in the precise spot that she had been told the tailed beasts seal was located. Placing an hidden tracker on his person. "Itachi-sensei will be happy I found you!" she smiled making her akatsuki cloak appear on her body, as she made three quick hand signs. "Akatsuki!" Yamato shouted, waving hand signs as wooden beams shot at her.

"Sorry, I cant stay and play, see you soon Uzumaki-san." Numi grinned, hoping back up to the wall, dodging all of the attacks thrown her way.

"I waited until you awoke. My promise is kept, now promise me you and I will find each other again, even if it takes another ten years." she whispered to Sasuke, gripping his forearm, leaning close to him. "I promise, Numi. And it will not take ten years." he promised, his onyx eyes burning into her sharingan. "Don’t lose yourself to Orochimaru-baka." she murmured to him, before pressing her lips to his. "Goodbye" she waved and vanished into a puff of smoke, like her mentor did.

Sasuke savored her kiss for a moment before lunging at his former team mates!

Side note:

Sasuke hates to think of Numi as being stronger than him, even though he knows it is true.

Sakura [I was going to add this part but I cut it out] was PISSED when Numi kissed Sasuke, she just didn’t say anything.

Numi implanted a tracer on Naruto so Itachi would be forced to bring her on the next mission to collect him.

Sai and Numi. They’ve seen each other somewhere before, that’s why Sai was so ‘scared’ wanna find out why??

Numi arrived at the Akatsuki base, angry and ready for a fight. Marching inside she went straight to her mentor, who happened to be awaiting her arrival in her room, with her fists clenched into tight balls. "You lied to me Itachi Uchiha!" she declared threw her teeth, he looked up at her his expression passive. "If you had known Sasuke was alive, you would have never concentrated on your training. You would have been too caught up in your emotions." his tone was soft, but not cold, almost like he was trying to be compassionate or remorseful for lying to her for the past ten years. "You made me believe...Sasuke..was dead! How could you do that to me?! Itachi-sensei, I don’t understand.." angry tears fell from her eyes, as she fell to her knees in front of him. "Look at how you act now, Numi. You worry too much about him." he murmured putting his hand on the stop of her head. "It is nearly midnight now, you look exhausted, get some rest. We’ll train more when you awake." he pushed up off her bed, and made his way to her bedroom door. "Sensei, wait. When I was there, the nine tails showed up..I put a trail on him..so next time you go after him, you’ll have to take me with you." she turned her head to him, to see his very slight nod. "Alright." he said before leaving, and shutting the door behind him.

‘Sasuke is alive...’ Numi thought to herself, crawling into her bed she pulled the covers over herself and drifted into a very deep and dream filled sleep.

"Where is Numi-chan!? I heard her return last night, all that yelling?! Tobi wants to play with his Numi-chan!!" Tobi whined to Itachi the next morning around 7. They were both in the living room, seeing as all the other members were still out on their missions [except Kisame but he is sleeping! :3]. "She is sleeping. Her chalkra levels were dangerously low when she returned." Itachi replied coldly his head inclined towards the book he was reading. "Wah?! Numi-chan, is sleeping?! But Tobi wants to play with her now!!!" Tobi continued to whine directly into Itachi’s ear. Itachi grit his teeth together, his eyebrows furrowing together closely in annoyance. "Cut the Tobi act. Madara. Why do you really want to see Numi?" Itachi growled, closing his book to glare into the open eye of the spiral masked man.

"Well then, if you’re going to get serious with me." Tobi’s voice deepened to a deep almost husky hue. "I want to see her because she is mine." he answered Itachi’s question with a bold statement of his own, making Itachi’s glare darken. "She will never be yours, so long as I am alive." Itachi growled again, but coughed into his hand once his words were out. He looked to see he had coughed up a small amount of blood, then took out a cloth and wiped the blood away. "It seems I wont have to wait long to claim her." Madara [tobi] grinned behind the spiral mask, seeing the blood. "No, I wont have to wait long at all." he repeated, before turning on his heals and walking out of the living room.

Itachi watched Tobi/Madara go, before getting up and heading to his own bedroom. Once within his room, Itachi began working hard on a jutsu that would have to be used when he passed on.

Sasuke walked down the halls of Orochimaru’s latest hideout, like he often did, only this time he was ready for a fight. Well, more or less.

He was heading towards where Orochimaru was located, to absorb him. There was nothing left that Orochimaru had to teach him, so it was well about time that he headed on his way to kill Itachi and finalize his goals.

Sasuke made it to Orochimaru’s chambers, where Orochimaru was in bed. "I am stronger than you now, I have no more use for you." he said boldly, as Orochimaru and he started their battle. [I don’t want to type the whole thingy :3]

A half an hour later, Orochimaru had been absorbed by Sasuke.

Sasuke left Orochimaru’s main hideout, heading for the Western location to find the three people he would be adding to his new team, Hebi (Snake). Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo.

Numi awoke in her dark room, with no sun shining in her window, but the moon’s light flooded in casting eerie shadows through-out the entire room. "Mmfmm. I’ve been asleep so long.." She yawned, stretching out on her bed, and sat up and running on of her hands threw her hair. She sat for a moment with her hand on her head, waking up, before realization hit her. She was supposed to have trained with Itachi! "Crap! He’s going to give me a lecture!" she muttered but as she got to her feet they slipped out from under her causing her to fall flat on her butt. "Wh..what? I feel so spent? After all that sleep?" she questioned aloud, using the edge of her bed to get herself back up onto it. ‘I didn’t use more than the normal amount of chalkra..yet I feel so drained of it.’ she thought to herself, before closing her eyes and falling back into her sleep.

"Itachi-senpai it’s been two days, what’s going on with Numi-san?" Kisame asked late the next night. "Nothing is going on with me, I was just..really tired!" Numi stepped into the kitchen, just as Itachi was about to speak on her behalf. She wore her hair up in a high pony tail on this night, with her regular shorts, net shirt and sweater ensemble, a smile on her lips. "Oh." Kisame sweat-dropped, rubbing the back of his head embarrassed. "Don’t worry Kisame-sama" she laughed waving her hand back and forth to dismiss him of his embarrassment. Itachi gripped onto her wrists suddenly, locking his eyes with hers. "Sensei?!" she gasped feeling a sharp jolt going into each of her wrists jerking them away from him. "We need to get you back into training." he told her his mouth hidden by the collar of his cloak as he closed his eyes. "A..alright Sensei." she agreed with a nod, looking at her wrists to see no visible damage on her skin and her sharingan couldn’t even tell the reason that the jolt had gone into her wrists. Shaking her head, she dismissed it and followed her sensei to train.

~1 and ½ months later~

"Itachi-sensei why do you have to do this?! I don’t understand." Numi confronted her mentor, Itachi Uchiha, with her arms crossed. She wore her Akatsuki cloak today, with her dark & long hair tied up in a high pony tail and her Akatsuki hat on her head, giving her the dangerous Akatsuki look. "It was set in stone for this to happen ten years ago Numi." Itachi replied in a mono-tone. They, along with Kisame, were standing outside the Uchiha secret meeting place the sun was high above them. "But..Sensei you don’t really have to fight Sasuke-chan do you? Please say you don’t.." she practically begged him. "Yes. I do. Now go with Kisame, to the border of this place and inform Sasuke when he arrives that it shall only be him who comes here. None of his team is allowed past, make sure of that." Itachi commanded looking to Kisame then to Numi. "Fine." she grumbled, while Kisame nodded as they both vanished.

"Two strong chalkra sources are coming in our direction and they’re closing in fast." Karin informed Sasuke and the rest of team Hebi. "Excellent." Suigetsu grinned, as they all skidded to a halt on a tall building just outside the forest’s border. Seeing two people in Akatsuki cloaks in their way, one was sitting on a post with a sword on his back with a hat on his head and the other was standing near the post but was on the tall building just like Hebi was, wore the same type of hat as the other only it covered the person’s entire face. "Sorry only Sasuke is allowed beyond this pont." Kisame raised his eyes to the four, removing his hat and dropping it to the ground next to the other Akatsuki member. "Good." Sasuke smirked, starting forward, but stopped when the unknown person put up one hand to stop him. "Damn it Sasuke! You’re really going to try to kill him?" Numi raised her head, letting Hebi see only her dark liquid onyx eyes. "Numi." Sasuke exhaled her name, walking to her without hesitation. "I had hoped to see you before the battle." he didn’t smile, but his eyes did. "Will nothing I say change your mind about fighting, sensei?" she whispered to him, tilting her head backward to look up into his hardened onyx eyes. "No, nothing you say can or will change my mind. I am going to kill Itachi." he explained before he put his hands on both of her cheeks capturing her head between his hands, then pulled he put his lips on hers kissing her deeply, so deeply in fact, that it made her knees go weak. "Come back to me alive.." she whispered, her eyes half closed, when then broke apart. He nodded then turned to Hebi. "Stay here, it is my vendetta." he stated with authority, his team all nodded, and he turned headed to where Itachi was awaiting him.

"Whoa ho ho. I can’t believe it, you’re old enough to have a boyfriend and to be kissing like that!? I can still see you as that little girl always holding onto Itachi’s leg! Ah, how time flies." Kisame commented with a chuckled. "Hey! Sasuke is most defiantly not her boyfriend! No way!" Kisame looked skeptically at the red headed female who had just spoke. "And you would be?" Numi asked calmly, not even bothering to glance at the loud-mouthed girl. "Karin." the girl responded quickly in a snooty tone. "Ah, it’s a pleasure. How long have you and Sasuke-chan been a couple?" Numi asked unzipping her cloak so that her entire neck and collar bones were visible. "We’re not..I only said that you couldn’t be his girlfriend because Sasuke-sama only has feelings for one girl." Karin explained trying to cover her tracks as the two boys on either side of her looked skeptical. The boy with white hair was snickering while the other bigger, orange haired boy was shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

"And, who would that female be?" Numi asked, honestly curious as she jumped onto the post beside Kisame. "He’s only said she was the only female in his clan left. And that she was insanely strong and beautiful." Karin said smugly, hoping to make Numi jealous. Only, her words made Numi blush and Kisame grin exposing his sharp shark teeth. "Well that’s too bad isn’t it Numi?" Kisame looked over to her, but she shot him a glare that made Itachi’s seem like a child’s stare. He sweat-dropped, then regained his composure and looked back to Hebi.

"So who are you two silent boys?" Kisame quickly changed the subject hoping to get Numi’s glare off his mind. "I am Suigetsu, you remember me don’t you Kisame-sensei?" the white haired boy was grinning like a mad man as he took the large sword off his back. "Yes I remember you." Kisame replied simply, then looked to the bigger boy. "Jugo." the large, orange haired boy said smiling slightly. "So, now you know who we are, now who are you two? You, are from the hidden mist, but you ugly girl have no headband." Karin said boldly, with a smirk on her lips. Numi looked passive, "I am from the leaf village. And I have no headband because I never graduated from the academy." Karin was snickering by the time she finished. "You are weak!! See that proves it, she could never be Sasuke-sama’s girlfriend." Karin shouted gleefully pointing her finger in Numi’s direction.

Within a blink of an eye, Numi was in front of Karin bending her pointed finger backwards until it made a sickening snapping noise. "You should never point at someone, it is rude. And for the record, I didn’t graduate because I left my village before I could." Numi said in a very cold and very dark voice. Karin was whimpering from the fact her finger had just been broken in three places, and her team was too shocked to move.

"Any more accusations, or names you want to call me? Straight to my face, Karin-san?" Numi smiled in a sickly-sweet type of way making Karin shiver. "N..no.." she stammered, as Numi returned to the post beside Kisame. "She has more anger issues than you Jugo." Karin whispered to Jugo beside her, "and she is such a slut, for kissing Sasuke when he likes someone else!" she concluded.

Unlucky for her, Numi had sensitive hearing. "I’m sorry, could you repeat that for me?" Numi eyes were closed, and her smile was fake as hell. "Numi! Stay calm!" Kisame shouted at her, but his words would not help. "I said, you are a slut. For kissing someone who likes someone else!" Karin was frightened, but stated her words boldly. "Hm..a slut you say? Kisame-san what did Itachi-sensei do to Hidan-baka for calling me a whore, that one time?" Numi turned her head to Kisame, her eyes slowly opening and the fake smile dropping. Kisame sweat dropped. "Itachi-senpai cut off Hidan’s arms, legs and head." he couldn’t help but grin thinking about that day. "And the word slut means the same thing right?" she asked, as he nodded. "So the punishment should be the same?" "She isn’t immortal" he noted, she shrugged. "Point being?" she asked, a smirk tugging at the corners of her mouth. "Sasuke may not like you killing his team." he responded. "Fine, I wont kill her, but I’ll make her wish she was dead." she now smirked devilishly, hopping down from the post, heading to Karin.

Jugo and Suigetsu got into protective stances in front of Karin, ready to fight, but Numi simply waved her hand and both boys were forced back. "Don’t call me a slut. Because Uchiha women are not sluts" Numi growled activating her sharingan and making a monkey hand sign with one hand. "S..Sharingan..l..like Sasuke’s!" Karin stammered staggering backwards. "My name. Numi Uchiha. Don’t mess with me." she hissed and just as she was about to lunge Kisame put his hands on her shoulders. "Itachi wont like you killing people." he said as she sighed. "You’re right, but.." -she activated her own personal torture sharingan realm locking Karin within it, temporarily so it would wear off in one minute - "that should teach her a lesson." she smiled darkly as Karin fell back on her butt staring blankly upward. "What did you do to her?!" Suigetsu shouted while Jugo shook Karin. "Genjutsu is a wonderful thing." Kisame chuckled swing out his sword. "I’ll handle this one." he told Numi who just nodded and hopped back onto the post watching the south, noticing the large unnatural storm clouds brewing. ‘Come back to me alive..’ she thought silently.

Before they knew it, Zetsu sprouted up from the ground near Numi. "It is done. Sasuke has won. Itachi Uchiha, is dead." his white side said, while his black side said "Sasuke was roughed up too, they have both been taken to the South base." Numi didn’t wait for any directions, she made a hand sign and vanished.

"She has no idea what is going to happen now that her protector is dead." Zetsu’s white side, said to Kisame after Hebi left to take the long route to the Southern Akatsuki base. "Madara will reveal himself to her?" Kisame asked "yes. And she is in for hell, worse than death." Zetsu’s black side commented as the two headed to the North base where Pain and Konan resided.

~3 days later~

Sasuke’s eyes flickered open slowly, finding himself in a dark room lit only by a candle. He was on a plush bed only two inched from the ground, and it took him a moment of taking in his surroundings to notice the feeling of something running over his mid section and right arm. Turning his head to the left he saw Numi leaning slightly over him in her full Akatsuki cloak. "Numi..?" he whispered just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. "You got hurt..badly..Madara-sama..instructed me to heal your wounds..and no more." she said softly, not meeting his eyes. She wouldn’t let him know nor see what Madara had done to her so she had her cloak completely zipped up and make-up on her entire face. "Is..Itachi..did..Is he really dead..did I really kill him?" he asked, sitting up. "Yes, he is dead. You killed him.." she replied her eyes locked on his wounds that were slowly healing under her finger tips. "Numi, why do you look so sullen? Is it because Itachi s dead.?" he questioned trying to get her to look at him. "It’s not that Sasuke..it’s nothing.." she responded taking her hands off his wounds. "You’re lying." he reached up with his left hand, trying to touch her face but she pulled back from his reach. "Please, just drop it." she whispered, "how long have I been out?" he asked dropping his hand back down to the bed. "Three days." she answered her voice becoming more sullen and sad. "Tell me what’s wrong!" he demanded. "I..can’t.." she whispered in response. "You can." he was still feeling weak but he glared at her. "You have no idea..how much I want to tell you..Sasuke-chan..but Madara-sama has told me I can not." she told him, her sighed and used his left hand to reach out and bring her to his level, kissing her deeply. Her lips responded to his, as she put her hand on his, closing her eyes she let his tongue into her mouth.

"You don’t listen very well do you Numi?" a deep voice came from the darkness, immediately she broke away from Sasuke and moved away from the bed. "I..I know how to listen Sama.. I..I’m sorry." she pressed herself against the wall obviously scared of this mysterious person. "Who are you?" Sasuke turned his head in the direction of the darkness. Slowly the person stepped out of the darkness, wearing a spiral mask and all black.

"I am Madara Uchiha, a survivor of the Uchiha clan." the man in the mask said, "last time we met I was your enemy, this time I am on your side." Madara said grinning beneath his mask. Sasuke’s eyes widened as he saw the sharingan threw the eyehole in Madara’s mask. And slowly, in Sasuke’s right eye the Mangekyo sharingan activated as Amaterasu attacked Madara’s left shoulder making him scream out in agony. Sasuke’s eye began to bleed as he covered it with his hand and Madara came back out. "It seems your brother left you with a power to protect yourself from me." Madara chuckled. Numi pressed harder against the wall, when his gaze passed her. "What do you want?" Sasuke asked his tone darkening. "You are going to help me destroy the Leaf Village." Madara told him boldly. "No..!" Numi let the word slip out of her mouth. Madara walked straight up to her gripping her upper arms so tight she yelped, knowing they would leave bruises, looking up at him helplessly. "You have no voice in the matter. You have only one job and you know what that is!" he hissed pulling her away from the wall then slamming her back against it causing the back of her head to smack against the hard rock. "Yes sir!" she yelped, scared of what he would do next. Fortunately he let her go and turned back to Sasuke. "Why should I help you destroy anything? And you have no right to put your hands on her like that." Sasuke slowly moved to get out of the bed. "You will help me, or I’ll kill her right here and now." Madara retorted, reaching out and grabbing Numi’s throat. She made a small noise as he squezzed. "You see, emotions make you weak. Sasuke, it would be better for me to kill her right now actually." he growled, but to his surprise he felt nails digging into his wrist. He turned to see Numi gripping onto his wrist. "You..cant..kill me..and you know it Madara!" she gasped her make-up disappearing as she struggled, showing to Sasuke for the first time the small line of purple that surrounded her right eye and the cut below her left eye. "How I love that spark within you." Madara chuckled throwing her to the floor. "Now Sasuke you will help me, considering your lady here is sworn by her blood oath to follow orders and one of those orders is that she stay wherever I am at all times. So, less you help me, I will order her to never see you again." Madara’s voice was passive, but he knew Sasuke would never pass on the opportunity to stay with Numi. "Numi?" Sasuke asked, turning his attention to her. "He speaks the truth." she replied painfully, ashamed to look at him. "I’ll help you. But if you ever put your hands on her again I’ll kill you." he growled, "alright your team should be here in about an hour or two, so until then I will be out. Numi watch him.i will return when it is time to tell young Sasuke the truth about Uchiha Itachi." Madara said gleefully before vanishing.

"Worthless..Stupid..dammit!" Numi was pacing around room, her eyes watering. "Numi calm down, everything’s alright." Sasuke carefully got out of bed and went to her, wrapping his arms around her to the best of his ability. "You have no idea how not okay everything is! Sasuke..you don’t know what he has planned.." she lowered her head, her dark hair coming loose from it’s pony tail to cover her face. "You’re right. But is there anything I can do..to make you feel better?" he asked his voice low in her ear. She shivered involuntarily, loving the way it felt to have him hold her the way he did. Slowly, she turned to face him. "Let me finish healing your wounds, so they don’t get any worse." she walked him over to the bed, helping him lie down, but as she went to climb onto the bed with him, he put up his hand to stop her. "No cloak." he said sternly, making her suddenly nervous. Reluctantly she removed her cloak, then got onto the bed and gently straddled his waist; running her fingers over his stomach she healed the wounds there before moving her hands to his injured left arm.

"Did he do this to you?" Sasuke asked after a few minutes of silence, running his index finger over the fresh, long, red cut on her lower neck. "I’ve had so much worse.." she replied with a sad smile her eyes locked on his left arm while she healed it. "You should have seen the way I looked after Itachi-sensei taught me endurance! I couldn’t see or even get out of bed for a full week and a half." she giggled nervously trying to lighten the mood and change the subject off of Madara. She hoped he would laugh, but he only snarled angrily.

"Are you almost done healing my arm?" he asked impatiently, his voice cold. She lowered her eyes and finished healing his arm. "There.."she mumbled, going to get off him, only he grabbed her wrist to stop her. "Let me, thank you properly." he murmured, running his both of his hands up her sides over her long sleeved shirt then back down resting them on her hips. "Properly?" she blushed deeply, realizing that beneath this shirt she wore nothing, for her bra was built into it. "Yes." he responded, running his hands back up her sides only this time his hands had slipped beneath her shirt pulling it off of her and tossing it to the floor. He smirked upon seeing her bare chest, and her breasts free from their constraint.

"See something you like?" she asked, leaning down to kiss him. "Definitely." he growled playfully, undoing her pants, then pulling them off of her with a light tug. "How you torment me.." he groaned softly, as she pulled off his pants rubbing his member while she did so. "Only because I know you like it." she replied softly, moving her head down to kiss his neck while she rubbed her panty covered clit against his growing erection. "Numi..!" he groaned her name threw gritted teeth, as she slowly pulled off his boxers running her fingers over his now visible member. "Ugh...don’t!" he demanded lowly hooking his fingers into the waist band of her dark blue panties before pulling them off of her.

"Have you ever done this..Sasuke-kun..?" Numi asked, her voice full of nervousness, while she gently stroked his chest. "No, have you?" he asked her the same question. "No..b..but Konan-sama...told me..it will..h..hurt.." she replied, stammering slightly as he stroked her face. "We don’t have to.."he said gently, only to have her shake her head. "No, I want to Sasuke..I want you..all of you" she lowered her head and kissed his neck, he smirked and slowly lifted her up by her waist lowering her onto his fully erect member. She clenched her fists on his chest, biting down on his neck, feeling the sharp pain surge threw her body. "Ahh..it..hurts..mmm..why are you so big..?" she whimpered against his skin, as he with held a groan.

They both stayed still for what seemed like ages, before Numi shifted her hips, raised up then slammed back down on his member surprising Sasuke so much he let out an airy moan. "No more pain?" he asked just to be sure, "none.." she moaned in his ear as he bucked his hips up, while she bounced on him, sliding his member in and out of her wet and tight cavern.

Not too long later he rolled so that he was on top, thrusting hard into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly moaning and begging him to go faster. He complied, lowering his mouth to her ear, biting and sucking on her earlobe made her moan louder. The husky panting and low groans he let out made her that much closer to her climax. "Ugh..Numi..I’m so..close" he groaned thrusting harder into her. "Me....Too..!" she moaned clenching her fists on his back as he nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck biting the sensitive flesh there as they both came.

Numi clung to him as he shivered above her. "Sasuke-kun..can I ask you something?" she whispered when he rolled off her, pulling the sheet over both of them. She laid her head on his sculpted chest listening to his rapid heart-beat. "Anything." he replied running his fingers threw her hair. "Have you ever been in love?" "With one girl, yes." he answered. "Can I ask..?" she asked hesitantly, "you" he said simply and matter-of-factly. "I love you too, but your team..should be here any soon..maybe we should get dressed..?" she kissed his chest, then his neck, then his lips. He kissed her back before sitting up and pulling his lips from hers. "Yeah. You’re right." he agreed, as she nipped at his chest playfully before they both got up and helped one another dress.

Just as Sasuke finished zipping up Numi’s cloak, his team ran in. Karin was the first inside and the first to start speaking. "How on earth did, You get here before us?!" she asked, her hands on her hips. "I, unlike you, am a sworn Akatsuki member. I have connections." Numi said, the bliss from the sexual release running threw her veins making her feel mellow. "You three are to listen to every order you receive from anyone in the Akatsuki, as well as the orders given to you by me." Sasuke said with authority, wrapping his arm around Numi’s wait. "From you and the Akatsuki, does that include her!?" Suigetsu asked skeptically, only to have Numi shake her head and pull away from Sasuke’s grasp. "I believe he meant the orders given to you by him and me." Madara stepped out of the darkness, his spiral mask in place.

Everyone, except Numi, turned to look at him. "Call me Madara." he commanded, as Hebi nodded. "Madara-sama." Hebi said in unison. "Now, Numi-san, please take these three" -Madara motioned to Karin, Suigetsu and Jugo -"to the West hideout. I need to have a private chat with Sasuke." he told her, as she softly nodded. "Yes sir." she activated her sharingan and pulled on her Akatsuki hat, "follow me Hebi." she used her authority voice, and Hebi looked to Sasuke, who nodded, then followed Numi out of the hideout.

"Now Sasuke. It is time to tell you the truth of Uchiha, Itachi. And how the Leaf village ordered him to kill the Uchiha!" Madara began to tell Sasuke the true story about his Brother’s life.

"The west hideout." Numi gestured to the rocky cliff that rose high above the ocean below. "It looks kinda dumpy." Suigetsu commented, sitting on a rock with a cup of water. "We don’t live in this one. It is mostly for meetings..or meeting up." Numi told him, looking out at the bright blue sky above the ocean that crashed against the jutted rocks below. "Well, the sight is beautiful." Jugo said joyfully, as Karin huffed. "I don’t know why they would let such a weakling into the Akatsuki." "Will you shut up, Karin, she already kicked your ass twice remember that broken finger of yours?" Suigetsu and Karin began arguing making Numi and Jugo sweat-drop.

The sun was setting when Sasuke and Madara arrived. Sasuke looked disheveled and sad, with an instant glance at his face Numi knew. Madara had told him the truth about Itachi. This made her blood boil, it had been Itachi’s wish for Sasuke to never have found out about the Uchiha past and Madara knew that! "Madara Uchiha. How dare you go against Itachi-sensei’s wishes! How, dare you!!" she shouted, in Madara’s direction her sharingan blazing. "He had a right to know." he answered simply. "No! You did it out of scorn! You did it because you were jealous of sensei! You Baka!!!" she shouted charging at him, only to have Sasuke wrap his arms around her waist to stop her. "Calm down." his voice was full of emptiness. "Sasuke.." she mumbled stopping her attack, to look up at his face. It was cleared of all emotions, and she knew now what she had to do. Activating her sharingan, she locked eyes with him sending them both into her Tsugekyo realm.

Both Sasuke and Numi stood in her realm, on the blue grass under the green sky. "Let your heart talk Sasuke-chan..tell me what you hide." she whispered. He looked at her with his blank expression until memories that his heart had locked away came flying into his conscious memory. In this particular sharingan realm, it made people unable to hide truth even from themselves and made them think with their heart not their mind. But the strange side-effects of this realm were the exact reasons Numi had only used it once before. The first side effect was that she herself saw all that the person in the realm relived and saw, which wasn’t as bad as she made it seem.

But the second side effect was one that took a tole on Numi’s mind and heart. The second side effect was that she had to see everything she had locked away in her own heart! Every memory she had locked deep inside would be unlocked over the course of three days. Though, it was worth it to help Sasuke.

They both stood in her Tsugekyo realm for a long time, watching Sasuke’s memories of Itachi, his family and everything from his child hood, motionless. When he had relived all of his memories her Tsugekyo ended and they were both standing in the same place on the rocks with the setting sun and the ocean beneath it. Only a few seconds had passed in the real world.

Tears streamed down Sasuke’s cheeks and dripped onto her hair. She hugged him tightly until his scrubbed away the tears roughly. "We will no longer be called Hebi, we will now become Taka. And Taka has only one goal. To destroy the Leaf Village." Sasuke announced to his team and to the two Akatsuki, turning to face them all. [Numi & Madara 2 Akatsuki] Numi gripped onto the back of his shirt. "No.." she whispered under her breath, she hated war more than her sensei did. "We will move to Korizuka town tonight. We will stay there for five days to plan out our attack." Sasuke turned to everyone. "Hai, Sasuke-sama." Taka said in unison as everyone, including Madara, Numi and Sasuke heading towards Korizuka town.

Numi trailed behind sufficiently her mood low. She did not want to destroy her old home, Itachi had carved the promise into her back for a reason. No one, not even Sasuke, noticed that she wasn’t in view of them, which made her slightly sad yet slightly happy. As she jumped from tree to tree heading forwards, she suddenly came to halt when she noticed a woman sitting on the tree branch she was about to jump on.

She skidded to a halt, flipping onto the tree branch that the woman sat on. "Numi, you’ve finally come." the woman looked up to Numi, letting her get a good look at of what she looked like. The woman had medium length black hair with matching black eyes, her skin was deathly pale and she wore a strange yet familiar outfit, but the oddest thing about this woman was that her throat was slit from ear to ear. Looking closely at the woman’s outfit, she realized it was a leaf village ANBU outfit. Even though Numi saw all of these things, she stayed relatively calm. "Who are you?" she asked, the woman stood up at that moment. "It has been ten years, almost eleven, but I assumed you would remember your own big sister!" her voice was gargled and horse, from the slit throat. Numi’s eyes widened. "N..no! You’re..dead! ‘Tachi-sensei killed you that night! Your throat is slit for damn’s sake!" she shouted stepping back until her back hit the tree trunk. Yumi raised her sickly pale hand, " I am dead. But I am not gone. And to prove it." -Yumi stepped forward and gripped Numi’s wrists sending a sharp shock threw her, just like when Itachi had gripped her wrists all those weeks ago.-"look!" Yumi hissed in her gargled tone, showing Numi that on her wrists were bleeding tattoos that reassembled the Uchiha crest. "N..No! Those weren’t there! This is genjutsu!" Numi cried hysterically, tears dripping from her eyes. Yumi’s cold dead eyes stared into hers. "No. It is no genjutsu, these tattoos prove that you are always protected by myself..and another. Madara will never be able to kill you, if you put up a fight and believe in yourself." Yumi said, as she was joined by another shadowy figure. "Numi. You cannot let them destroy the Leaf village. Find a boy named Gaara, in the sand village remember him? He has a package for you, it has instructions in it for what you are to do." the shadowy figure told her solemly, as Yumi let go of Numi’s wrists and put her cold hand on her younger sister’s cheek. "You promised to be the best kunoichi to come out of the Uchiha clan. Prove that to me. And you promised me, Itachi and yourself you would protect the Leaf Village at all costs. Follow through on that, no matter how much you love Sasuke. The oath you made to the Akatsuki happened after you made your promise to me, so it does not matter any longer. Protect the leaf!" Yumi whispered, as she and the shadowy figure began to disappear. "But Yumi! Wait!" Numi screamed, tears filling her eyes again. "Yumi-ONEE!!! come back!!" she screeched as Yumi vanished completely.

"Numi..wake up.." Numi’s eyes snapped open, hearing someone whispering in her ear. She sat up quickly looking around to find herself in a hotel room on a plush king-sized bed. "Was it all a dream?" she rubbed her head looking around until she spotted a note. Getting up she went over and read it.


You passed out on the way. If you read this and I am not there, I have gone to the hot springs. I’ll be back soon enough. I love you.

Sasuke Uchiha.

She sighed softly, and made a hand sign making a towel appear on her body with all of her clothes put neatly in the drawers, as she left the hotel room and headed down to the hot springs, knowing that was were she would find the man she loved.

Upon entering the hot springs, it was hard to see, if it hadn’t been for Sasuke’s light sighs she would have never been able to tell that he was in there at all. Stripping off the towel, she stepped into the hot water. Slowly and stealthily, she swam in the water creeping up on her lover.

When his back came into view, she was extra quiet creeping up on him. She with held a small giggle seeing he had a little towel folded on his head, then when he sighed once more she took her chance.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulders slightly jumping on his back as she pressed the whole bare front of her body against his back, making him blush. "I found you." she whispered in his ear, before kissing the very back of his neck. "You did." he chuckled, turning to her gently pushing her back until her back was pressed against the tile wall of the hot springs. "So where is everyone?" she asked, looking up at him innocently, feeling that he was just as naked as she was. [completely] "In their rooms, it’s almost midnight anyway." he informed her, kissing her forehead. "Oh? So we’re in here all alone?" she asked, arching her eyebrow curiously. "Yes, and I intend to take advantage of that..and of you." he grinned, pressing himself against her making her blush, as she felt his erection against her inner left thigh. "You do? And who said I would let that happen?" she arched her eyebrows higher, a smirk tugging at her lips. "You don’t have to, I know you want me." he grinned once more before he kissed her collar bone, biting on it playfully...his hands moving upward slowly, towards her breasts....


Taka means Hawk

Hebi means snake)

 Sasuke’s hands slid up to Numi’s breasts playing with them as she looked up at him helplessly. "You’re going to take me here and now Sasuke-kun..?" she asked softly as he grinned. "No. But I am going to make you want me to." he played with her hardened nipples making her arch up against the wall giving him full view of her flawless neck, along with the deep red cut that still lingered beneath her neck, the cut that made his blood boil. "Sasuke.." she whispered, biting her bottom lip to hold in her gasp of pleasure. "Give in..it’ll be better if you do.." he cooed twisting her hard nubs making her tense and arch upward more. She continued biting her lip until a few lines of dark red blood spilled down her chin, and down her neck until it hit the water. He leaned his head down to her neck, licking up the fresh blood that had just come from her lip and grinned at her. "Am I hurting you?" he asked, locking his onyx eyes with hers, letting his hands drop from her breasts, resting them on her hips under the water. "No.." she replied softly before wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him as close to her as she could, then reached up and kissed his lips full on. His erection twitched against her thigh growing, if possible, even larger. "I think someone is a little excited." she smirked into the kiss, wrapping one of her slender legs around his waist, pulling herself even closer to his erection underneath the water. "Damn" he grunted then felt something warm and hot dripping down his neck from where her arms were holding onto him, breaking the ‘sexual’ mood.

He reached back around his neck, grabbing her arms and pulling them from around his neck, so he could look at them properly. He looked at the under side of her wrists, as Numi watched his expression go from curious to furious in an instant. "Let’s go." he pulled away slightly in order to unhook her leg from around him, then -still holding her wrists- he pulled her with him out of the hot springs then made a hand sign so they both vanished, only to reappear in the empty hotel room that she had woken up in.

"Sasuke-kun..what’s wrong?" Numi asked keeping her eyes on his face, as he had her sit on the edge of the large king sized bed, with him standing over her. Sasuke released her wrists, showing the blood that was now on his hands. "Why would you cut yourself?" he growled, the moon light that shined into the room, made his eyes look like icy rocks of darkness compared to the rest of his body that was covered half in shadows and half in moonlight. "I’ve never cut myself, Sasuke!" she defended shocked that he would even make an accusation like that. "Then explain the blood." he growled again, showing her his hands, then pointed to her wrists. She flipped them over, seeing the bleeding wounds located right on her vein lines. "I..I didn’t..! I wouldn’t!" she stammered, then activated her sharingan. Seeing that beneath the blood were the two tattoos that..Yumi had shown her. But..that had been a dream..hadn’t it? "They’re tattoos.." she licked away the blood, that had finished pooling on her right wrist showing him the uchiha crest tattoo that reside there. "When did you get tattoos? And why would they bleed?" he looked very skeptical; but sat beside her, completely ignoring the fact that they were both still naked, and examined the tattoos. "I got them...today actually..and they stung..so they bled.." she explained, hoping he would believe her lie. Apparently he did, because he took her left wrist and licked the blood off, making her blush darkly. "Sasuke.." she moaned his name feeling his other hand massaging her thigh. "Shh.." he put his lips on hers, pushing her down onto the bed flat under him. She made a small noise and kissed him in return, but within a few moments of their kissing she put her hand on his chest urging him off of her. "Mm..Sasuke-chan..stop.." "What’s wrong?" he questioned, his hand resting on her thigh, confusion and lust in his dark eyes. "Tell me something.." she looked up at him. "What do you want me to tell you?" his dark eyebrow arched. "Your..life after the massacre.." she ran her hand over his chest. "You really want to know about that?" he asked skeptically. "Tell me!" she begged her eyes liquid and inviting.

He kissed her forehead and with a heavy sigh he began to tell her the story of his life after the massacre.

"I graduated the academy at twelve, top of the class. I was put on squad 7, Team Hatake, with Sakura Haruno, Kakashi Hatake -our sensei- and Naruto Uzumaki. Sakura was the one person I detested the most. She was always hounding me for dates, always telling me how much she had a crush on me, letting that crush get in the way of her own training and focused only on me. Kakashi was a good sensei, he taught me chidori but he didn’t teach me enough to get as strong as I am now. He also had sharingan in one eye, though he didn’t have Uchiha blood like you and I. The Leaf called him ‘the copy-cat’ ninja. Naruto, was a different story. From when we were put onto squad 7 he was always picking fights with me, we always fought against each other to get stronger..he ended up getting stronger than me..so I went to Orochimaru to gain more power quicker to..kill Itachi" - he paused for a moment clearing his throat, his eyes on hers - "and I did..Our Squad had one mission before returning to enter the chuunin exams. During the second round Orochimaru made his first appearance in my life. He gave me a curse mark, and told me to come to him for power. It hurt, but it made me more powerful than I had ever been! I had so much power, so much strength and I liked it..though it made using sharingan hard. So Kakashi sealed it for me, and I even made it to the final exam to face a sand Ninja named Gaara." -her eyes widened just a bit, but he wasn’t concerned he simply thought it was due to what he was saying -"the match was interrupted, by an attack on the village and by the end of the day the Third Hokage was dead. The day after..was when Itachi made his first visit to the leaf village in ten years." he concluded, rubbing her thigh with his thumb, his solid onyx eyes still locked on hers. "Now, tell me about your life.." he commanded, in a silky soft voice. "Itachi trained me..night and day until I couldn’t walk or move..he’d give me three days to rest then we would return to training..I worked under him and Kisame-sama going on lots of missions..’Tachi even taught me how to kill without leaving a mark. When I turned thirteen Pain-sama let me become a full fledged Akatsuki member..Itachi sensei was so proud of me..." -she laughed softly, trying to hide the hitch in her voice -"my life..was so much more boring compared to yours.." she concluded. "Exciting.." he repeated softly his eyes burning into hers. His tone made her want him, she was able to push that want aside before but the way he looked at her now, she couldn’t hold back her desires and she knew he wouldn’t either.

"Sasuke.." she whispered putting her hand over his on her thigh. "Numi.." he replied, squeezing her thigh roughly making her let out a soft noise of pleasure. "Kiss me!" she ordered smirking up at him. He did as ordered and kissed her deeply, continuing their make-out session from before only this time it was intensified. She wanted his touch, she yearned for it and as his hand inched it’s way up her thigh her anticipation grew higher. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him halfway on top of her, while they continued to make out. The only sounds in the room came from their soft breathing and the sound of their lips synchronizing together. He bit her lip when his aching and hardened member began to rub against her clit, making her tense up. "Mmm" she moaned softly against his lips, her hands moving beck to his chest. "Want all of it Numi?" his voice husky and rough as he teased her by only putting the tip inside of her. "Mm..yes..please.."she gasped arching up against him. "Good girl.." he grinned, getting off the bed to stand at the edge he pulled her by her ankle to the very edge so her legs dangled off the edge of the bed. She looked up at him innocently, seeing his smirk. "You look venerable." he smirked wider, "why are you going to take advantage of me?" she asked, her eyes smoldering like a wild fire. "That is exactly what I plan to do." he flipping her over so she lay on her stomach, he put his hands on her hips as she blushed. "Ready?" he asked, "always" she replied gripping onto the bed sheets as he thrusted his member into her flower from behind, he continued thrusting powerfully into her making her gasp, moan and pant. He soon lifted on of his hands off of her hips and ran it over the strange scars on her back. "You..have..scars..on your..back..why?" he spoke threw his teeth, groaning the last few syllables. "They’re...a..promise..!" she gasped as her climax was reached. Sasuke thrusted a few more times before shooting his seed deep within her womb, making them both cry out with pleasure.

About twenty minutes later, both Sasuke and Numi laid next to each other under the covers of the bed. She was in his arms, her head on his chest. "What is the promise..?" he asked out of curiosity, stroking her hair. "It was a promise to Yumi-onee..to protect things precious..I begged Itachi-sensei to carve it in for me..so I would never forget.." she lied, hoping he would not be able to tell and he didn’t. "Oh." he murmured, then kissed her hair. "Goodnight." he whispered in her ear. "Goodnight..and I love you..no matter what." she replied in a whisper to hide the hitch in her voice, for she had decided that tomorrow would be the day, she betrayed him. Tomorrow would be the day she would finally return to her home. The Village hidden in the leaves!

Numi awoke before the sun, with Sasuke’s strong and muscular arms around her bare waist from behind. She shivered slightly when she was fully awake, as she carefully wiggled out of his grasp thankfully he didn’t even stir. "I do love you..no matter what..happens." she whispered under her breath, pulling on her clothes but she left her Akatsuki ring on the bed side table so that the sun would reflect off of it, when the sun did rise that is. When she was finally dressed she tied her long dark hair up in a high pony tail, putting her kunai holster on her right leg, then took one final look at Sasuke.

He laid peacefully in the bed, his upper body uncovered but the lower was -by the thin white sheet- his hair was unkempt much like it was even when he was awake. His lips were parted just slightly giving him a childish look, though she knew he was no where near childish.

"Goodbye..for now..and I am..sorry. But I have to keep my promise to Yumi-onee.." she leaned down, kissing his forehead, before vanishing from the room to the Sand Village.

Little did she know, Sasuke had been awake since the moment she had wiggled away from him and had heard her final goodbye.

Numi wandered the streets of the Sand Village, her eyes their normal onyx not wanting to draw any unneeded attention to herself. But she was completely lost, not knowing where in this damned village she could find the boy named Gaara.

After a while, she decided to ask someone. "Excuse me miss?" -she walked up to a kind looking old woman - "Do you know where I can find a boy named Gaara?" she asked with a kind smile. "Oh? You mean Lord Kazakage? His office is on that hill over there, the one that over looks the village." the woman pointed and smiled. "Thank you." Numi thanked her, running in the direction of the hill.

"Kazakage-sama, a girl by the name of Numi wishes to speak with you." the Kazakage’s secretary ushered Numi into the large, yet tidy, office. "Get out of here." the Kazakage had his chair turned so that he was not visible, and he appeared to be looking outside at the Village. "Yes sir." the secretary bowed respectfully then left shutting the door behind him. "You are Gaara?" Numi asked, her arms crossed and her sharingan activated. The Kazakage turned showing her, his face. "Yes. And you are Uchiha, Numi I presume?" he had opal colored eyes and wild untamed red hair, much like Sasori’s had been. "You’re that boy! The boy who had Shikkaku!" she said amazed, of course she had heard that he had been saved by Leaf village ninja. But she had helped extract Shikkaku from the boy! "Yes. But you are not here to discuss that with me. You are here for the package that was left by Uchiha, Itachi. Correct?" he asked in an ‘I already know you are’ tone. "So it is here." she mumbled holding out her hands for the package. He went the corner of the room, where a closet was located, pulling out a rather large box and putting it in her out stretched hands. Then on top of it he placed a packet of paper. "I have no idea what is in the box, but you are to be a shinobi of the Sand sent to the Leaf by my orders to stay there and become a part of Team Hatake. You simply have to give this to the Hokage and you’re duty can be fo-filled." he walked closer to her, holding out a sand village headband. "Put it on the box.." she instructed, he did, and she turned to leave, but not before saying a quiet thank you to him.

"Wait one moment Uchiha." Gaara called forcing her to stop. "Yes?" she turned only her head to look at him. "The Sand Village is backing up your mission 100%. Do not betray the Leaf or my Trust." he told her, his gentle opal eyes narrowing slightly. "I will not Kazakage-sama. I give you my word as an Uchiha." she told him before vanishing into a puff of smoke into the forest, to a spot that it would take her at least another day to reach the Leaf Village gates.

"Sasuke Where is Numi?" Madara asked as the meeting finished at about 10 a.m that same morning. "She left this morning to keep a promise to her sister." Sasuke explained, Madara’s visible eye widened. "The promise on her back?!" Madara shouted. "Yeah." Sasuke answered calmly. "And you’re not planning on stopping her?!" Madara demanded angrily. Sasuke shrugged, "No." "You have no idea what that promise carved into her back says she will always Protect the Leaf village, no matter what." Madara informed him. "That’s not what she-" "SHE LIED! Damn this is going to put a very large bump in the plan." Madara shook his head angrily. "Why would she lie?" Sasuke muttered, crossing his arms. "She has always followed Itachi. In both attitude and strengths. But I assumed she would forget that promise, sadly, I was wrong." Madara shook his head again putting his thumb and index finger to his forehead, well to his mask. Sasuke clenched his fists hard. "When I find her again.." he didn’t complete his threat, but the intention of it was clear. He was going to make her regret the decision to betray him, by the only way he knew how. "Itachi always had a backup plan for when he died.." Madara sighed to himself as he and Sasuke began working on the new plan to destroy the leaf Village.

Numi sat on the forest ground, with the large box in front of her and the paper work stuffed beneath it so that it would not blow away. "Let’s see what you left for me ‘Tachi-sensei.." she opened the box to find; a note, an outfit, a sword, a mask, a kunai holster and pouch, and a Leaf village headband, within. "Tachi-sensei you’re very strange." she mumbled picking up the note, written in Itachi’s hand-writing.

‘Numi Uchiha,

You’re reading this, because I am dead. Either of Sasuke killing me or of the disease finally catching up with my heart. The outfit is a Leaf village ANBU one. Yumi picked it out for you a very long time ago. The headband belonged to her. I figured you would want it. You are the strongest kunoichi to come out of our clan, just as you promised Yumi all those years ago. You are the only one now, who can truly stop the destruction of the Leaf Village, the only one who can stop Madara. You will only tell your new squad the intentions of Madara. You will be a great hero and I pass on my Will of Fire to you. Do not let your feelings towards the Akatsuki effect your goal.

Itachi Uchiha.

Numi had tears in her eyes as she laughed softly. "You’re so strange sensei.." she pulled out the ANBU outfit examining it carefully. ‘He was preparing for his own death..’ she thought to herself as she quickly changed into the outfit, setting fire to her old clothes. "Not a bad fit.." she commented softly, grabbing the mask she put it on half-way as she tied her hair into a high bun, sticking two senbons Konan had given her into it, as she put the sword on her back and the Kunai holster on her left leg. She hid the two headbands in the Kunai pouch and put the mask completely over her face, picking up the packet from Gaara and the note from Itachi, she headed for the Leaf Village.

~1 and ½ days later~

Numi headed out of the Hokage’s office after giving Lady Tsunade the papers from Gaara, the ANBU mask covering her face, as she set out in search of Hatake, Kakashi.

She walked down the familiar streets of the village, specifically avoiding the Uchiha compounds, until she came across a man sitting in a tree reading a book. This man matched the description the Hokage had given her of Hatake Kakashi. "Hatake, Kakashi?" she called at him, the man looked down. "Uchiha, Numi?" he countered. "Hai!" she nodded, lifting her mask slightly to show her sharingan eyes. He closed his book and dropped down to the ground in front of her, she recovered her face with the ANBU mask to hide her eyes. "Lady Hokage explained what you’re here for. So we might as well skip the small talk and find the rest of the team." he gestured for her to walk along side him until they came across three teenagers, all about the same age as Sasuke.

‘These kids..I remember them from when I first found Sasuke.’ she thought to herself, keeping her arms behind her back. "Oi! Kakashi-sensei! Why’d you want us to meet you here?" Naruto, the bright eyed blonde haired boy, whined with his hands behind his head. "Shut up Naruto!" Sakura yelled, smacking him upside the head. Sai was quiet his eyes on Numi, trying to figure out who she was behind the mask. "Guys, this is a new addition to our squad." Kakashi motioned to Numi with one hand. "Another addition?!" Sakura asked, looking confused at Numi. "Yamato had urgent matters to attend to in the Sand Village. This, for the time being, is his replacement. Please introduce yourself." he said gesturing to her again.

"We should do introductions, in a more secluded place. Follow me if you will." Numi suggested, walking to an abandoned building she had passed earlier.

Once they were all inside, she put a seal on the door and windows so that no one would be able to enter or see inside.

"Now. Please allow me to properly introduce myself." Numi took off her ANBU mask letting it drop to the floor. "It is a pleasure, if I may say, to see your three again. Sakura, Naruto, Sai." she smiled in a sickly sweet way that made the tension grow higher. All four, Kakashi included, watched her carefully each holding a kunai ready to attack if needed. "My name. Is Numi Uchiha, and I was supposedly killed ten years ago in the Uchiha massacre. I am here in the village now, because my deceased sensei ordered me here after his death. The reason, I made a promise to protect this village with my life." she explained, keeping her sharingan deactivated to show them that she had no fear nor any intentions of fighting. "Uchiha?! Like Sasuke..?" Sakura asked softly. "Yes. Exactly. And now that you bring him up, he is heading to this village soon with Madara Uchiha, his team of three and the remaining Akatsuki. And he is not coming ‘home’ he is coming to take revenge for what happened to his brother. My sensei sent me specifically to team Hatake, because you are the only ones who know him well enough to help me stop him. The bond Sasuke once told me about, between you Naruto and himself, seems to still effect his heart even if he wishes not to admit it." -she paused taking in a deep breath of air - "so.. Will you help me?" "We will help!" Naruto declared looking to see that the rest of his team was nodding. "This isn’t the report Lady Hokage told me, so I expect that this is a secret between us four?" Kakashi asked, Numi nodded. "How do you know that Sasuke is attacking the village?" Sai inquired, his expression passive. "I was there when he declared it." she replied. "You were with Sasuke-kun?! When?!" Sakura asked quickly, her green eyes bulging. "I was with him..yesterday.." Numi confessed. "Your sensei was Uchiha Itachi?" Kakashi wasn’t asking a question he was stating a fact. Naruto and Sakura’s eyes bulged further. It wasn’t enough that she had just been with Sasuke, but her sensei was the notorious Uchiha Itachi too?! "yes. He was. And none of you will cast judgement on him. If you do I wont be so easy to work with." Numi narrowed her eyes, activating her sharingan. "Calm down. We will not say anything bad about your sensei." Kakashi had his hands raised defensively.

"So where are you staying, Numi-san?" Sakura asked after a long silence. Numi shrugged. "Here probably." oddly enough Sai and Naruto shouted at the same time. "NO." Numi, Sakura and Kakashi looked at the two, puzzled. "Well, you have to stay somewhere so we can keep an eye on you, and since Sai and I are roommates and there’s still a spare bedroom. She should stay with us. After all two people watching her is better than one right?" Naruto explained quickly, Sai nodded in agreement. "Will you be okay staying with two, eighteen year old boys, Numi?" Sakura inquired quietly. "Hm..let’s see..I’ve lived with all 10 Akatsuki guys, since I was six..I think I can handle living with two!" Numi laughed, picking up her ANBU mask from the ground. "It’s dusk now. There is nothing we can do tonight. We’ll meet in the 3rd training grounds tomorrow at noon." Kakashi said firmly. "You two" - he pointed at Sai and Naruto -"Watch her like a hawk watches a mouse." he ordered before vanishing into a puff of smoke.

"Uh..does he do that a lot?" Numi asked, sweat-dropping. "Too many times to count."Sakura and Naruto sighed in unison. Sai remained passive, his expression more emotionless than Itachi’s was on a bad day. "So any of you know a good place to eat? I’m paying." Numi smiled in a friendly way, holding up her black flame wallet. "Follow me!" Naruto shouted, motioning for them all to follow him to his favorite ramen shop.

"This is the best ramen shop in the whole village." Naruto grinned as they all sat down. "Oi. Hello Naruto, Sakura, Sai. Who’s this? A new friend?" the chef asked, a smile on his withered face. "This is Numi, she’s a new addition to our team!" Naruto gushed, his mouth full of ramen noodles. "Well it’s nice to know that you, Sakura, wont have to be the only girl running around with all the boys anymore." the chef smiled at Numi kindly as she ate her ramen quietly.

"That was good ramen." Sakura yawned lightly as they all walked her to her house.

"Good night Sakura-chan." Naruto waved, before the rest of them headed to the boys’ apartment."

"So you really know where Sasuke is?" Naruto was ambushing Numi with questions left and right since they had arrived at the apartment. Numi sat on the floor, her head resting on the back of the couch, close to Sai’s knee, [he was sitting normally on the couch] watching Naruto pace back and fourth in front of them. "Yes." she sighed. "You know, Naruto, it’s almost midnight. We should really get some sleep." Sai suggested, making Naruto huff. "Fine! But when you get up you’re going to have more questions to answer!" Naruto declared.

Numi nodded and got up, heading into the room Naruto had told her would be hers. "Good night." she muttered, closing the door, she went to her bag that she happened to have with her. She changed into black shorts and a red tank top, putting her sword and ANBU outfit into the bag and putting that on the bed side table. Without a sound she crawled onto the bed and laid there, staring up at the dark ceiling.

After a while of silence, something small hit the closed window in the room. Numi jolted upright and quickly headed to the window. Opening it quietly, she climbed onto the sill, to see none-other-than Sasuke Uchiha sitting in the large tree right outside the window. "You found me that quick? Your good, Sasuke." she sneered, her eyes taking in his apparel. He wore an Akatsuki cloak over his usual outfit, except he no longer wore the bow made of giant yarn. She lowered her eyes to hide the sadness within them as she stepped back into the bedroom, leaning only her head out the window to look at him. "You lied to me Numi." he spoke lowly his tone angry as he jumped into the bedroom with her. "And you lied to yourself." "What about?" he growled, his sharingan blazing. "Naruto told me, you had two goals. Kill Itachi and revive your clan. You’ve done one, what about the other?! And did anything I just say sound like ‘Destroy the Leaf Village with Madara Uchiha’?!" she hissed darkly, keeping her voice low so that the sleeping boys within the house wouldn’t hear. He glared at her, then reached out and gripped her forearms tightly. "Shut up Numi." he growled, "let go, Sasuke." she ordered, activating her own sharingan. "My goals are different now." he told her. "And what are they now?" "Destroy those who destroyed my brother!" he explained tensely. "Our goals are completely different.." she whispered, deactivating her sharingan, bowing her head. "What are your goals?" he demanded shaking her slightly. "Restore my clan..rebuild it here in the Leaf, and make sure Madara dies!" she hissed, pulling out of his grasp. "Too bad your life end here, then." he held his sword in his hand. "Sasuke..No!" she shouted unable to move her body for some unknown reason. He advanced, his arm raised his sword high above her and just as he swung down at her neck...she jolted up right.

Numi was sitting in the dark bedroom, the moon shining threw the still closed window near the bed. Running her hands threw her long dark hair she shivered. ‘All a dream..’ she confirmed, but just to be sure, she crept out of bed fixing her tank top she walked to the window checking outside there was no one in the tree and no one on the streets below. With a very heavy sigh she realized she wouldn’t be getting any more sleep any time soon. ‘He’ll find me and I’ll be ready’ she thought calmly, leaving the bedroom. Sasuke’s image was burned into her mind, him about to slit her throat. She couldn’t take it, she went into the living room and laid on the couch curled into a fetal position she remembered the night she had her promise carved into her back.

~Flash back. Nine Years ago~

"Tachi-sensei..can I come in?" Numi whispered opening Itachi’s bedroom door a crack late one night. "What’s wrong?" Itachi sighed still half asleep. "I...had a nightmare.." she whispered moving close to his bed, she kneeled on the floor her head resting on the edge of it. "Yumi was telling me to protect my promise..to always protect the leaf Village.." she was on the verge of tears, her dreams lately had been nothing but Yumi telling her to do things. "Numi" he sighed again sitting up, his eyes only a quarter of the way open, patting the spot beside him. She got the hint, getting up on the bed. "As long as I live. You will never have to worry about that promise." his arm wrapped around her small shoulders. "Tachi-sensei will you carve the promise into my back?" she asked softly, leaning her head on his shoulder. "Alright." he yawned getting up, as she knelt back on the floor in front of him. "This type of pain will hurt worse than anything you have even felt before. You will pass out." he warned, lifting the back of her shirt as he took out a fire edged kunai, as he slowly began to carve the promise she had made to Yumi into her back.


You’re up early." Naruto’s voice jerked Numi back into reality. "Yeah, well nightmares are a pain in the ass." she muttered, as he sat down beside her. "Yeah, they do. You know I used to have nightmares all the time after Sasuke left the village." he told her, helping her sit up normally [She had been in the fetal position.] "Why do you assume..my nightmare was.." she trailed off, not wanting to speak His name. Naruto looked at her sympathetically and decided to drop the subject.

"You do know it’s only 2 AM. You should at least try getting back to sleep." he suggested, as she gave him a sidelong glance, her onyx eyes made him shiver. It was like staring into the liquid darkness of night much like it had been with Sasuke, only her eyes were more hypnotic and exotic making him almost blush. "I’m just going to have more nightmares." she sighed, wrapping her arms around her, now, raised legs. Her hair cascaded down over her shoulders and face making her eyes glow in the dark shadow. "I’ll stay with you while you sleep, if it’ll make you feel better." he offered, his tone quiet and his cheeks a dark red -which he hoped was hidden by the utter darkness of the room-. She glanced over at him, through the curtain of her dark hair. "You would do that for Akatsuki scum?" she whispered in disbelief. "You’re not scum! You’re here protecting our village! Numi Uchiha! So of course I will." he smiled genuinely at her, his blue eyes sparkling when the moonlight entered threw the living room window. "You’re very kind Naruto-chan." she mumbled, leaning her head on his broad shoulder, as she fell asleep..her dreams pleasant.

"That girl! Zetsu find her!" Madara shouted, flipping over the table in the meeting room. "Alright" Zetsu’s black side growled as he sunk into the wall, heading to search for Numi’s location.

"She’s not going to let herself be found easily, Madara-sama. You know that better than any of us." Konan said dully, standing beside Pain, looking to Madara calmly. Sasuke, Suigetsu, Karin and Jugo stood silently watching. Sasuke was holding back his growls of anger. ‘I will find her. Myself.’ his thoughts were dark as Madara gave team Taka the mission of gathering the 8-tailed biju. "We will hunt Naruto." Madara said sternly, "In three months time." he finished. Taka nodded and set off.

Naruto lifted his head off the back of the couch, when the sun’s light shined on his face. "Mm..I must have fallen asleep too." he yawned, stretching his long arms upward. "I got up right before dawn. You were asleep." Sai’s calm voice came from the kitchen, he walked out with a half eaten bagel in his hand, he wore his regular ninja clothes. "Oh." Naruto commented, looking around, noticing that Numi was no longer on the couch. Sai, seeing that Naruto was looking around, cleared his throat. "Oh. Uchiha-san is gone. Don’t ask where, I have no idea. She was gone when I woke." he told Naruto. "Shit!" Naruto bolted up from the couch and rushed into his clothes, pulling on his headband, he ran to the door throwing it open. "Come on! We gotta find her!" he shouted at Sai as both boys ran out of the apartment, going separate ways wearing headsets to keep in contact, to search for Numi Uchiha.

Numi shuffled her feet while she walked through the uchiha compounds, memories flickering in her mind as she passed every building.

"Oh Numi dear! Care for some dango this morning?" Numi snapped her head over towards her grandmother’s dango shop, hoping to see the kind and gentle face of her grandmother. But sadly she only saw the boarded up windows of the empty building. A lump formed in her throat as she continued shuffling down the streets.

When she reached her childhood home, she had to stop. Her eyes grew damp and tears spilled over onto her cheeks.

Without any warning or her permission her sharingan realm, Tsugekyo, activated sending her into her own deep, hidden and forgotten memories.

~Flashback 11 Years ago~

"Sasuke-chan?! Where are you!!" Numi, at age 6, called looking around everywhere in the forest. It was getting dark and she couldn’t seem to find him any where! Until suddenly she was tackled her back on the ground with Sasuke on top of her. "I’m right here!" he laughed, smiling down at her. "You ar-" she stopped, as a man with long, dark spiky hair walked past the two children. She had never seen anyone who looked like that before, and to her fear he stopped, turning to them. "Don’t worry little ones. My name is Madara." the man smirked as Sasuke and Numi stared up at him terrified. "You’ll meet me again in ten years." his dark eyes were on Sasuke, before he turned and walked back into the darkness of the forest.

"T.that guy was creepy. He scared me Sasuke-chan!" Numi whispered, hiding her face in the crook of his neck. "It’s okay Numi-chan. He’s gone now." he patted her head.

After a little while of silence, Sasuke spoke. "Hey..Numi-chan..I have a question." his voice was quiet and shy. "Hm? What is it?" she asked, her face still hidden. "Will..you be my first..kiss?" she looked up at him, both of their cheeks bright red. "O..okay..Sasuke..." she replied, as he slowly inclined his head to put his lips on hers copying, or at least trying to copy, what he had seen Itachi do when he kissed Yumi.

"Numi! Sasuke!" Yumi’s voice came threw the trees, and in a second she was there standing above them. "HEY! You two. Cut that out! Your too young to be kissing!" she shouted trying to stay mad, but it was very hard for her not to laugh at the cuteness of the two children. Her voice, though, made both of them jolt and roll away from each other blushing darkly.


Numi snapped back to the present when he wrists began to burn terribly, almost like her flesh was being ripped from the bone. With a sharp gasp, she turned her wrists to see the tattoos were gushing blood. She grit her teeth, unable to doing anything about it, as the pain grew more intense.

"Uchiha-san! Where hav-" Sai called, but stopped, seeing Numi kneeling on the ground. He took off running to her, seeing the dark red blood dripping from her wrists to the ground where an already large pool had already begun forming. "What did you do?!" he shouted reaching her, he grabbed her bloody wrists making her cry out in agony. "DON’T TOUCH!" she screeched as her body emitted fire against his hands, burning him.

Sai gazed at Numi with a blank expression, pulling his hands from her wrists. Examining them, he saw that his flesh was scorched on both hands, he shook his head. "Uchiha-san, I am only trying to help.." he shoved his hands deep into his pockets. "My wrists...Ugh...they hurt.." she growled unintentionally at him, knowing that he had meant no harm, while the blood flow from her wrists slowly ceased.

"Here." Sai pulled bandages from his kunai pouch on his belt he slowly wrapped up her wrists careful not to touch her bare skin. Numi made only one whimpering sound, and when he was done she thanked him. "Thank you Sai-san.." she murmured before her eyes closed and she passed out.

Sai’s eyes widened catching her in his arms, still being careful not to touch her bare skin, touching only her clothes. "Uchiha-san?! Uchiha-san??" he shook her, but that only resulted in her head snapping back and forth. "Numi Uchiha!" he shouted again, getting no response he realized he would need help from a medical ninja. He knew he had to get her to Sakura. So with his lightning fast speed, he put her on his back and ran to find Sakura. She wasn’t at home, so he decided to head to the Hokage’s office, where he knew she would most likely be found.

Rushing into the office, his assumption was correct, Sakura and Tsunade were talking to one another and looked up upon Sai’s entrance. "She passed out!" he lifted Numi off his back, holding her unconscious form bridal style.

Sakura took action immediately, while Tsunade observed her student and talked with the Geezer frog [Jiraiya’s teacher]. "What was happening before she passed out?" Sakura questioned, her hands glowing as she worked over Numi -she was now laid on a table-. "she was in the Uchiha compounds, her wrists were bleeding a lot and she somehow burnt my hands when I touched her skin. After I bandaged up her wrists, she simply passed out." he recapped the events that had happened only twenty minutes prior. Sakura put her hand on Numi’s forehead and immediately jerked her hand away. Her hand, just as Sai’s had been, was scorched. "Lady Tsunade." Sakura called, Tsunade got up from her desk and walked over to Numi. Putting her hand, too, on Numi’s forehead, and just like the others her hand was scorched from an unknown fire. "Her body has some defense. We’ll need to move her to the hospital, until she awakes." Tsunade ordered as Sai picked her up, again careful not to touch his skin to hers, and left the Hokage’s office heading to the hospital.

Sai knew he had no emotions, but this girl in his arms made his heart beat like a humming bird’s wings, made his palms sweat, and when she would say his name it sent shivers up his spine. She brought up an emotion in him, he couldn’t figure out. He knew that when he had free time he would have to read the rest of the books on emotions in the library.

"The Hokage said to being her here, but to tell you be careful. Do not touch her bare skin for it will burn your hands." Sai informed the main nurse when he arrived at the hospital. The nurse smiled kindly at him, assuming Numi was his girlfriend, and led the way to a vacant room with a bed. "You can lay her down there, I need to fetch Dr. Fumiku." the kind nurse said, exiting the room. Sai watched her go, then laid Numi on the bed coving her with the thin white sheet.

"We’ll take good care of her." the nurse from before said quietly reentering the room with the doctor. Sai looked at them for a moment and gave a genuine smile then walked out, with one last glance at Numi, he headed to tell the rest of team Hatake about Numi’s location and condition.

"What do we do if she doesn’t wake up?! Or that Madara guy and the Akatsuki attacks the village while she’s still knocked out?!" Naruto shouted. "We will wait three days. If she doesn’t seem to get any better or wake up; We will go to the Hokage with the information that we already have." Kakashi stated firmly. "Three days." Sakura and Naruto muttered in unison. Sai stayed quiet, like always. Kakashi nodded and vanished.

"Sakura, Naruto. Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Sai asked just as the others were about to leave, they both nodded. "There is this...feeling...inside me. Every time I am near Uchiha-san, my heart beats faster, my palms sweat. But I don’t understand, what the feeling means..or what it is. Do either of you know?" he asked, his expression blank like always. Sakura was giggling madly, her hand covering her mouth, while Naruto chuckled, his hands behind his head casually. "You like her, in more than friend way. You’re in love with her!" Sakura told him, Sai blinked a few times before answering, "In love with Uchiha-san? In love with the girl who murdered my brother?" he said his thoughts aloud. "She killed your brother?!" Naruto shouted clearly astonished by that information, his bright blue eyes bulging. "But Sai you told us your brother got sick then died. You said nothing about him being murdered." Sakura added only to have Sai put his hand up. "He did get sick, but only because of Uchiha-san’s ocular jutsu." Sai mused, before launching into the events that happened five years prior, when his brother was still alive.


"Nii-san, we need to get back to Danzo with our information! If those two spot us, we’ll be in a heap of trouble." Sai whispered, he was only fourteen, to his ‘brother’ Tumki, as they observed the two cloaked figures below the tree they were in [that’s what I’m calling him. Deal with it]. "then keep quiet and we wont be noticed!" Tumki yelled back in a whisper.

"You two are strange...’Tachi-sensei what are we going to do?" the female, who had just been below the tree, voice came from behind them. Tumki and Sai turned swiftly to see both the cloaked people standing on the branch behind them. The male had his cloak zipped all the way up hiding his lips, the female was younger and seemed more animated than the male. "Use the newest technique." the male said coldly.

Sai and Tumki looked confused and stayed still, but Tumki made the mistake of looking directly into the female’s, entrancing and blazing, red eyes. "Cold death." she mouthed those words as Tumki fell backward out of the tree and onto the ground.

"What did you do?!" Sai questioned, jumping down to help Tumki up. "You have three days." the girl smiled her eyes returning to their original liquid onyx color. Her features and smile, made Sai blush. She couldn’t have been more than a year younger than him, but her chalkra was skyrocketing.

"Let’s go." the male ordered, as the duo turned to leave. Sai reached out his left hand. "Wait!"- only the female turned, her eyes seemed to liquify more [if that were possible] as she arched her black eyebrow- "Who are you?" he asked desperate to know the girl’s name. She gazed at him for a moment, her eyes seeming to take in every detail of his face. Her lips pulled up in a small and mysterious smirk, "I am an Uchiha.." she murmured, before she and her older companion vanished into the darkness that was closing in around the forest.

Sai watched them go, helping his brother back to Danzo and the village.

Three days later Tumki became ill and died.


"Whoa." Sakura and Naruto said in unison. "Uchiha-san seemed to admire that sensei of hers. It seems almost...sad. To think of how long it has been." Sai shook his head lightly, "Perhaps we should call it a day." he finished as the three headed back to their homes.

~Later that Night around midnight~

The hospital halls were dark at midnight, lit only by a few candles, and within Numi’s hospital room the only light came from the small repetitive blinking red dot that came from the heart monitor, that monitored her steady heart rate, and the respirator, that kept her breathing. Her eyes were wrapped in bandages and some how the nurses had been ablt to dress her in the regular hospital gown. And as a request from the hokage, the window was open letting the cool air from the night blow into the room.

Unaware to anyone, directly outside the hospital a dangerous threat lurked in the trees.

"Her scent leads here." Zetsu’s white side commented, while he stood in the tree a little ways away from the hospital [yes there are lots of trees]. Quietly, he scaled the hospital wall and hopped into Numi’s hospital room. "Madara will be excited to hear about this!" His black side chuckled darkly, as he moved close to her bedside. "Information transfer jutsu." his white side mouthed the words, touching his white index finger to her forehead, transferring all the new information about Madara, Sasuke and the Akatsuki plans to her as she lay unconscious. "Konan’s orders complete." his black side grumbled. "Madara’s orders to locate Uchiha Numi, incomplete." His white side sighed. "Cant we just tell Madara where she is?! And end this nonsense." his black side growled. "No. She swore to follow the Akatsuki until the day Uchiha Itachi passed on. That day came and went. She no longer has any obligations to the Akatsuki." his white side explained, then pulled out Itachi’s headband from his pants pocket and placed it on the heart rate monitor -knowing she would find it eventually-. "You would." his black side mused, as he left the hospital and the Leaf village heading back to the Akatsuki base.

"Numi’s Scent drops off in the Leaf village. Checking everywhere, there was no hint of her location or of her ever being there." Zetsu’s white side reported as he returned to the base around Seven AM the next morning. "That little girl is going to be found! Whether she likes it or not! I’ll lure her out with bait if I have to!" Madara shouted angrily, punching the wall nearest to him knocking it to ruble. "The nine-tails is the last Biju we need to capture. It will be the final battle, the Leaf will fall. That will force that she-devil out of hiding for sure." Madara concluded. "Four months. We will attack just as planned. Right Sasuke?" he turned to Sasuke, he had been listening and watching silently. "Four months." he agreed with a single nod.

"Get the hell away from me!!" Numi shouted at the top of her lungs, swatting her hands at the nurses who had entered her hospital room to check on her around noon that same day. Numi still had the bandages over her eyes, but her other senses were kicked into high gear, so she could pin-point locations. "Miss. Uchiha!" the nurses stopped fussing when Tsunade, the 5th hokage, entered the room. "Lady Hokage what on earth am I doing here and why can’t I see?!" Numi was completely confused, not having any memory of the events that had occurred the previous day. "You passed out yesterday." Tsunade explained, unwrapping the bandages so that Numi could see once more. "My Sharingan..does that to me..sometimes." she mumbled, as the whole incident came back to her, along with the information Zetsu had transferred to her. "May I go now?!" she was very impatient. "You’ll have to stay for a few hours so we can make sure you’re alright and run a few tests. Then you’ll be free to leave." Tsunade said before exiting the room. Leaving Numi to her own thoughts.
Numi sat in the hospital bed, awaiting Tsunade’s permission to leave. Her final test had been hours ago, yet all of the bothersome nurses kept telling her to stay put. So, she sat in the bed crossed legged with her outfit on, consisting of black pants and a red long sleeved shirt, looking around the room. ‘So annoying. This village sure has changed..’ she thought silently until the sun hit something with a metallic surface. Her head tilted to one side as she reached up a top the heart rate monitor pulling the unknown and shinny object closer. When she had her hands on it, she pulled it off the monitor and brought it to her lap. With a sharp gasp she saw what it was.

The metallic surface had a leaf village symbol on it, only it had a gash running threw it. Along with the black cloth on the back. Tears filled her eyes before she could stop them. "Zetsu-sama..thank you.." she whispered under her breath clutching the headband, which had only been worn by one man. Her sensei, Itachi Uchiha.

"You may leave now, Miss Uchiha." one of the more bothersome nurses poked her head into the room, giving the ‘okay’ for Numi to finally leave the hospital. She nodded, got up and left threw the window. Dropping down to the ground she made no sounds. She had to get back to Naruto’s house before anyone noticed her, after all only five people knew she was in the village.

Quickly she raced back to Naruto’s home, only to run into someone by complete and utter accident. It was a girl with long blonde hair, and a pretty slutty purple outfit. "Watch where you’re going!" the girl shouted, she was a few inches taller than Numi but she didn’t have to crane her neck to see the girl’s face. "Sorry, usually I have been perception than that." Numi muttered, ashamed that she had made a rookie mistake, and gave an apologetic smile. "Yeah, okay." the girl blinked, then arched her blonde eye brow putting her hand on her hip. "I’ve never seen you around the village before." she said. Numi was slightly uneasy but hid it well, "that’s because I moved when I was six, I’m from the sand village." she replied calmly. "Oh! That makes sense, I’m Ino Yamanaka." Ino held out her hand, Numi hesitantly shook it. "I’m Numi." she again replied calmly. Ino gave her a strange look, "No last name?" to keep her identity a secret she shook her head no, imply she did not have a last name. "Of course you have a last name! Don’t lie to me! Everyone, even that Kazakage of your’s has a last name!" Ino yelled in a more friendly way. "Hey Ino!"only Ino turned her head when her name was called. Numi didn’t have to turn to know who or what was coming. It was two boys, by the sound of their footsteps, one was heavier the other not so much.

"Hey guys, what’s going on?" Ino yelled back, as the two boys walked to either side of her. "You were supposed to be meeting us at the restaurant twenty minutes ago!" the heavier boy explained in a disappointed voice, more like a whine. The other boy, who was a little bit taller than Ino, sighed and rubbed his neck. "You have to be on time more often Ino." Ino shook her head, " I have a good reason for being late, this girl with no last name ran into me!" Ino hollered, forcing Numi to cover her ears. "Stop yelling we’re right here!" the tall boy sighed again. "Hello. I’m Choji." the bigger boy held his meaty hand out to Numi. "Hello." she said quietly shaking his hand. "And this is Shikamaru." Choji pointed to the tall boy. "Hello." she said again, lowering her dark eyes to the chuunin vest her wore. "You’re a chuunin?" she asked "we’re all chuunin." Ino huffed crossing her arms across her chest. "That’s nice." She smirked liking how easily it was to mess with Ino. "Well what’s your name?" Shikamaru sighed. "Numi." she replied as Ino fumed. "She says she has no last name! And that’s bull isn’t it?! Everyone has a last name!" Ino shouted. Both boys looked at her like she was nuts. "I do have a last name." Numi said at last, but that knowing smirk was still on her lips. "But I am not telling it to you." she turned on her heals, "it was nice meeting you all.." she waved then took off running towards Naruto’s house again.

Seconds before she turned down the road that led to Naruto’s house a giant dog with a boy riding it, landed in front of her. "You’re that unfamiliar scent that’s been lingering around here aren’t you?!" the boy practically barked at her, his hair was cropped mess of brown and the dog he road on was huge and white. "Sure. Now if you don’t mind.." Numi tried to get around him, but a bunch of insects were gathered in her way. "You might want to answer our questioning, u-unless you w-want us to h-hurt you." turning her head slightly she saw another boy with a hood covering most of his face, and a girl with long purple hair and deep purple eyes standing there. "My name is Numi. I am from the sand village." she said in defeat, her shoulders slumping. At this rate she would never get back to the house! "Then why are you here?" the boy with the hood asked his voice was dark, but not evil. "Kazakage-sama ordered me here to join team Hatake in Yamato’s absence." she explained. "Oh." the boy on the dog muttered, then jumped down, taking in all of her features his lips twitched and pulled into a ‘heart-throb’ type of grin. "I’m Kiba by the way, and this is my dog Akamaru." he introduced himself, then motioned to the other two, "That’s Shino" - he pointed to the hooded boy-"And that is Hinata" he introduced them to her. She waved, giving an annoyed smile. "It’s nice to meet all of you. Now I have to go!" she held in the growl, and darted past them and ran as fast as she could back to the house.

"FINALLY!" she shouted in success when she entered the house, leaning on the door for a few seconds she heard complete silence. Not even a cricket dared to make a sound. ‘Is anyone even here?’ she thought walking up the stairs to where the bedrooms and living room were located. "Hello?" she called, walking in and out of all the rooms. She saw no one, heard no one. "SHIT!" she yelled in aggravation. With a very heavy sigh, she decided she would have to go looking for Naruto and the rest of Team Hatake.

Numi shuffled her feet as she exited the house, heading in a random direction, hoping to get lucky and find the team. She stared at her feet while she walked, until she bumped into yet another person!

"Watch where you walk." it was a male voice, a cool and calm one. "Neji! You should not talk to women like that!" another male voice shouted. Numi looked up slowly to meet eyes with a pair of deep purple ones. She couldn’t help but let out a gasp, realizing she had seen those piercing eyes before. "Neji-san??" she asked curiously, covering her mouth with both of her hands. "And you are?" he asked dully. She blinked for a few seconds, realizing he wouldn’t remember her. It had been almost twelve years since the academy days. Glancing over she recognized the other boy too! Along with the silent female. She had been in the same class as these three! "Rock Lee-san..and Tenten-san!" she mumbled under her breath. "Who are you?" Neji asked again. "I’m Numi..I used to live here..and..I think I was in your class..at the academy!" she had said to much. Telling them she was in their class was enough for them to put two and two together -if they even remembered the name Numi-. "Numi." the three mused, the Rock Lee put his hand up. "You were the six year old, put into our class on your first day!!" he shouted, as the others gasped lightly. "Yes...that was me.." she replied. "You! You! Were killed in that slaughtered, our teacher told us so." Rock Lee added, his round eyes wide. "Slaughtered...well obviously I wasn’t." she laughed spinning around to show no wounds on her body, the only wounds were hidden by her clothes. "Then..that means..there is more than one of those Uchida people left!" he shouted, as Tenten smacked him upside the head. "It’s Uchiha. And Lee leave her alone about that." she sighed then smiled at Numi. "It’s been a long time, how old are you now? 16?" Numi shook her head, "17, 18 in December." she said proudly. "We will have to spar sometime to see how strong you have gotten." Neji challenged, his purple eyes a glow. "Sure Neji-san. Now I need to find Naruto-chan..do you have any idea where he coul-" she stopped herself, turning swiftly she pulled out a small knife, she always kept hidden on her person, deflecting the blade that had just come crashing down trying to strike her.

~A few hours Earlier that same morning~

"I am going to find her." Sasuke told Taka, before leaving the Akatsuki base. He made a few clones of himself and sent them off in different directions to all of the different villages. Granted he wasn’t as good with clones as Naruto was, but he was still able to make the clones durable and strong. No one would easily kill one, and by the time they did he would already have tracked down the location of the clone and showed up for real.

One of the clones headed into the leaf village, it kept to the shadows until it came across the girl that he was searching for. Numi, stood with her back to where the clone hid, talking with Neji, Lee and Tenten. It was the perfect opportunity.

"A clone. Damn." Numi sighed, activating her sharingan, she swiped her legs beneath Sasuke’s clone, knocking it to the ground. "His clone may have found me..but it will have no recollection of it." she looked the clone in the eyes, "Mind destruction." she mouthed the words as the clone stopped struggling. "Now" -she said to the clone in a seductive voice - "tell your creator you found no signs of Numi Uchiha in this village." the clone stood up, and vanished in a poof.

"Did any of you find her?" Sasuke asked his clones when they all returned. They all shook their heads no, including the one Numi had fought, he growled and made them all vanish.

"Whoa! You handled that like a pro!" Tenten smiled as Numi deactivated her sharingan. "I’ve learned a few ticks.." Numi smiled. "Anyway! Do you guys know where I can find Naruto?" "Yeah. I’m right here!" Naruto’s voice came from behind her. She turned to see the entire team. "Hey guys!" she beamed, as she waved goodbye to her old friends and headed off with ‘her’ team.

two months later~

“Will you stop hovering Sai! My eyes are fine!” Numi huffed angrily at Sai, who had been hovering around her all day, waving her hand to shoo him away while they walked threw the park. He didn’t budge, his emotionless eyes watching her like a hawk. “They were bleeding only a few minutes ago. That does not seem ‘fine’ to me, Uchiha-san.” Sai retorted as they both stopped walking. Numi turned to face him, her eyes narrowed just a bit, and pointed her finger at him. “You are worse than the dammed nurses at the hospital!” she huffed again. “Because I am ‘concerned’ about you, makes me worse than medical staff?” he asked raising his black eyebrow. She nodded and folded her arms across her chest. “I don’t understand why you even care this much! It’s like you have a crush on me or something!” she laughed when she said that not noticing the blood rushing to his cheeks. Quickly he turned away. “I don’t even know what a ‘crush’ is.” He said as emotionlessly as he could manage. Numi blinked and let her arms drop back to her sides. The way he reacted to her words made her feel tempted to use her Tsugekyo on him. Shaking off that thought, she sighed. “Come on, Sai-san, let’s just keep walking. It’s going to be a beautiful night, I can already tell.” She smiled putting her hand on his shoulder. He turned with his eyes closed his fake smile on his lips. “Alright, Uchiha-san.” He replied as the two started to walk again.

“You know something Sai-san, when I was little this place used to have a whole lot more trees.. and flowers.” Numi had a far away look in her eyes when the two sat down in a grassy area of the park –completely secluded and surrounded by trees. “Even though I was trained by the ANBU corps, I did live here too, Uchiha-san.” Sai let out a chuckle laying back on the grass. “Sorry.. I forget sometimes.” She admitted laying back as well. He shrugged a little, looking upward at the twinkling stars above.

“I wish everything in this village could be as peaceful as it is right now.” Numi said after a long silence. Sai turned his head to look at her, his dark eyes soft. “If there wasn’t a war brewing, if my entire clan hadn’t been slaughtered, if.. well.. if a lot of things hadn’t happened. Peace would be achieved.” She sighed heavily wiping a few of the tears pooling in her eyes away. “Uchiha-san..” he could hear the soft hitch in her voice.Turning on her side, Numi glared at Sai a little. “Stop calling me that! Just, call me Numi.” She smiled at him. “Numi-chan.. I’m sorry.” He practically whispered to her, inching himself a bit closer. “what do you have to be sorry about? Sai-san, you’re so odd.” She giggled but cut off quick noticing the look in his eyes. Her cheeks flushed, though she couldn’t stop herself from leaning in closer to him. His eyes flickered down to her lips before he pressed his own lips against hers. She made a small noise of protest against his lips, soon though, his left hand ran up her back and neck before his fingers twisted into her long hair. She squeezed her eyes closed wrapping her arms around his neck while they both kissed.

After a good twenty minute make-out session Numi finally had to pull away from Sai. “Sai…that.. we shouldn’t have..” she was panting softly as he looked at her with a small amount of lust in his dark eyes. “he doesn’t deserve you.” Sai muttered. “What?” she questioned her voice raised in surprise. “Uchiha Sasuke, he doesn’t deserve you.” He reworded his previous sentence. Her eyes widened. “What makes you think that?” she questioned, sitting up. “Is he here with you right now? Or is he still planning on attacking the village he knows you want to keep safe?” Sai questioned. Numi looked away. “He is the only man who loves me.. I.. he is my best friend in the world..” she whispered lowering her head. Sai sat up and put one of his arms around her shoulder. Moving his mouth close to her ear as he whispered, “I love you, Uchiha-chan..”

Numi turned her head to Sai, her eyes beginning to water. “No. You can’t! please Sai-san! It will only end in disaster.. and heart break.” Her sharingan activated of it’s own accord while she spoke making her tears red. “I’ve been in love with you.. since the day you sentenced my brother to death. I don’t care about disaster, or heart break. For the next 24-hours, Numi I want to show you how much I love you. Let me..” he used a soft, entrancing tone looking into her eyes with love within his own. “24 hours..” she repeated, he smiled at her hopping to his feet as he picked her up and vanished for home.

Naruto hadn’t been home in over three days, on a mission of sorts Lady Hokage had told team Hatake, so Sai had no worries when he appeared within the house with Numi in his arms. “24 hours, Sai-san..” she reminded him as he walked into his bedroom, put her on the bed, then shut and locked the door.

“I remember” he used one of his genuine smiles, unzipping his shirt and throwing it on the floor. She sat up with her legs crossed watching him take off his headband, kunai pouch, and scroll pouch. “Sai.. I don’t know about this..” Numi’s cheeks were red as she traced his chest with her eyes. “I know.. I may not understand emotions all too well, but I know you wouldn’t have kissed me if you didn’t at least like me a small amount.” He crawled onto his bed, forcing her onto her back. “I hate when you have a point.” She grumbled, her eyes averting from him. “just relax.. I wont do anything you wish me not to..” he kissed her hesitantly following what he had read in a book on ‘relationships’. It took a few seconds before she fell into it, kissing him back.

Sasuke paced around the South Akatsuki base meeting room, while Suigetsu Karin and Jugo watched. “She is in the Leaf Village. Obviously. But where is the question.” Karin commented, pushing up her glasses. “we will know soon enough. Two months isn’t all that long, besides we still need to go forth and capture that 8-tailed biju.” Jugo added running one of his hands threw his orange hair. Suigetsu simply sipped his water. “two months.” Sasuke growled his sharingan activated. Taka nodded in unison.

“Sai.. stop.. we can’t..” Numi grabbed Sai’s hand, which had been venturing towards her shorts.Sai looked at her with his dark eyes a glow. “I understand..” he said faintly, kissing her forehead and getting up. She stayed put with her shirt pushed up to reveal her smooth stomach and her undone shorts. “I’m sorry..” she whispered apologetically, before sitting up herself. “He will never come back to you.. why wont you see that?” Sai muttered pulling back on his cropped jacket. Numi stood up, not being able to hear what he had said all that well. “Repeat that?” she asked her eyebrows furrowing together in agitation. “He is never going to come back to you. Why wont you see it? It isn’t healthy for you to dwell on him.” His voice was emotionless as he looked at her. She looked back at him, shaking her head. “I don’t dwell on him..” she disagreed her eyes finally averting from his.

“Are you worried he will kill you? Or worse?” Sai asked out of curiosity. She knew not to react angrily to the question, but Numi couldn’t help herself as she raised her hand and slapped him, HARD. “I’m not worried.” She lied. He shook his head once, not even rubbing the red hand print on his cheek from her slap. “I’m going to train.” She growled with her sharingan activated. “it is 3 a.m.” he reminded her as she went to the window. “I don’t give a damn.” She grumbled angrily before hopping out of the window, leaving Sai standing dumbfounded in his bedroom.

“If he wasn’t already dead I’d kill him! Why did he have to go and die!? He just had to fight! He just had to lose.. Dammit!!” Numi had been punching the same tree for well over an hour, until that final moment when she split the poor oak tree in half. She was too proud to let the tears fall for her former mentor, Itachi Uchiha, as she simply turned and began punching another tree. Shouting out threats to him. After a couple minutes of intense shouting and strong punches, the tree tipped over. “Oh dear. It seems my little Numi has become upset. Over her dead sensei.” A dark, deadly voice mused. Numi looked all around not seeing anyone. “Having trouble finding me? Now you know how it feels for us.” Again the voice, and it seemed to be taunting her. “Show yourself!” she shouted into the darkness. “In due time.. after all we have all night.” The voice was defiantly taunting her now. “coward!” she shouted in a random direction she thought the voice was coming from. “Come back to where you belong, Numi Uchiha. Then everything will be clear.” The voice instructed. “I belong here! In the Leaf Village!” she shouted again. “No. you don’t and the thing is. You know you don’t belong in the Leaf, you were raised in the Akatsuki. It is where you belong. Come home.” The voice whispered and it seemed to be coming from right beside her, except when she turned there was no one to be seen. No chalkra source could be found anywhere near her. “I…I’ll come home..” she agreed softly, turning and heading back to Naruto’s home to collect her belongings.

She entered the house at exactly 5 a.m. Sai was asleep within his bedroom –as far as she knew, while she put everything into the bag she had brought with her to the Leaf village. Everything except the sand village headband. And a note, that was addressed to Team Hatake.

~Team Hatake.

My Heart is still in the Akatsuki. I hate myself for leaving, but I have to. I will not let the war commence if I am able.. for I would rather die than let my homeland be destroyed, just as my sensei would have wanted me to do. I swear on the crest of the Uchiha, I will save this village in my own way.

Uchiha, Numi.~

She set the note beside the bedside table, putting on her mask, the ANBU outfit and slinging the bag over her shoulder, she headed out the window. Using her transportation jutsu to transport the Akatsuki’s South base. Where dark things were awaiting her.Numi walked around the base with her ANBU mask on, to hide her face and identity while she headed down the darkened corridors of the base. She already knew of the deaths of Sasori, Deidara, Hidan and Kakuzu; which had left the Akatsuki five men short if she included her sensei’s death. But aside from that she was still on edge and on guard. Ready for anything, ready for anyone. Including Madara.

“There is an intruder, Sasuke why don’t you go take care of it.” Madara raised his hand and gestured for Sasuke to go. He grumbled a few words but got up and left the meeting room none-the-less {haha! Remind any of you of one of the earlier chapters?? Where Numi attacks that ‘sound village boy’??}

Numi pressed against the stone wall hearing footsteps closing in on her location. She wouldn’t attack but she would fight if the person attacked her. Her eyes were watching, her ears listening. But before she could do anything she was slammed into the opposite wall, face-first. Her ANBU mask cracked a small amount, put she was pinned against the wall by someone. “Who are you?” the person asked, it was a male voice, his lips beside her exposed ear. “Let me go, and I’ll tell you.” She muffled her voice by biting on her tongue. “So you will be free to attack? No deal. Who. Are. You?” the man growled angrily.

Numi knew who the man was, after he growled. “Sasuke Uchiha.” She said sternly pushing away from the wall the best she could, only to have him slam her face back against the stone. Effectively smashing her ANBU mask to pieces and bloodying her face. Her dark hair fell from its bun cascading around her face. “You really know how to hurt someone. Sasuke-kun.” She said his name with a bit of sarcasm. He turned her around, but not before pinning her wrists to the wall, and grinned. “Numi Uchiha.”

Blood ran down her face, from the large cut in her forehead. “You decided to come back?” he asked, keeping her wrists pinned against the wall above her head, as he leaned his face close to hers. “ Yes I did. I had a change of heart..” she held back a sigh, giving him a soft grin while a thick line of red blood ran down to the left corner of her mouth. “Now I guess I won’t have to come hunting after you.” He grinned back at her, before he slowly ran his tongue along the blood trail on her face making her shiver. “You failed at that the first time didn’t you?” she taunted her confidence seeming to grow more by the second. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He continued to lick off the blood that continued to run down from her forehead wound. “That clone you sent to the Leaf Village...” she trailed off when his look became slightly embarrassed. “So one did find you.” He questioned licking the blood right above her mouth. “Yes, one did. Too bad it couldn’t remember.” She grinned again, her eyes on him. “I am tired of talking.” He finally sighed before he crashed his lips against hers, pushing her against the wall further with his body. His lips were unrelenting on hers, all of the anger and passion he had held in for the previous two and a half months were released in their passionate lip-lock. Numi tilted her head upward when Sasuke’s hand gripped the back of her neck, effectively letting her right hand become loose.

“Sasuke-kun..” Numi moaned when he broke from her lips to kiss her neck. Sasuke smirked against her skin and began to nip at it. “We don’t have the time to get to a bedroom.” He growled in a husky tone using both of his hands to tug off her shirt and to undo her shorts. “You can’t wait?” she asked amused by his impatience. He looked into her eyes with a look that a stubborn child would have, “No.”

When he said that, Numi couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He gave her a lusty glare, but didn’t take the conversation anywhere as he began undoing his own pants. “Sasu.. let me..” she giggled softly, kissing his lips as she pulled him closer to undo his pants. And for added torment she ‘accidentally’ ran her hands over his member while untying the belt {the bow!} that held his pants up. He groaned the moment her fingers skimmed down his erection. “You’ll pay for that.” He growled into her ear, pulling her shorts down all the way. She smirked kicking them away –they only slid to the wall across from them- as she now stood in the small, dark hallway wearing nothing but black panties and a red bra. Her dark black hair cascaded around her face with a very thin line of blood ran down her face, making Sasuke’s erection grow even more.

“Are you sure you can’t wait?” she asked one last time right before he lifted her up, using the wall to lean her back against. She wrapped her legs around his waist and as soon as she did her body tensed up with anticipation. “No. I can’t wait.” He groaned feeling her rub against him. He only used one hand to support her butt, while he used the other to pull down his boxers a little and rip off her panties. His erection was out now, throbbing and wanting to be inside her flower. “wait.. a minute.. I want to..” she pulled open his shirt all the way, running her fingers over his abs. “there we go..” she smiled at him as he growled impatiently positioning himself to enter her. “don’t scrape up my back too much, Sasu..” she kissed his lips, as he pushed his throbbing erection within her flower. She moaned biting his bottom lip while he thrusted.

Sasuke groaned into Numi’s mouth as he thrusted, her flower was tighter now than it had been during their first time making-love. She ran her fingers threw his raven hair gripping onto it harder every time he would start to go harder. It didn’t take long for him to begin ramming into her and soon he found her G-spot. She broke from his lips and gasped. “Right there...naa..Sasuke.” she whimpered yanking on his hair as he began to ram against that spot.

Not too long later, both of them were at their peaks, with one final groan and whimper; they both came.

“I love you.” He panted giving her neck a butterfly kiss, still holding her up against the wall. She rested her head on his shoulder, her breathing coming out in short quick pants. Granted she had only made love to Sasuke twice {she’s only done the dirty deed twice} this time had been almost as good as the first time. “I love you too..” she kissing his shoulder as they both stayed like that for a while.

to be continued...